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Simplify IT efficiency

Efficiency matters

Time.  It’s a precious commodity for any business, big or small. How many hours do you spend managing IT components that may be aged and mismatched?  Can you really afford to spend days and weeks re-configuring your server, storage, networking and management to accommodate the latest application your business requires?

Resources. That’s another area where efficiency is a primary concern. Are you using all the server power, storage capacity and network bandwidth you have to their greatest potential? Do you have enough to handle increasing business demands?

Virtualization is a great way to ensure your resources are optimized. It provides the ability to scale on demand and efficiently make use of what you have. But if you’re a small or midsize business, new to virtualization, it may seem too complicated. You might be worried about how much time you’ll spend sizing and choosing all the right components. How easy is it going to be to set up and manage? How do you make everything work together?

What if you didn’t have to worry about all that? What if you had a pre-integrated system appliance that:

·         Included all the server, storage, and network capabilities of traditional IT;

·         Was designed to be virtualized;

·         Scaled quickly and easily;

·         Could be deployed in minutes; and

·         Was very simple to manage?

That’s exactly what today’s hyperconverged (HC) solutions offer by tightly integrating hardware and software components within a single, easy-to-set-up and manage package. Their simplicity and cost-effective use of resources make them ideal solutions for small and midsize businesses, or for remote or branch offices where IT administrative resources are at a premium.

Virtualization in just 5 clicks

Hyperconverged solutions are designed to make IT simple, efficient, and cost-effective. They take the guess work out of having to select the right mix of hardware to meet current and future business requirements. Consisting of tightly integrated hardware and software IT components in a single box, they intelligently manage resources for the greatest level of efficiency. The software-defined infrastructure pools processor and storage resources to handle a variety of virtualized workloads that are ready when you are. This virtualized environment enables redundancy which can be set up on the fly, leading to increased availability.

HC solutions eliminate the need of having to manage separate islands of network, server and storage.  You manage the appliance via a single user interface. As they can be remotely monitored and managed, they are particularly well-suited for remote and branch offices where IT staff may be limited.

Since they are so easy to use, an IT generalist can add capacity in as little as 15 minutes. You can deploy virtual machines (VMs) in just 5 clicks and update hardware and firmware in just 3 clicks. You can even get instant diagnostic information as well as analytics that help you respond faster to business needs.

Just Right IT simplifies your infrastructure

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) HPE Just Right IT portfolio of products and solutions is designed with the needs of small and midsize businesses in mind. Simple, reliable and affordable products, like HPE’s hyperconverged systems, offer flexible virtualization deployments to help you maximize resource usage simply and affordably.

You can easily scale for future growth by purchasing additional HC nodes when needed. All-inclusive licensing lets you start small and support growth at all stages of your business. For more information about hyperconverged systems, visit “Your VM vending machine”.

You can also learn more about hyperconverged systems by reading Adrienne Jane Burke’s article on the PULSE of IT Could a hyperconverged system help your midsize business grow?



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