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8 steps to more effective small business security
Learn how small to medium businesses can achieve a practical level of security that is as effective as that of larger organizations.

3 steps to moving your data center to the cloud
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Webinar: Scale composability across the data center like a ninja
Join the webinar to learn more about HPE Composable Cloud and one of its key technologies, the HPE Composable Fabric.

April 24, 2019 
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Digital transformation is not about technology
The difference in success and failure is in the vision. Here are 5 key lessons for efficiency gains and customer intimacy.

The one thing you absolutely must do to advance your career
Don’t hold back- solve problems like a boss!

Data centers in a serverless world
IT professionals are embracing the reality of Serverless architectures, which are critical to developing real-time applications and services to deploy Internet of Things initiatives.

Why today’s cybersecurity requires detection, not prevention
Check out these steps to good governance.

Will the ‘Real’ digital team please stand up?
What Makes a Team? Read how to better position teams to appropriately configure and start delivering on dynamics and objectives.

What’s next for systems architecture?
What is “Next Architecture” and what changes will it bring? Dive in and discover the defining issues that will shape infrastructure in the year ahead.

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Software-Defined & Cloud

April 9th marked an interesting day for HPE as it marked two big partnership announcements, one with Nutanix and the other with Google Cloud. Both are aligned to provide more choice to our customers as they build out software defined infrastructure and Hybrid cloud solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nutanix summary of what was announced – A new global partnership to deliver an integrated hybrid cloud as a Service (aaS) solution to the market. The offering will leverage Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software including its built-in, free AHV hypervisor, delivered through HPE GreenLake to provide customers with a fully HPE-managed hybrid cloud that dramatically lowers total cost of ownership and accelerates time to value. Read about the full announcement in the Press Release.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Google Cloud summary of what was announced – HPE is showcasing HPE Validated Designs for Google Cloud’s Anthos at the Google Cloud NEXT event today, introducing a choice of solutions for HPE SimpliVity and HPE Nimble Storage and HPE ProLiant. HPE will also offer a consumption-based model for the validated HPE on-premises infrastructure that is integrated with Anthos to provide a fully managed container orchestration service.  Read about the full announcement in the Press Release and Blog.


HPE NonStop News

Save The Date!

Mark your calendars for the 2019 NonStop TBC on November 3 - 6, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency SFO hotel in Burlingame, CA. 

NonStop TBC 2018 Presentation Downloads are here!

Many of the breakout sessions from the 2018 NonStop TBC are available for free download.
Get them online here, and don't forget to complete the 2018 conference survey.

Upcoming HPE NonStop webinar on April 16th and 18th: "Connecting to BASE24 and Other Payment Engines"

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Gravic Publishes New Article: 
Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications

Data is valuable. And the more current the data is, the more valuable it is. For this reason, the resident data in online transaction processing systems is some of the most valuable. However, if this data is trapped in that system, and not available to enable other real-time business intelligence processes, then its full value is not being exploited, and competitive opportunities are missed. To avoid these missed opportunities, companies need to access their online data in real-time. This issue presents a problem. As the demand for real-time data increases, accessing it while the online system is processing transactions can significantly impact the throughput and response times of that system. This article discusses such a situation, and the clever way it was resolved using data replication.

The New Regulatory Terrain for Data Privacy

2018 saw the introduction of The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. A major piece of legislation designed to address the protection and responsible use European Union citizens’ personal data. GDPR is not an EU only regulation; it affects any business or individual handling the data of EU citizens, regardless of where that business or individual is based. The sanctions for non-compliance are stiff: Up to €20 million (approximately $24 Million USD) or 4 percent of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

According to Bart Willemsen, research director at Gartner – “GDPR will affect not only EU-based organizations but many data controllers and processors (entities that decide what processing is to be performed and/or carry out that processing) outside the EU as well. Threats of hefty fines, as well as the increasingly empowered position of individual data subjects in controlling the use of their personal data, tilt the business case for compliance and should cause decision makers to re-evaluate measures to safely process personal data.”

Read More

IBM Cloud Object Storage receives highest score in 4 use cases!

