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Multi Cloud on Your Terms: HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 will be Generally Available this Week

At HPE Global Partner Conference in Boston today, we announced that HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 is generally available and ready to install in your enterprise data center this week. Look under the hood at some of CloudSystem’s new functionality it’s gained from its new key components.

What’s new in CloudSystem 10

  • New versions of HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0, HPE Helion Stackato 4.0, Cloud Service Automation 4.6, Operations Orchestration 10.5
  • Tools for building apps and deploy across multiple clouds
  • Updated service design and marketplace portal capabilities
  • Improved management experience
  • Faster, simpler, and more flexible deployment and lifecycle management through integration with HPE Synergy and HPE OneView.
  • Expanded and more cost-effective choices of compute resources with HPE Linux KVM virtual environment

Helion OpenStack 3.0 - UPDATED

Helion OpenStack is HPE’s highly configurable, enterprise-grade cloud platform integrated into CloudSystem. CloudSystem 10 will launch with Helion OpenStack 3.0, our latest release build on OpenStack Liberty, which is true to all OpenStack APIs.

What HOS 3.0 brings to CloudSytem 10:

  • Expanded configurability and deployment options, including more options for block and object storage, scalability improvements for larger resources deployments, and expanded hypervisor and bare metal support for traditional applications.
  • Tighter administrative control for your private cloud, including security improvements supporting PCI enablement, enhanced controls for workload live migration and resizing, and encrypted communications between internal and external APIs.

Helion Stackato 4.0 - NEW

Helion Stackato is HPE’s open platform for cloud-native apps based on Cloud Foundry. It replaces Helion Development Platform in the CloudSystem stack, and it increases control and visibility for IT with limited development speedbumps and barriers.

  • Offers similar functionality to Helion Development Platform while simplifying development and deployment in multi-cloud environments.
  • Administrators gain more support for common public and private cloud providers, a multi-cloud control plane, load-based auto scaling, centralized logging, application and platform health monitoring, and a number or other benefits designed to centralize and standardize service offerings.
  • Developers gain increased control over their own release cycle through self-service provisioning; automated CI/CD for build/test/deploy workflows; Docker support; and support for leading languages, tools, and data sources.

HPE software on HPE hardware

 CloudSystem 10 continues our vision of a unified hardware and software solution for hybrid cloud through a spectrum of infrastructure options. Whatever the needs and preferences of your organization may be, there’s a CloudSystem that fits.

For smaller scale deployments, the Hyper Converged 380 offers rapid deployment with an instant-on wizard, enabling a user deployable hybrid cloud in as little as an afternoon. On the other end of the spectrum is the HPE ConvergedSystem 700, an enterprise-scale deployment offering the same hybrid capabilities and ease of management.

CloudSystem will also continue to support a number of HPE servers, BladeSystems, ConvergedSystems, and Hyper Converged systems to match existing investments and standardizations. And of course, if you have an existing CloudSystem deployment, there’s an upgrade and expansion path with CloudSystem 10.

Find your Right Mix with HPE

Each organization will have its own mix of traditional, private, and public cloud, as well as preferences around providers, workstyles, and infrastructure. HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 offers you that flexibility while maintaining security and control. See how HPE Helion CloudSystem 10–the unified hardware, software, and services solution–can help you define, power, and optimize your Right Mix. Explore it now.

For further reading, see how CloudSystem 10 streamlines management of heterogeneous resources and increased developer agility here.