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Enterprise IT services: Your future is digital

IT services are at the center of digital transformation. See how companies are transforming through flexible consumption models, Hybrid IT, and insights from the Intelligent Edge.

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5 reasons data is a key ingredient for AI applications

Even as we get better at using our data wisely, data will still provide the key ingredient for making smart systems that help users do their work.

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The ARPANET was the Internet’s first major network crash. What’s next?

Unlike the early years of the Internet (think ARPANET), network crashes today are quite rare. As a result, many companies have grown complacent. Yet with the openness of the Internet, its value to billions of people, and its exposure to hackers, we face the possibility of more severe network failures. Before you say that networks never fail, imagine the consequences if you’re wrong.

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How internal tools can make or break your IoT solution 

Building or buying, and integrating internal tools empowers other departments to answer their own questions and do their job more autonomously. Learn how your business can scale more quickly leaving more time to focus on core work.

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Announcing: Create solutions and collaborate with coders worldwide in the new HPE Developer Community

Available now, the new HPE Developer Community is a place where members can interact with HPE’s new open-source community and create innovative solutions to complex problems by collaborating with like-minded coders.

Join the conversation and visit developer.HPE.com to join the new community!

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It’s a wrap! Get the highlights from HPE Discover Madrid

If you missed it no worries. Watch sessions, view content on demand here. Get immediate access to hundreds of business and technical sessions.

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HPE expands “Pay-Per-Use IT” to key business workloads

Meet HPE GreenLake.  Simplifying the IT experience and offering customers choices in where workloads should live and how to flexibly consume them. 

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9 technology mega trends that will change the world in 2018

Some tech trends fizzle out and die a quiet death, while others are so significant that they transform our world and how we live in it. Here are the top nine tech mega-trends that may define 2018 and beyond. 

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Small & Midsize Business News

Protecting Sensitive Health Data Against Rising Security Risks

Today’s healthcare SMBs need top-notch security to keep their sensitive patient data safe. Hybrid IT with HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers is the optimal solution. Cloud services are fast, but are they secure? Hybrid IT with HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers is the solution.

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Optimizing HealthCare Delivery with Scalable Software Defined IT

Healthcare organizations are utilizing scalable data storage to keep up with rising data volumes, increasing IT performance and allowing them to accommodate business growth.

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Transforming Retail Operations with Plug and Play IT Solutions

HPE ProLiant Easy Connect enables retailers to deliver consistent IT capabilities, rapid deployment, and simple IT management across all sites, at a lower cost than traditional IT.

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A New Style of Financial IT Driving Competitive Advantage for SMBs

SMBs are seeking a new style of IT expressly designed for financial services to enhance security, drive profits, and encourage business growth, even in the face of strict budgets and limited IT resources.

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HPE NonStop News

MultiBatch 9.5 – Next Generation Batch Processing

MultiBatch reduces batch runtimes, with zero impact on JCL maintenance. Validate your batch schedule in advance. Migrate your batch schedule between nodes. Get real-time visuals for all batch schedules, across all nodes. View current & historical job run times. Fully tokenised EMS events, including description of job functions, appearing within the event text. Recover & view batch schedule to last known status. Node, disk and subvolume values are changed dynamically during recovery. Simple command line recovery on new nodes. Get a TMF audited log file. Replicate everything to your standby node.

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Did you miss our presentation about using RESTful Web services at TBC?

If so, our most recent webinar is now available to view for free on our website! You can also read our recap of the event on out News & Events page to see what our takeaways were and the fun that NuWave had this year at Boot Camp.


News from comforte

In November, comforte was a major sponsor for the NonStop Technical Bootcamp – the premier event attended by advocates for HPE NonStop systems.  Many of the conversations our team had were centered around modernization (or digital transformation as it’s being called lately) and around data protection.  What was really interesting is the fact that ‘growth’ was a major driver for gather information about both topics. 

For modernization, companies are upgrading their NonStop systems to the X-series – and they want the extra horse-power to handle the anticipated transaction volume increase. While they ‘modernize’ their hardware to the latest NonStop models, many were looking for answers for upgrading their legacy applications and out-of-support communication links. 

For data protection, companies are expecting an increase in sensitive data, especially as they offer more services to keep and attract customers and, as they look to perform analytics with Big Data.

Here are links to video recordings of the presentations given at the NonStop Technical Bootcamp, in case you missed it. 

Digital Transformation:



Big Data – Big Risk?


Check out our website for more info.