Take a moment to read this IBM Infrastructure Blog pertaining to IBM’s Cloud Object Storage (ICOS), authored by David Wohlford:

In the blog, Wohlford mentions the Gartner Group, who recently published its 2019 Critical Capabilities for Object Storage.As IBM did in the last publication (January 2018), IBM Cloud Object Storage scored highest overall for Analytics (4.24), Archiving (4.24), Backup (4.23) and Cloud Storage (4.24) use cases. This is the third time in a row that IBM scored highest in three of the use cases, Analytics, Archiving and Cloud Storage.

It’s important to remember that Tributary Systems, an IBM partner, and as such, Tributary Systems’ STORAGE DIRECTOR, enhances IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) performance in both active backup and archive use cases. STORAGE DIRECTOR increases read and write speeds to IBM COS by 5X on average when compared to directly connecting a backup application like Commvault, NetBackup or Veeam to ICOS. In addition, by caching backup data, Storage Director also reduces or eliminates ingress/egress charges for public clouds. We are pleased to demonstrate this in customer environments in a proof of concept (POC).

In addition, no one is more concerned about data security than Tributary Systems. STORAGE DIRECTOR provides AES 256 bit data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption capable of working with both an enterprise key management systems as well as generating its own keys. Importantly, for IBM Cloud Object Storage, STORAGE DIRECTOR fully supports Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDA), otherwise referred to as Erasure Coding, probably the most unique security protocol available today.

Check out our website at for complete details on Storage Director, Cloud Object Storage, and data security.

Data Centre Operations with Sentra

Data Centre Operations is a perfect fit within Insider’s Sentra Enterprise Monitoring solution, whereby, operations can monitor their miscellaneous components such as NonStop, Linux, Windows, AIX, Solaris and their associated databases, files, processes, networks, as well as temperatures of the various systems.

The solution is to incorporate this into a single pane of glass interface, where Business Service Management can benefit from seeing issues and problems before their customers do. All available within common dashboards, hypervisors, security and alerting functions.

Sentra provides a common, real-time management and monitoring platform for all interdependent systems, supplying resource management, real-time monitoring and preventative maintenance before any problems occur or develop into major problems such as downtimes.

Utilising a single interface, obviates the need for multiple management interfaces and multi-level expertise. View all of your monitoring requirements via Sentra and help ease or reduceyour data centre management concerns.

Further details are availale at:
+44 (0) 161 876 6606

Read the latest HPE NonStop product announcements here:

NSJ 8 Update 4 is generally available on HPE Integrity NonStop X, Virtualized NonStop and Converged Virtualized NonStop Systems

HPE NonStop Enterprise Division (NED) is pleased to announce the General Availability of Ported Binaries on HPE Integrity NonStop Servers, Java SE 8 Update 4 (referred in short as NSJ 8 U4) for HPE Integrity Converged NonStop X, HPE Virtualized NonStop X and HPE Virtualized Converged NonStop X Systems.

Here are the new features added in the NSJ 8 U4 release.

Compatible with Java SE 8 specification

NSJ 8 U4 is based on Oracle Java SE 8 Update 172 (JDK 8u172). It is a certified implementation of the Java SE 8 and implements all application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools that are defined for a headless configuration of Java SE 8. A complete list of Java SE 8 features can be found in For information specific to the new features in NSJ 8 U4 please refer to the Release Notes for Oracle Java SE 8 Updates 151, 152, 161, 162, 171 and 172 at JDK 8 Update Release Notes.  

Dynamic Thread Pre-emption (aka dynamic thread slicing)

Thread pre-emption feature was first introduced in NSJ 7 U2 release. It provided a mechanism for application developers to optimize the performance of their multi-threaded applications by configuring a timer which will guard how long a particular thread is able to use the services of a CPU.  

In NSJ 8 U4 release the feature is enhanced to make it “dynamic” by employing an algorithm which is based on a set of user configurable parameters. This feature is called Dynamic Thread Pre-emption (or) Dynamic Thread Slicing. The amount of time granted to an application thread can be changed dynamically at run time using the parameters provided by the algorithm. Previously, the time for which a thread was allowed to occupy a CPU was fixed for the entire duration of the execution of the thread.

Read more

Upcoming Webinar

NonStop DevOps Utilizing Continuous Integration and Deployment
April 17, 2019 - 9am US Pacific / 12pm US Eastern / GMT-5
DevOps CI/CD has gained immense popularity in the last few years as a way to streamline and improve both quality and release time for software release cycles using a robust suite of tools to support automation. HPE NonStop supports several popular tools which are often used to implement DevOps CI/CD, including Jenkins, Git, Eclipse/NSDEE, and Ansible. This talk will introduce DevOps CI/CD concepts and tools, and how to begin to apply those processes in your HPE NonStop development organizations.

