Virtualization: A new IT hope

Virtualization has made the cloud possible, created the world of dynamic and software-defined IT infrastructures, and allowed businesses to run more efficiently and effectively. Join the Special Roundtable Webinar, March 23. Unlock the power of IoT and harness the full potential plus learn how to build and manage a data supply chain that creates real business value.

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Future dates spell problems for IT

Beware the Y2038 and Y2042 bugs. Y2038 will cause 32-bit date/time fields to overflow on January 19, 2038. Limits in 64-bit date/time fields in IBM z/OS mainframes will prevent system clocks from returning dates beyond September 7, 2042. Apps that forecast interest rates and payouts already are impacted.

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And the top 10 reasons to attend Discover 2017...

Experience first-hand how Hewlett Package Enterprise architects, deploys and optimizes your technology environments and IT strategies.

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How to do more with less in the data center... No, Really!

Find out how hyperconvergence can transform your business and simplify the lives of your IT team.

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Take the Survey: Discover your right mix

Arm yourself with new insight for your cloud strategy. See how your mix of private and public cloud stacks up to the competition.

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Exclusive Report: How HPE’s acquisition
will accelerate your IT infrastructure

Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquired Nimble Storage to round out its extensive roster of enterprise flash storage solutions. But why should this matter for your business?

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad IoT?

Are our IoT fears truly justified? Let’s explore that complicated question to get to the heart of why many enterprises are second guessing their IoT ambitions -- and why giving into IoT fears may not be the smartest decision to make.

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Special badge opportunity for Customer
Training sessions offered at Discover 2017!

Coming to Discover 2017? Check out the 10 training sessions available for you to attend, at our HPE Education page.

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HP-UX Connect


HP-UX Connect Communications     |    April 2017 Update

Customer Story    |    Tech-Spotlight    |    Video of the quarter    |    Tech-Tip of the quarter      





Let’s Interact!!


Welcome to the first issue of “HP-UX Connect”- the HP-UX/Integrity Newsletter. Our goal in producing the newsletter is to keep our bustling and ever-curious HP-UX community informed.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is doing lots around your favorite platform – and we want to send all the great news out, inform you about interesting features and tricks about HP-UX, and share great stories on how our customers are benefitting from the latest innovation in hardware and software.


Many more news to share – stay hooked and watch this space for more!


Customer Story: Migrating with benefits


Burson Automotive handles growth with scalable infrastructure


Burson Automotive keeps Australia’s cars and light trucks on road, supplying autoparts and accessories.

Expanding from 112 to 175 stores within 5 years- their ERP applications required scale and stability. HPE proposed a solution with Integrity BladeSystems and 3PAR Strorage – fitting the migration timelines and decision to stay with HP-UX.


The Solution


HPE Integrity BL870c i4 Server Blade/HP-UX 11i v3 in HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosure, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Storage System and FlexFabric interconnects with HPE Data Center consulting services



The Results


Quadrupled performance, cutting the time required for overnight batch process

Improved response times so users don’t experience lag between screens

Cost savings via file, print and Exchange server consolidation, and improved Disaster Recovery capacity


Read the detailed case-study and solution description for Burson Autoparts here




HP-UX enables move to private cloud, and enhances file-system capabilities and more in 2016:


OpenStack for HP-UX – Modernize your infrastructure and move to the cloud.




A new offering – OpenStack for HP-UX enables customers to use Integrity based servers and HP-UX Operating System in private cloud based environments.


