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Upgrade today and save money tomorrow


You want to take advantage of the opportunity afforded through technology today. You can already see how new apps and market trends can turn your ideas into lucrative business opportunities. But your existing servers, storage, and networking equipment are holding you back. Today’s media-rich applications are taking their toll on your existing IT. The truth is, yesterday’s systems weren’t built for today’s applications.

In order to keep up, you know you have to upgrade. But what about the cost? Budgets have always been an issue, right?  It may seem counterintuitive, but if you invest in new equipment today, you can save a whole lot of money in the long run.

Three ways upgrading saves you money

How, you ask? Today’s servers have more processing power, more storage, and better networking capabilities. They also typically cost less to support. Modern systems process graphics better, handle more data, and stream it all faster. They are more reliable, easier to use, compact and energy efficient. Additionally, they offer features like virtualization that help you make the most out of your investment.  In short, more modern equipment can help you save money through:

  1. More efficient use of resources
  2. Improved reliability 
  3. Time-saving simplification

Save on resources

With more processing power, you can consolidate applications onto fewer servers. Energy efficiency and smaller packaging saves you money on real-estate and power. Virtualizing your environment helps you make the most of what you have. Combine servers, storage and networking into a single resource pool that can be shared and provisioned on the fly to scale quickly and address peaks in demand. Using your resources more efficiently through virtualization delivers faster ROI as well as investment protection.  

Save with reliability

Downtime costs a lot.  A 2015 IDC Business Continuity study found that more than 80 percent of small and midsize businesses worldwide experienced downtime that cost them anywhere from $82,200 to $256,000 for a single event. You can minimize downtime issues by investing in systems that can handle today’s media-rich applications and implementing application failover with virtualization. You’ll lower TCO and overhead costs through this improved reliability.

Save time

Lower labor costs through time saving simplification. Today’s systems are easier to deploy and use, with many built-in management features. Centralizing management via a virtualized resource management console goes a long way on saving you time. By automating management functions, you can reduce the risk of human error. Virtualization can help you provision your resources to provide new services and realize their business benefit more quickly, too.


Realize all these savings with HPE Just Right IT

Purpose-built, priced and sized specifically for the needs of smaller organizations, our HPE Just Right IT portfolio of products and solutions will give you the tools you need to start saving today. Products like HPE’s new ProLiant Gen9 Rack and Tower servers, powered to perform for today’s most demanding applications, can help you reduce costs while growing your business. Simple, reliable, and affordable, HPE Just Right IT can help you achieve your business outcomes quickly and easily.

Learn more about how virtualization can help reduce costs on The PULSE of IT’s Virtualization: A New IT Hope by Jim Rapoza.


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