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Improve productivity through creative mobile apps


In the not too distant future, people will wonder how employees ever got work done while tied to a desk. Your workforce can be more productive and informed if they are untethered from the Ethernet yet still enjoy wireline quality of service. The freedom afforded through mobile technologies can fire the imagination, inspiring people to think of new ways to fast-track their businesses. Aside from simply being able to answer emails on the go, have you considered the many other ways mobility can enhance productivity?

New ways to do things 

There are a lot of mobile apps available today that can help you creatively change the way you are doing business. One of the greatest opportunities lies in access to live data and real-time collaboration.  For instance, what if sales and solution architects could work together in real time on a customer proposal with access to the same resources as in the office? Imagine how much faster you could respond to the customer and close the sale!  

There are many other mobile applications that can improve your productivity. How many of these are you using today?

  • Logistics apps to improve inventory status checks, allowing warehouse employees to update stock levels after a visual confirmation
  • GPS applications for tracking shipments, eliminating time spent tracking “lost” packages
  • Wayfinding applications that provide opportunities for customer self-service, freeing employees to focus on other things
  • Mobile payment apps, offering account status as well
  • Healthcare applications that enable caretakers to obtain test results and other data immediately at the patient’s bedside, allowing them to prescribe appropriate care more quickly
  • Applications that allow for easy pass through into areas requiring tickets, speeding the entry process
  • Applications that allow products to broadcast their specifications and location from the sales floor, enabling sales personnel to more easily find items that match a customer’s requirements


Providing the data highway mobile apps need

To make mobility work for you, speed is essential. Wireless networks need the performance of wired connections to enable user collaboration and improve productivity. If a wireless network isn’t able to handle the demands of today’s applications and the exploding numbers and types of mobile devices, users become quickly frustrated and productivity stalls. Your mobile solution also has to be simple to deploy, affordable, and reliable.

HPE’s Just Right IT Aruba wireless products enable efficient, high-performing wireless access for mobile applications and communication. These products are easy to set up and are loaded with features that are designed to accelerate and streamline the way an SMB does business. When you combine HPE Aruba Instant’s zero-touch, self-provisioning capabilities with the robust management tools of AirWave and ClearPass security, you get a simple and secure Wi-Fi solution that can be deployed and managed with minimal resources.

There are lots of ways you can use mobility to boost your productivity. Read about a few other ideas on the PULSE of IT, a website dedicated to sharing useful information between forward-thinking small and midsize business leaders, in Ronda Swaney’s  article 3 ways mobility boosts productivity.

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