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Three technology trends to prepare for this year

With the holidays behind us, you’re probably wondering what the new year will bring. What changes are on the horizon that might affect your business down the road? Oddly enough, you only need look back at the last couple of months to recognize a few trends that will definitely gain momentum – with big data analytics and mobility right at the forefront. Depending upon what business you’re in, you may also already recognize how important the Internet of Things has become, as well as hybrid IT.

Over the holidays…

Did you notice when you logged onto Facebook suggestions for certain pages to Like with products already on your gift list? How did they know you were thinking of buying LL Bean slippers for someone? Answer: big data analytics.

Did you use your mobile phone to take a picture to send to your sister of something you thought Mom would like? Did you track a package that you ordered – or maybe even one that you delivered, taking advantage of mobile solutions?

How about that holiday T.V. commercial of a man using his cell phone to check the security of his home? We learn at the end that he’s a father just checking to make sure his daughter got home okay, but the implication is that he can check for all manner of security through his IoT devices.

If you made a purchase online but were told that you could pick it up at any of their retail stores, you were probably experiencing another trend that’s been increasing in importance – hybrid IT.

We’re all becoming more and more connected

The theme running through all of this is connections. We’re now all connected to each other, to devices, and to data, no matter where we are. Smart, connected devices are in hospitals checking patient vitals, in businesses assisting with inventory control, and in homes monitoring heating, cooling, and security.

Now, this doesn’t happen all by itself. Different systems, networks, and devices are all involved. They need to be fast enough to receive and transmit data and powerful enough to sort through and analyze it quickly. They need to be able to “talk” with one another no matter what vendor they come from and make the data easily accessible. Cloud services need to be able to interact seamlessly with corporate systems while keeping sensitive data protected.  

HPE Just Right IT can help you reap benefits in 2017

You’ve probably noticed these trends already. Big data analytics and mobility have been in the news for quite some time. But, as a smaller organization, you might not yet have had the opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities and benefits they can offer.

HPE helps small and midsize organizations by providing them with fully capable, reliable products that are right-sized and affordable. HPE ProLiant servers and storage deliver the power and performance required for demanding applications such as big data analytics. HPE Flex Solutions with Microsoft SQL 2016 for BI, DW, and OLTP provide customers with easy to use and deploy preconfigured configurations that can help you take advantage of analytics capabilities.

You’ll want to support mobility within your business so customers can take pictures of products and send to loved ones. Mobility provides other advantages as well, like helping you target customers with personalized offers as they walk into your store. Several HPE products enhance a business’ ability to support mobility, Including Aruba Instant Access points, delivering improved coverage, increased security, fast performance and ease of management.

If your needs include IoT, you’ll need to prepare to drive more network traffic. Consider high performing network IT like HPE’s Aruba Access Points and Switches. The Aruba switches provide the performance, bandwidth and reliability that next gen applications require.  The Aruba 3810 switch is particularly flexible, enabling businesses to raise data rates to 2.5, 5.0, and even 10 GBs for bandwidth hungry applications, while at the same time providing the security required to protect your business applications and data.

Aruba ClearPass Profiler, an entry-level, standalone profiling solution provides complete visibility into a business wired and wireless network and the Aruba ClearPass Management Platform can be used to manage it all.

For more on 2017 trends, connect with Evan Wade’s Pulse of IT article 2017 IT trends to watch – are you ready for the New Year?

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