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Tuesday, November 29th


Modernize Your Critical Database Infrastructure with Superdome X

Presented By: Diana Cortes, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Are you concerned with rising Oracle licensing costs? Have you started the journey to SAP HANA®? Are you facing Microsoft® SQL Server database sprawl and complexity? Come to this session and discover how your peers are addressing these challenges by modernizing their critical database infrastructure with Hewlett Packard Enterprise´s flagship mission-critical x86 platform, HPE Superdome X. You will discuss real world examples, including the business and technology outcomes of these migrations.


Connect Tech Forum:  Integrated Systems

Moderated By: Chris Purcell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Connect with the experts on the HPE Software-Defined and Cloud team at this Roundtable discussion about converged management, hyperconverged appliances and Composable Infrastructure. Learn where the data center of the future  is heading, how  a simple integrated management experience is sweeping through the data center and how customers are successfully delivering a cloud experience across their data center infrastructures. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your data center infrastructure concerns directly with HPE technologists.


How investment banks use In-Memory Computing to
deliver Operational Analytics on Big Data

Presented By: Antoine Chambille, ActiveViam and Kate O’Neil, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

New investment banking regulations are changing the way risks are reported. With 10X larger datasets, this is a challenge. Learn how some of the leading investment banks get results on the fly at the speed of thought to boost productivity and enhance decision making for risk controllers and traders. Discover the ActivePivot platform, the secret weapon for combining big data with the speed of in-memory computing. See how a strategic partnership with HPE brings this solution to the next level, running on servers with up to 24 TB of memory.

Mission Critical NonStop – Going Virtual

Presented By: Ton Vrouwe and Dave McLeod, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This session will explore what the future holds for HPE NonStop and how it will transform your mission-critical environment. Join us to learn how NonStop will evolve the HPE Converged Systems platform approach to NonStop in the Cloud, with Virtual NonStop as the core of this future solution. Hear about the latest hybrid offering, called NonStop Application Direct Interface (NSADI). Engage in follow-up conversations and gather insights on the news/announcements for the NonStop platform and its associated software solutions.

Aruba Networks in the Real World

Presented By: Steve Davidek, City of Sparks

At this session, you will learn how the City of Sparks, Nevada, began a journey to upgrade and replace its Wi-Fi system using Aruba and HPE networking products to solve everyday problems and enhance security. You will also learn how Aruba Beacons help people find city services.


Connect Tech Forum" Enterprise Networking

Moderated By: Aruba TBA

Connect with the experts to learn what is happening in the world of Hewlett Packard Enterprise networking. Discussions will include how ArubaOS and Aruba’s Wireless Access Points, AirWave, ClearPass and Intelligent Management Center can help you manage your HPE networking environment. You will also discuss Aruba Beacons and share ideas on how to use them. Meet other HPE customers in an open Roundtable discussion with HPE networking experts.



Wednesday, November 30th

Neutralize data breaches and protect your brand

Presented By: Reiner Kappenberger and Carole Murphy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise- Data Security

Join the HPE Data Security team to discuss how to neutralize data breaches and protect your brand. Find out how HPE Security – Data Security protects sensitive data at-rest, in-motion and in-use for cloud, Big Data and IoT, as well as enables compliance to data privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and delivers secure analytics. Find out how to secure servers, storage, and infrastructure and mission critical sensitive data against losses, mishandling and cyber-attacks.

Connect Tech Forum:  Enterprise Security

Moderated By: Rob Lesan, XYPRO Technology

From the data center to the network, big data and social networking, security is now a crucial part of every IT conversation. Connect with the experts at this Roundtable discussion about enterprise security. Share best practices, offer feedback and speak directly to HPE technologists in a small, intimate setting.



How to make the most of your 3Par storage
investment with file services and virtualization.

Presented By: Dr. Heinz-Hermann Adam, University of Münster

At this session, you will learn how University of Münster gets the most value from HPE 3PAR StoreServ for file services and virtualization. You will receive an overview of implementation and leveraged technologies, as well as future options. Find out how University of Münster utilizes HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence Software in a multi-tier storage strategy to deliver file services via the HPE StoreEasy Storage Gateway and virtualization based on VMware vSphere® and Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop®.


Connect Tech Forum:  HPE Storage

Moderated By: Calvin Zito, @HPE Storage Guy

Connect with the experts at this Roundtable discussion about Hewlett Packard Enterprise storage products and solutions, including HPE 3PAR StoreServ, StoreOnce and MSA storage solutions, as well as software-defined storage. Learn how customers of all sizes implement and use HPE storage products. Connect with HPE technologists to provide feedback and enhancement requests directly to HPE.


From automation to Docker and Azure, a practical guide
to build your Cloud Journey

Presented By: Stephane Bureau, HPE EMEA Cloud Marketing

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the need for infrastructure that’s faster and lighter on its feet. In today’s economy, success is often defined by a company’s ability to turn ideas into innovative products and services faster than the competition. The C-Suite is looking for IT to be a catalyst for change, not a constraint. Your business is looking for public-cloud-like convenience and speed – things you, as IT Director, will be hard-pressed to provide with incremental changes. The alternative is a hybrid IT approach, establishing the right mix of public cloud, private/hybrid cloud, and traditional IT opportunities in a hybrid infrastructure, controlled by a single management environment. Through a company assessment, you will learn in this session how to start your cloud journey and discover the route to Hybrid IT through practical use cases.


Connect Tech Forum:  Enterprise Cloud

Moderated By: Steve Davidek, Connect

Join us for an intimate Roundtable discussion about cloud strategies and solutions. Learn from Hewlett Packard Enterprise customers and technologists, provide feedback directly to HPE and share best practices with peers from around the world. Connect with the experts to learn how to support your workforce wherever it roams.


Disaster tolerant systems keeping the UK healthy

Presented By: Nic Clews, Global Infrastructure Services, CSC

Discover how disaster tolerant systems from HPE are playing a critical role in the health service of the UK. When you see a "Blood Transfusion" motorcyclist, or a donation van, this session will explain how this life saving service is kept running 24 hours a day. Similarly, our hospital and patient supplies, from nurse to patient, another critical 24 hour service, and we'll also look at how it migrated from VAX through Alpha and Itanium, and lean how the service was moved when a datacentre was closed.


New features in the 2016 release of HP-UX

Presented By: Jeff Kyle and Ken Surplice, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP-UX is delivering innovations. Come and explore the exciting new features introduced in 2016 in the areas that matter most to you, including virtualization, availability, security and manageability. Learn how you can reduce downtime with online migration of vPars and improve efficiency and manageability with Veritas File System and Veritas Volume Manager 6.1. Discover how to “cloudify” HP-UX with OpenStack to use the same open source management infrastructure to manage the rest of the modern heterogeneous data center.

Connect Tech Forum:  UNIX® (HP-UX)

Moderated By: Jeff Kyle and Ken Surplice, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Connect with global enterprise UNIX® peers for a Roundtable discussion about HP-UX, including the future of HP-UX, mission-critical computing, HPE Integrity servers and beyond. Share best practices and provide feedback and enhancement requests directly to HPE technologists.



Advancing your OpenVMS environment on Itanium today and on x86 tomorrow

Presented By: Ken Surplice, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In July 2014, VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) entered into a license agreement with HPE to develop and release future versions of OpenVMS and most OpenVMS layered products. In 2016, we see that the strategy is working and that customers’ investments in OpenVMS are secure, and there is a clear path to running OpenVMS workloads on x86. This session will explore recent enhancements to OpenVMS, how you can work with HPE or VSI to progress your OpenVMS environment and the recommendations on how to evolve your environment to the future.