Offers support for bare-metal, Virtual Machines(VMs) and Virtual Partitions(vPars)


For more information, contact your HPE representative



        write to: hpux.connect@hpe.com



Veritas File System 6.1 – Improve availability, efficiency and manageability


Get the right data, at the right speed and at the right time with Optimized storage utilization

Efficiently and securely eliminate data-deduplication on-demand and increase capacity with support for 512 TB file systems and >32k  directories

Eliminate planned/unplanned downtime with improved fault tolerance with the new Volume Manager 6.1

Enhance application efficiency and availability with I/O prioritization and diversion of I/O to an accessible node in case of I/O path failure



Video of the quarter


Using Soft Reboot on HP-UX

Soft Reboot: A feature which does not return the server to system firmware in case of a reboot and instead re-launches the operating system. This avoids the hardware and firmware self-tests on reboot that are not necessary when there are no hardware / firmware changes and the user is either just rebooting the OS or installing OS updates. This feature can be used to save up to 50% in reboot times, on HP-UX with large configurations.




Tech-Tip of the quarter


HPE Virtual Machine (VM) creation from scripts


This tip describes steps to create your VM easily from stored scripts. It helps to store the configuration remotely, say on your Windows laptop. If you lose the VSP, then recovery is fast as you have all the HPVM config scripts to recreate them quickly.


Use the HPVM GUI in SMH (Integrity Virtual Server Manager) to produce your command line argument

Save the command line argument in a file and make it executable

Create the HPVM Guest (or vPar) by running the script you just created



Backup your HPVM/VSwitch creation scripts to a place of


Now, if you lose the VSP (and you are booting your

HPVM’s/vPars from SAN), then you can quickly recover all Guests by simply re-running your creation scripts



Silver Screen: News Highlights


Journey to the software-defined data center: Business Whitepaper by HPE


Register for the Upcoming HP-UX webinar on “HPE solutions for Oracle” on 20th April (See attached pdf)

(2 webinars: 8:30 am USA Pacific Time, and 12:30 pm Singapore time)





For more information about HP-UX and Integrity Servers: Please visit HP-UX external webpage.

To Subscribe to this newsletter and get your independent copy in future, and receive more news: please send a mail to: hpux.connect@hpe.com


© Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP




Software-Defined & Cloud

During March the Hyperconverged topic continued to be to spike in interest and so I added a couple more blogs related to how we are starting to combine Simplivity value into our new hyperconverged offerings   

Just announced!
HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack delivers speed, security and simplicity

Why Hardware Matters in A Software-Defined World

 The discussion around Hybrid IT is also another topic that has started to trend - what is Hybrid IT and why I need a Hybrid IT strategy will continue to trend upwards as we move through June Discover and beyond For instance if you type in Digital Disruption on Google you will see it is one of the hottest topics in the datacenter at the moment. Couple that with the AWS disruption earlier last month has it has really stimulated a conversation around the need of developing a Hybrid IT strategy. Here are a series of articles you might find of interest on this topic:


HPE NonStop News


Connect Chapter and Special Interest Groups Events 2017

Why not attend a face-to-face meetup?  Chapter and SIG events are updated as we receive them. See the calendar here.


Special Announcement: NonStop Under 40 Update – Join in the conversation

Announcing the launch of the NonStop Under 40 website, www.NSU40.com. NSU40 started as a meeting at the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp, where NonStop professionals with varying degrees of experience met to discuss the current state of NonStop as it relates to the next generation of talent.

The NonStop Under 40 mission is to bring HPE NonStop Server awareness to a new generation of professionals by fostering professional development through relationship building, education and information sharing from the NonStop Community.

The website includes a Knowledgebase where the group is currently working to make educational videos and host online classes, as well as a Forum for people to discuss all things NonStop. It is a work in progress so we definitely ask for your involvement and feedback, as well as your help to spread the word.

Please register to start participating today


Check Out BrightStrand’s Flexible Resource Program

BrightStrand International’s flexible resource program allows customers to purchase a predetermined number of service days over a defined period. Your costs are less than those of an annual contract, and you have swift access to our highly skilled HPE NonStop team.


comForte eBook out now on Modernizing Applications on the NonStop Platform

What do you need to know about modernizing applications on the HPE NonStop platform?