Announcing the first product in HPE's Blockchain family

As our customers evaluate blockchain solutions, they are finding that generic infrastructure and public cloud environments cannot support the requirements they need in terms of performance, security, scalability, and resiliency. Newly launched HPE's Mission Critical DLT solution which provides availability and fault protection for enterprise-grade applications. The solution is offered on HPE Integrity NonStop platforms, which process two out of every three credit card transactions in the world.


Save the Date: SunTUG Connect Florida and Golf tournament. 

March 2nd. 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tampa Airport - Westshore
4500 West Cypress Street


BITUG BIG SIG - TBC – 9th MAY, 2018

Venue: Trinity House, Tower Hill, London



Paul Chandler is New OmniPayments EMEA Representative

OmniPayments’ CEO Yash Kapadia recently introduced Paul Chandler as OmniPayments’ new Vice President, EMEA Business Development.  Paul brings to this position over 25 years of International Sales and Business Development experience. His decade-long background in the Payments industry included the sale and oversight of several major international project implementations. Contact paul@omnipayments.com about the OmniPayments Financial Transaction Switch, both standalone or in the cloud as OmniCloudX on NonStop X.  Paul also will be happy to discuss the company’s other payments solutions. 



Registration is open! The European NonStop HotSpot 2018!

40 years of symposia in Germany and 10 years of GTUG and Connect Deutschland

May 14 – 16 2018
The Westin Hotel Leipzig, Germany


XYPRO - The 100 | Our Employees are as Important as our Customers


The 100 | Our Employees are as Important as our Customers

When reflecting on XYPRO’s longevity and success (we recently welcomed our 100th employee and have celebrated many years of consistent gains), we often assess whether we’re continuing to do the things that got us here, even as we grow.  Why do our customers continue to buy from us?  What differentiates us from our competition?   Do we have our finger on the pulse of the industry?  Are we innovating? Maybe they like our sales team, or our professional services rep that helped them with the installation.  Maybe they had an excellent experience with our customer support team.  Maybe it’s some or all of these things.

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Gravic Publishes New Technical Article on Swapping Replication Engines with Zero Downtime

 Gravic published a technical article, Swapping Replication Engines with Zero Downtime in the November/December issue of The Connection. Sometimes it is necessary to change or update a data replication engine. A zero downtime migration will impose no downtime on either applications or users. The migration can take place during normal working hours and occur over an extended time, while the backup database is always available and fully synchronized with the production database. Therefore, application availability is ensured during the migration process. This migration technique is similar to HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) that customers have been using for decades to upgrade their applications, database schema formats, file and table locations (or indices), operating systems, or perform a hardware refresh. In this article, we describe how a data replication engine can be changed without taking down either applications or the backup database.


HPE Education Services News

Digital Transformation for your business requires digital skills development for your people

As we examined what is required to serve digital natives and millennial workers and to develop digital skills across our customers’ workforce, what stood out is the need for learning at-point-of-need.  To that end HPE launched its new Digital Learner Framework to assist organizations in keeping up with digital skills development.  How? By accelerating the digital maturity of your existing workforce, with better access to more effective learning experiences, complete with guided learner paths, incentives, reporting, mentoring and metrics.  Listen to Kelly Baig, our Digital Program Lead to learn more about how this new Digital Learner program can provide better learning experiences and outcomes, with less cost and disruption for your business.


Looking back at Discover Madrid, 2017

It was great to see so many of you at our Training sessions in Madrid – we hope you collected our unique Discover 2017 lapel pin and do remember to keep an eye out in your Learning Profile for the addition of your Discover 2017 digital badge. We are delighted to say that the training was a huge hit again with you all.  And before we know it, Discover Las Vegas 2018 will be upon us, so here’s your chance to offer suggestions on the training you want to see there.  We can even look at pre-event training to tie in with the event and can offer complete classes.  As our user community we want to make sure we provide the training that you need.  Please do email sarah.lennox@hpe.com with your suggestions.


Deep Learning….what really is it?  Join HPE at a NVIDIA Deep Learning Workshop

You’ve seen in the news that in today’s digital climate, organizations of every size and industry are both collecting and generating enormous amounts of data that can potentially be used to solve the world’s greatest problems—from national security and fraud detection to scientific breakthroughs and technological advancement.  And you’ve also read that traditional analysis techniques and practices are not capable of rapidly delivering automated, real-time insights from the rising data volumes to the point that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming vital to harnessing the full understanding of scientific and business data.  But you’re left wondering how all this works….So why not join us at our NVIDIA Deep Learning Fundamentals workshop which covers the foundations of deep learning and offers hands-on training in image classification, object detection, and neural network deployment using popular frameworks.  This is a full-day workshop ideal for developers, data and research scientists looking to solve challenging problems with deep learning.  View full schedule here.  For some upcoming events in Europe see below, or if you wish to request a workshop click here.


