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Graceful growth in today’s exponential age

Data growth is increasing exponentially. As you use it for business intelligence and analytics applications to help you grow, more and more data will follow.  Being able to scale to handle this information growth can be particularly challenging. Learn how virtualizing your storage can help you address scalability issues as well as provide you with a solution that facilitates agility and makes the most out of your investments.


In 2013 the stunning revelation that 90% of the data available at the time was created within the previous two years made its way into headlines. Increasing connectivity continues to accelerate this growth, with more and more information generated by humans, computers, networks, and sensors. Welcome to the “Exponential Age”.

The availability of all this data has provided businesses with unique opportunities to help them grow their business. Using analytics to derive insights based on customer data can help companies upsell, better target their products to meet market needs, and attract more business. But consider the Catch-22; the more you grow, the more data you’ll need to handle. How can you address such rapid growth?

 Add more boxes?

The traditional response would be to add more storage devices, often dedicating storage to specific workloads – sometimes used and sometimes not.  For instance, you might run business reports on a Monday, payroll on a Friday, other applications only during certain times of the year, and yet others on a daily basis.

Considering how quickly things are changing, this method is no longer viable, particularly if you are a smaller business where every dollar spent needs to go into advancing your business. Siloed storage that sits idle is a waste of money. If you’re hoping to take advantage of all this data to help you grow, you’re going to need a more agile way of dealing with your storage resources.

There’s a better way

Imagine if you could share the storage you already have amongst applications, reconfiguring it quickly and easily to handle your future needs, as well as spikes in demand. That’s what storage virtualization is all about. It helps you make the most of what you have and allows you to scale dynamically.

All of a sudden, you unshackle yourself from a confined container. You are no longer in a bounded environment. You have the flexibility to scale up and scale out. Everything is dynamic – you can reconfigure the situation anyway you need at any time.

Just think - no need to find more space for more storage devices. No need to add to your power requirements. Even better, you can enjoy certain levels of redundancy by mirroring your data in previously unused storage space. You’ve just upped your ROI, making more effective use out of your existing investments.

You already have what you need and it’s easy to grow from there

Sounds like a great idea, right? So what DO you need to make this all happen? The good news is that, if you are already running in an HPE ProLiant environment, you already have the power in your hands. HPE VSA software comes free with each HPE ProLiant system, giving you the capability to transform the server into a scalable, economic and upgradeable virtual storage array. It’s the first software-defined virtual storage solution to support all major industry-standard servers and multiple hypervisors.

Once you’ve tried VSA and see how simple it is to configure and manage, consider adding a StoreVirtual storage array into your environment that’s accessible to all your systems on the network.  Or, you may want to consider a hyper-converged system that integrates compute, storage and virtualization. You can expand your environment as needed very quickly and easily with either of these solutions.

Reliable, simple and affordable storage virtualization

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Just Right IT products offer flexible virtual storage deployment options to fit any requirement, including the VSA software, StoreVirtual physical storage arrays and hyper-converged systems.  All-inclusive licensing lets you start small and support growth at all stages of your business. These HPE Just Right IT products help you to build a data-centric foundation, a flexible architecture meant to handle accelerated data growth, simply, reliably, and affordably.


Learn more about how virtualized storage can enhance your ability to grow by reading Joe Hewitson’s article on the PULSE of IT How storage virtualization can help SMBs solve their top IT challenges.



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