In this eBook, you’ll learn the following:

  1. Why modernizing legacy applications on the NonStop platform is good IT strategy, given the evolution of both enterprise computing and the HPE NonStop platform
  2. The business case for modernizing applications
  3. Three potential approaches to modernization, and why one has such a high success rate
  4. Strategies for modernizing, including seven domains on which to focus for customer success
  5. Two case studies that illustrate real life challenges and solutions


"Open Up Your NonStop" Webinar Now Available to View

Did you miss NuWave's recent webinar? You can now view the recording and learn more about how easy LightWave products make it for NonStop applications to provide and consume REST Web services from middleware experts.

XYPRO Technology Corporation Acquires Merlon Software Corporation


Simi Valley, CA March 21, 2017
Mississauga, ON 21 March, 2017

XYPRO® Technology Corporation, the leading provider of security software for HPE NonStop™ server environments, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Merlon Software Corporation, the leading provider of database management software for HPE NonStop™ servers.

Read More

N2TUG presents ' Mission: Virtual, Lone Star Style'

The North Texas and Oklahoma NonStop Users Group (N2TUG), in conjunction with the local HPE NonStop Sales team and our very generous NonStop Sponsors, are excited to invite you to a day full of great messages about NonStop at the beautiful Gaylord Texan resort on Lake Grapevine. The event is Thursday, June 1st, 2017.  

 Presentations will start at 9 AM in the Yellow Rose Ballroom, in the main atrium of the hotel.  Registration and breakfast will open at 8:00. Our evening festivities will be in the Mission Plaza, also in the hotel. 

Learn more and Register today! 


Save the date! – Europe’s largest NonStop event: The eBITUG 2017 Summit

Don’t miss keynote speaker Jimmy Treybig, the father of the Tandem.

CSP presents this year's eBITUG 2017 Evening at Aqua Shard. This unforgettable event will be held at the world renowned Aqua Shard Restaurant and Bar on the evening of 9th May. 

May 9-10 2017 -DoubleTree by Hilton, Tower Hill, London.

Learn more and register today! https://www.bitug.com/ebitug-2017/

Any questions please email chairman@bitug.com



With the Data Tsunami fast approaching, how do CXOs address data security?

Where do we start?

Almost all businesses and organizations are producing more amounts of data than ever before. IBM says, around the world, every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. (What is big data?) Data comes in many forms – digital devices produce responses and metrics, companies have more and more databases with customer information, employee records, healthcare records, payment data, research data, and more.  Even emails, files, and other media containing data are being produced in large volumes.

Data is basically generated and gathered from, well, almost anything.

Much of the buzz lately is about IoT or the "Internet of Things". IoT represents any device that produces data - smartphones, watches, refrigerators, toasters, even electronic sensors at power plants or on train tracks – you name it.  These devices can typically collect and connect so that the data can be accumulated and analyzed.  IoT already creates huge volumes of data and by 2020, there will be around 25 billion connected ‘things’ according to Gartner (How much Data Will The Internet of Things (IoT) Generate by 2020?).

So what is the concern - why is data so important?

Read full story here

Register for NYTUG 2017

Registration for NYTUG is now open! Join the NonStop community in Berkeley Heights, NJ, on May 25, 2017. Visit our online invitation for more information and to sign up to attend this great event


HPE Education Services News

Want to chance to earn HPE digital badges that show your proficiency as an HPE trained technology professional? It’s here in April 2017!

Announcing: HPE introduces a digital badging program to reward our students with HPE-branded badges to recognize their training achievements. Any student completing training since Jan 2016 is being recognized, so if you have taken training with Education Services since that time you could have badges waiting for you.


What badges are being awarded?

HPE is providing an overall program badge, called Peak Performance. We are also awarding badges for courses taken in 6 special technology categories, which are:

  • Cloud
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Security
  • DevOps


Here is an example of how the HPE-branded digital badges look:

These badges are suitable for you to share on social media. We’ve made it easy for you to do this, with “share” buttons directly in the badge interface that connect you to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Where can you find your badges and more information on this program?

