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Dell Technologies: A view from HPE

By Chuck Smith, Vice President of Strategic Growth and Business Development for HPE Servers

When Dell first announced its planned acquisition of EMC back on October 12, 2015—over eight months ago now—my first thought was: “That is a very big play!” However, my next thought was: “This is disruptive.  A $67 billion merger is going to cause a lot of headaches for Dell and EMC, and an even bigger problem for their customers and partners.”

With the imminent closing of the merger, now’s a good time to share my thoughts with HPE, Dell, and EMC customers—a view from HPE you might say.

What is the media saying?

Since I’m an HPE employee, I’ll let the media do the talking. Feel free to click on the link and read the original article.

What’s Really Happening Inside the Dell/EMC Merger? eWeek, 8 May 2016

“There is friction wherever one looks at Dell and EMC. There are simply too many proprietary charging plugs and codebases that don't fit or don't work together. There are too many national and foreign regulators to satisfy….There are too many overlapping product lines, too many similar jobs, too many salespeople competing with each other and too many redundant solution partners! There are too many clashing marketing people, quizzical and dissatisfied EMC investors and too many prickly C-suite egos to make this $67 billion business deal merely a sweet bedtime story.”

That’s just one of the articles out there. Google “dell emc merger” and you’ll see what I mean.

What does it mean for you?

No merger is a walk in the park, but this one seems to have more challenges than usual. Moreover, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, and Security are driving transformation at a rate that we’ve never experienced before, so you need a partner that can help you navigate and leverage the latest technologies to create competitive differentiation and drive better business outcomes.

Six questions you need to ask…and answer

If you’re a Dell or EMC customer, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will product rationalization as a result of the acquisition impact my existing investments?
  • Will the cost and disruption of the merger slow down the innovation I expect from an IT partner?
  • With the merger of two different cultures, will I get the service my business needs?
  • If I have to update my infrastructure, can Dell Technologies give me what I need?
  • Will Dell Technologies’ lack of cloud strategy prevent me from achieving my goals?
  • Who has the experience, expertise, and technology that I need to transform and grow my business?

How can HPE help?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has done exactly the opposite of what Dell Technologies is in the process of doing. We’ve split legacy HP into two companies to make us more agile and accelerate. We’re proud of our HPE vision and our proven ability to execute. We’ve focused on four transformation areas that are critical to your business. At HPE, we can help you define, power, and optimize the right mix of quality, innovative IT solutions and services you need to transform, protect, empower, and enable. And be assured, we’re committed to the long-term success of your business.

To find out how HPE can help transform your business, visit hpe.com/fastforward or talk to your HPE Account Rep or HPE Channel Partner today.