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Consumption model: De-horning a couple of major IT dilemmas


By: Stephen Mease, Supplier Business Executive – HPE Pointnext Services, Tech Data




The expression “horns of a dilemma” has always struck me as a perfect description of the terrible, nasty feeling you have when faced with a seemingly no-win situation. It definitely applies to the way many enterprises now feel when they need to somehow deal with the rapid changes occurring in both technology and the marketplace. Questions that illustrate these dilemmas are how to:

  • Implement IoT without adding staff or skills
  • Rely on proven solutions
  • Keep control
  • Scale and innovate
  • Pay as you go
  • Align investments with returns
  • Minimize security exposure

Here are a couple of pointed (ouch) examples:


Too much? Not enough?  

When it comes to acquiring those solutions, the dilemma for servers and storage focuses on capacity. Because realities are changing so quickly, capacity planning becomes a definite challenge. This creates a situation where it’s possible to purchase too little or too much capacity.

Purchase too little and you risk not being able to meet business demands down the road. According to 451 Research, 50% of enterprises have suffered downtime as a result of poor capacity planning. Remember, adding capacity often requires going through a lengthy purchasing process. What happens if demand drops again in response to another change once you have added the new capacity? Ouch. 

The same 451 Research report states that enterprises over-provision compute capacity by an average of 59% and storage capacity by an average of 48%. That’s a clear waste of $$ that could be better used to meet other business requirements.


Spend, spend, spend?

Every one of the rapid changes seems to generate one or more new technology solutions. The great thing is that most solutions go beyond simply helping you deal with change. They actually enhance your ability to success and compete. But here’s the dilemma. Can you really afford to acquire every new solution that becomes available? On the other hand, can you really afford not to?

If you go the spend route, you end up with the latest and best tools for analytics, cloud, IoT, mobility, and much more.  But you’d end up with a massive hole in your budget, because the changes are never-ending. 

If you resist the temptation to splurge on IT, you gradually (sometimes not so gradually) fall behind the competition and can no longer deliver what customers expect. And nobody can afford to have that happen, as so many major retail stores have recently discovered.  


How an IT consumption model de-horns the dilemma  

IT Consumption models turns the no-win situations I describe above into clear winners.

In terms of acquisition, these models allow you to acquire new technology with OPEX vs. CAPEX funds. They also eliminate the lengthy process associated with purchasing additional technology by making more capacity instantly available as part of the consumption agreement.

There’s also no fear of choosing too much or too little capacity. These consumption models let you provision for what you need and yet pay only for what you actually use over and above a basic charge.

No waste, no worry, no horns, no dilemmas.  Just a flexible, sensible way to acquire and consume the technology you need to thrive in the face of rapidly-changing realities. In other words, accelerated outcomes on your terms. 


Take a swim in the HPE GreenLake waters


Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers three ways to make the IT consumption-model yours with its GreenLake approach:


  1. HPE GreenLake suite of on-premises, consumption-based solutions for your top workloads—big data, backup, database platform, SAP HANA, and edge computing—delivered on your terms.  
  2. HPE GeenLake Flex Capacity for an enterprise-wide or larger-scale consumption-based solution  
  3. HPE GreenLake Standard Packages - small-scale point solutions for individual technologies like 3PAR storage and converged systems, as well as for specific use cases like VDI and composable infrastructure

Choose the approach or combination of approaches that best meet your operation and its requirements.


More information

Complete information on the HPE consumption models is available on the HPE GreenLake website. An excellent video on this site provides a quick overview.

If you are currently a Tech Data HPE Channel Partner, please visit https://www.themaxmind.com/hpepointnext for HPE Pointnext on-demand training videos and resources.