This session will be facilitated by Meg Watson - Master Software Engineer, HPE NonStop Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

Her background is as a software engineer in operating systems and compiler development. More recently she has been focused on modern development methodologies, languages, and tools. Meg also studies Java application performance and tuning.

You will also have the opportunity for Q&A during the session.
Please reserve your seat now for this live, FREE 1-hour technical event.

Please register by clicking the link below and entering your name and email address.
You will be confirmed a seat and receive a calendar invite along with a link to join the session.
You will also have a chance to test your browser connectivity.
For those who can’t attend live sessions, we’ll provide a recording shortly after each presentation in the Technical Webinar archives on

- We will be using GoToWebinar.
- You can join any session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.


comforte AG expert on ensuring data centres are cyber-resilient

Felix Rosbach, Product Manager at comforte AG, discusses how data centre owners can best ensure cyber-resilience.

With an ever-increasing attack surface, security is a constant struggle for data centres. While IoT enables us to analyse data like never before, every device represents a potential attack vector.

Apart from DDoS (Distributed denial-of-Service) attacks and other methods of sabotage, the most painful type of cyberattacks are the ones involving theft of sensitive data. Stolen data is not only problematic in terms of reputation and losing IP, in the age of GDPR it can also result in very hefty fines.

There are two main problems:

  1. Malicious software: this is a battle that is extremely hard to win, especially with the digital workplace and smart devices connected to your data centre.

  2. Backdoors: the bad guys always seem to find a way to get in somehow.

Sometimes systems are not patched or it is simply impossible to patch a legacy system because there are dependencies on older software versions you would never have even thought of. Sometimes the operating system is so dated it might no longer have active support available and security patches simply do not exist anymore.

For example, with backdoors on systems that are facing the Internet, attackers are able to launch web attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting or cross-site request forgery to gain access to sensitive data.

You can do a lot to protect your network with classic perimeter defence. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, patching unpatched systems, identifying servers that are listening in on unwanted service ports – these things are still important. The days of ‘never touch a running system’ are way over – now it‘s ‘you’d better touch a running system.’

Nevertheless, even if you buy every security solution possible, you will never be 100% secure. These only protect you against known attack methods. However, the more connections you have and the more complex your network is, the less effective is it to build a wall around it. Moving to the cloud, connecting to IoT and having digital workplaces in your enterprise only complicate the situation.

The way to go forward is to implement sophisticated identity access management in combination with data-centric security.

With that combination, you make sure that only the right people get access and, if somehow the wrong people still manage to gain access, they cannot use the data.

Good data protection practices (the ‘golden rules’ of data security if you like) say that you need to protect your data as early as possible and unprotect it only if necessary. This really puts HPE NonStop and the (payment) data being processed and stored at the centre of an effective enterprise data protection strategy. At the same time, it makes HPE NonStop systems the obvious starting point for any data protection project.

But how do you secure your business and how do you protect your mission-critical data?

Is it Time to Upgrade? OutsideView 9.0 - Our Best Release

  • Latest security protocols

  • Increases User Productivity

  • Better Performance

  • High Quality

Comparison Chart:
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Save the date! LATUG 2019

We're excited to announce one of the premier NonStop events in Latin America is back! Join us for LATUG 2019 in Bogota, Colombia during May 2nd and 3rd. It will be 2 days filled with conversations and learning about where NonStop is and will be heading in the future in this important market with incredible growth potential. Customers from the payments, banking and other important industries from Latin America will be there. Did we mention there will be arepas? ¡Los vemos pronto! 

For more information contact Adriana Malaret or Henry Fonseca.

Southern California - SCNUG

Southern California Tandem User Group Chapter Meeting
May 2, 2019
Location: ASSURANT
7th Floor, Surf City Room
2677 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
For more info:

Save the Date!

European NonStop Technical Boot Camp

13-15 MAY 2019

Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh

N2TUG Save the Date!

Our 2019 N2TUG Event will be Thursday, June 27th.  We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.  We got great reviews of the venue for our meeting in 2017 and are very pleased to be able to enjoy the Gaylord’s hospitality again!

