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The New ITUGLIB – A SIG and Advocacy Success Story

Some Like it Hot!
At the HP Technology Forum and Expo 2009, weather-wise it was a mild, temperate June week in Las Vegas. Inside the Mandalay Bay convention center, however, the annual face-to-face meeting of The Open SIG was blazing hot! There was passionate debate covering a broad list of topics.

Despite the intense debate, under the professional moderation of our dedicated leader Bill Honaker, The Open SIG managed to achieve closure. The SIG membership successfully selected its Top 3 Advocacy requests, prioritized them and delivered them on time to the SIG and Advocacy committee and to HP.

The Great ITUGLIB Debate
The Open SIG additionally debated the state of the NonStop Community’s Open Source repository known as ITUGLIB. As a result of the consolidation of the user groups and the subsequent separation from SmithBucklin, the ITUGLIB system had been temporarily decommissioned. The user community was unhappy with this, and we needed a solution. Members of the Open SIG expressed that "HP NonStop is a viable platform for Open Systems. So, why not serve the new ITUGLIB on a NonStop server?”

At the time it seemed like a wild idea. But it just so happened that the right people from HP and the Connect user community were attending the meeting. Scott Healy (Connect board liaison to the Open SIG) and Bill Honaker (XID) took the action to work with Wendy Bartlett (Distinguished Technologist, HP) to determine whether the idea was feasible. Several members of The Open SIG – Mike Kilpatrick (NSK OpenSource), Randall Becker (Nexbridge) and Joachim Schmitz (HP) volunteered to assist with the investigation. 

We are pleased to share that the HP NonStop division really came through for the user community, making a generous offer to donate a 4-way dual core NS2000 system complete with software and support, for use by the ITUGLIB team. In addition to HP’s contribution, Bill Honaker’s company, XID, volunteered to house the NS2000 system at XID’s facility in Euless, Texas. Several HP partner/vendor companies, including XYPRO, Comforte’ and Nexbridge contributed required software products.

ITUGLIB System Now Online!
ITUGLIB is presently active. The basic download services are online and available from links posted on the Connect web site at More advanced services are near completion. If you have difficulty downloading a particular package, or otherwise need assistance, contact the ITUGLIB librarian, Bill Honaker at

Thank You!
On behalf of the Connect user group and the NonStop Community, I would like to express our gratitude firstly to the HP NonStop division – especially Fred Laccabue, VP of Engineering who moved the initiative forward, Wendy Bartlett, Marshall Wolf, Bhupinder Singh and Oscar Gomez, Thanks also to XID, XYPRO, NSK OpenSource, Comforte’ and Nexbridge, and to the volunteers of the ITUGLIB Engineering Team, for their generous contribution to our user community!

Bill Honaker, seated at console of our new ITUGLIB NS2000 System
(we are all frightened by this picture)

Technical Overview of the new ITUGLIB System, called \HPITUG

Hardware Components
• 4 processor modules (Dual-core Itanium 1.42 gHz, 12MB Cache). Each contains 8GB memory.
• Theoretical CPU capacity is 8 x 1.42gHz or 11.36 GHz.
• 10 mirrored pair of 146GB disks. 1.46TB Mirrored storage
• All disks driven by a pair of MSA70 (Storageworks) system (fault tolerant).
• 2 VIO (IOAME) for Servernet and Ethernet connections.
• Power backed up with R5500 UPS.
• The public IP stack runs TCP/IPV6. Configured with redundant ports (one on each VIO).
Other System Components
• 3U UPS • 7U unused
• 4x 2U Nonstop Blade Processor modules (3, 2, 1, 0, in that order)
• 1U Keyboard for console
• 1U System console (Win2003)
• 2x 2U Storage CLIM
• 2x 4U IOAME
• 2x 2U MSA, each containing 10 disks with 15 free slots
• The rest of the rack slots are empty.
• Total rack space used for this behemoth: 29 U in a 42U rack (leaving 13U free).
System Software
• Pathway XM with CSS • SQL/MX • iTP Webserver 6.0
• NS Server for Java 6.0 • NSJSP 6.0 • All latest versions.
• SSH (from HP and ComForte) for system access
• XYGATE Access Control (XAC) and XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) from XYPRO
• PROGNOSIS from Integrated Research
• Eclipse Plugins from Nexbridge
 Software Applications ( By ITUGLIB Engineering Team )
• ITUGLIB download software being built with Java, JSF
• Plans to port Bugzilla, MediaWiki, CVS, using Perl, PHP
• SQL/MX database.

2010 ITUGLIB Engineering Team
The ITUGLIB Engineering team is a group of highly skilled volunteers who are donating their personal time to develop and maintain the ITUGLIB. The team will be looking to recruit one or two additional volunteers in 2010. If you feel qualified to join this elite team, watch for the announcements on the Connect User Group.

Bill Honaker, XID
Mike Kilpatrick, NSK OpenSource, Inc.
Randall Becker, Nexbridge
Joachim (Jo Jo) Schmitz, HP
Sam Ayers, Chase Paymentech

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