Finding your badges is easy. Just visit your “My Profile” page in our registration system. On that page, you’ll see a new Achievements tab with your program points and earned badges.


Want more information on the program itself? Visit our program page, at: www.hpe.com/ww/learnbadges


Need help to find your “My Profile” page? We’ve provided a link directly on the badge program page to make it easy. If you need help to login to your HPE Passport account which is required, you can also Contact Us.


Special badge opportunity for Customer Training sessions offered at Discover 2017!

Coming to Discover 2017? Check out the 10 training sessions available for you to attend, at our HPE Education events page:


Ask about your digital badge for the event.


HPE Storage 2016 News

News from Around the Storage Block – from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

Here are some of the articles on ATSB that I recommend you checkout.

Follow me on Twitter as @CalvinZito and be sure to check ATSB often for the latest articles: hpe.com/storage/blog


Mission Critical x86 News


Motech achieves high-speed in-memory computing with SAP HANA on CS500

Motech, the world’s largest manufacturer of solar cells, needed a new platform to deploy SAP HANA. After a series of stringent proof of concept assessments, the solar cell giant decided that HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA Appliance was the best fit. Read this case study to understand how Motech transformed their ERP landscape and reduced accounting check out times from seven days to just one day, while delivering near real-time order-cost analysis and profit analysis reports to speed up the decision-making process for top executives.

Cartu Bank ensures continuous availability of payment services for Georgian businesses with HPE NonStop solutions

With more than 60% of all e-commerce transactions in the Eastern European country of Georgia going through Cartu Bank’s payment switch, you can be sure this bank understands the need for continuous availability. Read the  Case Study to understand how HPE NonStop keeps the Georgian economy running 24x7.

Multipharma moves from IBM Power to Superdome X for HANA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is helping Multipharma as it grows its network of El Ezaby pharmacies by 50%. To empower its data-driven organization, Multipharma migrated from IBM Power to SAP HANA® running on Superdome X. Now, even experiencing significant data increases, the company has enough capacity to handle five years of growth. Watch this video to learn more about the results or go to the HPE Integrity Superdome X page and find out how HPE can benefit your organization.

Investment banking solutions with ActiveViam and Superdome X

If you need to accelerate credit risk analysis and ensure compliance in the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), and other banking regulations, make sure you read this new solution brief, to learn about the powerful combination of ActivePivot running on Superdome X for data analysis on the fly.

Scale up SQL Server environments to new heights

Read this Solution brief to understand how you can take your Microsoft Windows® environment to a new level with the advanced capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server running on the powerful Superdome X.  Windows supports now up to 24TB of memory on Superdome X. If you are already on a journey with Superdome X and SQL Server, check out the new technical whitepaper Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on Superdome X.

HPE Superdome X doubles in-memory capability to 48TB

Meet the most demanding SLA´s for large business processing and data analytics workloads on a standard platform with Superdome X, now supporting twice the amount of memory, up to 48TB of memory.  To learn more, visit www.hpe.com/info/superdomex.

Looking for a cost-effective platform for your mission-critical SAP applications?

Read this TCO analysis brochure  comparing the costs of Superdome X and IBM Power when transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. The results show Superdome X delivers 60% lower TCO than IBM Power when configured for SAP HANA.


Unparalleled scale for real-time analytics with Oracle Database In-Memory

Read this technical whitepaper to learn how Oracle Database 12c In-Memory performs at scale to deliver real-time data analytics.  Certified on Oracle® Linux 7 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, HPE Integrity MC990 X Server is #1 in scale-up capacity for Oracle Database In-Memory, providing four to thirty sockets and 1 to 48 TB of shared memory as a single system.  And it’s unique modular architecture enables organizations to start small and scale up seamlessly as data environments grow, delivering optimum cost-efficiency.