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Welcome to the first issue of “HP-UX Connect”- the HP-UX/Integrity Newsletter. Our goal in producing the newsletter is to keep our bustling and ever-curious HP-UX community informed.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is doing lots around your favorite platform – and we want to send all the great news out, inform you about interesting features and tricks about HP-UX, and share great stories on how our customers are benefitting from the latest innovation in hardware and software.


Many more news to share – stay hooked and watch this space for more!


Customer Story: Migrating with benefits


Burson Automotive handles growth with scalable infrastructure


Burson Automotive keeps Australia’s cars and light trucks on road, supplying autoparts and accessories.

Expanding from 112 to 175 stores within 5 years- their ERP applications required scale and stability. HPE proposed a solution with Integrity BladeSystems and 3PAR Strorage – fitting the migration timelines and decision to stay with HP-UX.


The Solution


HPE Integrity BL870c i4 Server Blade/HP-UX 11i v3 in HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosure, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Storage System and FlexFabric interconnects with HPE Data Center consulting services



The Results


Quadrupled performance, cutting the time required for overnight batch process

Improved response times so users don’t experience lag between screens

Cost savings via file, print and Exchange server consolidation, and improved Disaster Recovery capacity


Read the detailed case-study and solution description for Burson Autoparts here




HP-UX enables move to private cloud, and enhances file-system capabilities and more in 2016:


OpenStack for HP-UX – Modernize your infrastructure and move to the cloud.




A new offering – OpenStack for HP-UX enables customers to use Integrity based servers and HP-UX Operating System in private cloud based environments.


Offers support for bare-metal, Virtual Machines(VMs) and Virtual Partitions(vPars)


For more information, contact your HPE representative



        write to: hpux.connect@hpe.com



Veritas File System 6.1 – Improve availability, efficiency and manageability


Get the right data, at the right speed and at the right time with Optimized storage utilization

Efficiently and securely eliminate data-deduplication on-demand and increase capacity with support for 512 TB file systems and >32k  directories

Eliminate planned/unplanned downtime with improved fault tolerance with the new Volume Manager 6.1

Enhance application efficiency and availability with I/O prioritization and diversion of I/O to an accessible node in case of I/O path failure



Video of the quarter


Using Soft Reboot on HP-UX

Soft Reboot: A feature which does not return the server to system firmware in case of a reboot and instead re-launches the operating system. This avoids the hardware and firmware self-tests on reboot that are not necessary when there are no hardware / firmware changes and the user is either just rebooting the OS or installing OS updates. This feature can be used to save up to 50% in reboot times, on HP-UX with large configurations.




Tech-Tip of the quarter


HPE Virtual Machine (VM) creation from scripts


This tip describes steps to create your VM easily from stored scripts. It helps to store the configuration remotely, say on your Windows laptop. If you lose the VSP, then recovery is fast as you have all the HPVM config scripts to recreate them quickly.


Use the HPVM GUI in SMH (Integrity Virtual Server Manager) to produce your command line argument

Save the command line argument in a file and make it executable

Create the HPVM Guest (or vPar) by running the script you just created



Backup your HPVM/VSwitch creation scripts to a place of


Now, if you lose the VSP (and you are booting your

HPVM’s/vPars from SAN), then you can quickly recover all Guests by simply re-running your creation scripts



Silver Screen: News Highlights


Journey to the software-defined data center: Business Whitepaper by HPE


Register for the Upcoming HP-UX webinar on “HPE solutions for Oracle” on 20th April (See attached pdf)

(2 webinars: 8:30 am USA Pacific Time, and 12:30 pm Singapore time)





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