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Hybrid IT in a snap

Cloud services provide a convenient and economical way of dealing with business IT. But, from a practical standpoint, some things just really need to be managed in-house. Combining an on-premise with cloud hybrid IT approach seems the most reasonable solution. But can it be done without being overwhelmingly complex or expensive?

Today, there is a move afoot to integrate on-premise IT with cloud services. This Hybrid IT approach helps businesses benefit from the best of both worlds, allowing companies to enjoy the flexibility and cost-effectiveness afforded by cloud solutions while ensuring the security and control over their business assets.

Seek cloud convenience and economics, but on-premise control

Many businesses today are faced with a number of challenges. They include handling mobility, ensuring data security, overseeing IT management, and keeping costs in line. Companies recognize that cloud services can help. Advantages can be as simple as delivering the peace of mind of not having to worry about managing IT systems on a daily basis to more strategic objectives, like ensuring off-site disaster recovery capabilities.

Even with all the benefits cloud computing offers in terms of flexibility, scalability, affordability and convenience, handing over control of all your IT assets to someone else isn’t prudent. Ensuring on-premise control of certain assets is vital. That’s why combining the two is so attractive.

Demand reliability and simplicity

Until recently, assembling a blended solution has proved to be rather complex. What’s needed is a reliable, tightly integrated platform that’s simple to obtain and deploy. Something that delivers enterprise-grade capabilities, automation, and instant connections in a single, affordable package.

A managed hybrid server can supply this need by providing for a network gateway to cloud applications, updates, IT management and monitoring, as well as secure off-site data storage, while at the same time ensuring local control and security for backups, user identity management, and local file and print services. These products are easy to buy and use, eliminating complexity and reducing costs.

Introducing HPE Easy Connect for small and midsize businesses

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has developed a unique solution, the HPE ProLiant EC200a, part of its Easy Connect family to address this need. The tight integration of computing, storage and networking combined with Zynstra virtualization and cloud management software and services delivers a powerful solution in a small, easy-to-deploy package. 

The EC200a is installed on-site, and cloud connectivity and remote management are pre-integrated.  The EC200a is remotely monitored and maintained, allowing for automated updates. It offers file and print services, local backup (with the option for cloud backup and disaster recovery), virtual machines for Windows, Linux and custom apps, a firewall and security, Active Directory, and DHCP and DNS services. You can access Microsoft Office 365 from the EC200a. All associated licenses and hardware are included in a predictable monthly subscription fee.

Reliable, simple and affordable HPE Just Right IT

HPE has been providing smaller organizations with purpose-built products designed to address their specific needs with its Just Right IT portfolio of products and services for years.  Engineered to grow along with you, they provide the enterprise-grade reliability you need at the price point you can afford. Products like the Easy Connect 200a are built to take you where you need to go, quickly and easily.

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