We have lots to share in terms of technology and solutions.  We anticipate a great day of sessions and networking!


HPE Education Services News

HPE Education Services keeping customer IT transformations on track

To achieve intended outcomes in IT transformations our customers need to include a focus on people - 70% of large IT transformation projects fail to achieve their intended outcomes, and 70% of the reason is related to people. Any large transformation impacts an organizations people, but organizations often fail to consider this. Watch this new HPE Education Services video to learn more about how our learning approach keeps our customers’ digital transformations on track.

Anke Hirning at HPE Pointnext explains why an effective management of change strategy can help you get the full ROI from your IT investments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise utilizes its own Management of Change (MoC) best practices from HPE Education Services in the seamless deployment of “HPE Intelligent Spaces – Workplace” solution into its new Corporate Headquarters

HPE MoC services, which included project management and change and adoption management proved to be indispensable in the deployment out of the “My Workplace” mobile app, to approx. 1200 employees based at the new HQ in San Jose. Click here to learn more.


HPE Storage News

News from Around the Storage Block – from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

  • Two big announcements on April 9 from HPE and some confusion on what it all means. Here is a blog post from Phil Davis, President of Hybrid IT & Chief Sales Officer breaking it down.

  • Dave Russell is the VP of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam. With World Backup Day on March 31, I thought it would be a good time to get an update on what is going on with HPE and Veeam. In this podcast, Dave and I talk about customer challenges with data protection and what HPE and Veeam are doing to address that. We also had a blog post looking at data backup solutions to “celebrate” World Backup Day. Does anyone really celebrate that?

  • Data Scientist diving into storage? Katie Fritsch is marketing manager for HPE InfoSight and is going to have a series of posts looking at the data scientists team working behind scenes with InfoSight. The first is called Meet the InfoSight data scientists.

  • Industry expert Scott Lowe wrote about the recent news from HPE and Cohesity. His blog post, Discover the data storage solution from HPE and Cohesity that collapses secondary storage silos is a must read for customers struggling with secondary data.

If you haven’t joined our HPE Storage LinkedIn Group, please join us there for more conversations about storage! All customers are welcome to join.


Mission Critical x86 News

See what you get with HPE for SAP HANA

What will you actually get from your SAP HANA® infrastructure partner? In one handy infographic, we’ve laid out exactly what you’ll get with HPE - including the confidence you get from working with the world’s #1 server vendor for SAP HANA, and the choice of a truly industry-leading server portfolio. Whether you’re migrating from an outdated UNIX-based system, or you want to drive growth with new infrastructure powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® Platinum and Gold processors, we think you’ll find HPE has a lot to offer.

Get the infographic


It’s certified! Superdome Flex is the most scalable SAP HANA platform

Scalability is important to SAP HANA users because data volumes and workloads keep growing. Thankfully, HPE Superdome Flex™ is now officially the most scalable HANA platform – because it’s SAP®-certified at 28 sockets/21TB and 32 sockets/24TB. This spans both Suite and Business Warehouse on HANA, in scale-up and scale-out configurations. Starting at 4-sockets, Superdome Flex is ideal when you need to start small and grow as your business grows.

Learn more at


New podcast – 3 questions you must when choosing SAP HANA servers

Are you planning to deploy new infrastructure to handle growing mission critical SAP HANA workloads? Hear Vaibhav Rastogi, HPE´s Product Manager for SAP HANA solutions, answer three critical questions that everyone running HANA should ask – including a survey of the current state of the SAP landscape. It’s 11 minutes that will enhance your decision-making process. Don’t miss it!

Listen now


HPE Superdome Flex + SUSE Webinar

Power critical apps and accelerate data analytics with HPE and SUSE – Webinar

Register for an upcoming webinar covering how enterprises are modernizing mission-critical database environments, accelerating data analytics, and speeding discovery with HPE Superdome Flex Server and SUSE solutions.

Date: April 30

Time: 8:00 am US Pacific Time

Register now


Software update – Optimize TCO with next-gen Serviceguard for Linux

New HPE Serviceguard for Linux 12.40.00 is out now, with superb value-adding features. You can optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) with a new term-based subscription offering, recover SAP HANA databases faster, and much more. Read the data sheet, quick specs, or click below to view the product page.

More details