Reach your Peak Performance in 2018

2017 is drawing to a close…but don’t let that stop you from reaching your Peak Performance.  Throughout 2017 we overhauled our training offerings to meet the needs of our customers and to keep in touch with the constant technology shifts.  From the launch of our new High Performance Compute training to our comprehensive Cyber Security offerings…we like to think we’ve got you covered. Review our training offerings here and let us know what you think. Email: sarah.lennox@hpe.com.


Software-Defined & Cloud

I think by the time this eNews arrives I should be back safely from Madrid where we hosted the HPE Discover event. I will save updates until January and at that time provide a summary of what happened along with additional resources for you to check out. That being said, I have provided this link if you want to get a head start on the General Sessions at the event.

As to recent activities in November, HPE successfully launch HPE OneView 4.0 which is an essential step in helping you start to software-define your infrastructure. I have provided a summary article that gets you up to speed with what’s new in this application.

Just announced! HPE OneView 4.0: Your software-defined infrastructure automation engine

And lastly, using the same theme from last month, I have included three articles that will provide more insights to help you make your move to digital transformation a successful one. This was a major theme at Discover Madrid, so I hope you find them useful.

Industry Analysts on How to Manage a Data-Driven Digital Transformation

What’s the Best Cloud Model For Your Business? Think Strategically.

IT decision makers reveal 6 hybrid cloud adoption trends


Mission Critical x86 News

Turn critical data into real-time business insights with HPE Superdome Flex

Read this brochure and watch this video to understand how your business can become more competitive by being able to get real-time insights on all of your data. Take advantage of in-memory computing to embrace the possibilities of a world transformed with exponential data growth.


New technical whitepaper: HPE Superdome Flex Architecture and RAS

This recently published technical whitepaper provides an overview of the unique modular architecture and extensive RAS features of the recently introduced HPE Superdome Flex, providing unparalleled scale, flexibility and reliability for in-memory workloads of any size.


Eldorado gains business value from deploying SAP HANA on HPE solutions

Eldorado is one of Russia's largest retailers of consumer electronics and household appliances. Watch this video featuring Alexander Zhuk, from the Eldorado Company and Randy Meyer from HPE to learn more about in-memory solutions and how Eldorado gets business value from deploying SAP HANA on HPE solutions.


Compute innovations drive insights and intelligence to outpace your competition

Digital transformation is fueling the next generation of analytics. Faster real-time insights, more accurate, predictive models and powerful AI can all expand revenues, raise product quality, optimize processes and enrich the customer experience. Listen to Eldorado, Freudenberg IT and the COSMOS group discuss how HPE compute innovations are helping them get more intelligence, faster to realize value. The customers are joined by Randy Meyer and Bill Mannel from HPE.


New IDC Whitepaper: Mission-critical infrastructure for the data-driven enterprise

The role played by modern analytics environments at data-driven enterprises is clear. By leveraging Big Data and Analytics lines of business can analyze massive and growing amounts of data all the way from the digital core to the intelligent edge. Read this IDC white paper to learn about data-driven mission-critical infrastructure predictions and IDC´s point of view on how they believe the HPE Superdome Flex addresses this market’s needs.


On the path to The Machine

Listen to Sharad Singhal and Mike Woodacre from HPE discuss The Machine project and how HPE Superdome X and HPE Superdome Flex mission-critical platforms are helping customers realize the value of in-memory computing today while paving the way for Memory Driven Computing.


Discovering the secrets of the universe with HPE and Memory-Driven Computing

For many years, The United Kingdom’s COSMOS advanced computing facility, founded by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and colleagues, has been researching the origins of the universe. Read this case study to understand how the COSMOS group is transforming terascale data sets into a front row seat to the Big Bang. For breakthrough computing power to run real-time analyses and complex simulations, COSMOS relies on another discovery pioneer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


HPE Storage News

News from Around the Storage Block – from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

Ahead of Discover in Madrid, HPE Storage had news that we shared. We have blog posts for each piece:


A couple of things I mentioned in last month’s eNews that I want to be sure you didn’t miss:

  • Nimble Storage had a community on their website. We’ve migrated it to communities.hpe.com. Two places to know are the new HPE Nimble Storage Tech Blog and the HPE Nimble Storage forum. Forums are of course for conversations where you can get answers to your questions.
  • We swapped our @HPE_Storage and @NimbleStorage. With the swap, if you weren’t following @NimbleStorage you are no longer following us. So be sure you’re following @HPE_Storage now. We won’t be using the @NimbleStorage twitter account going forward.


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