Connect Now eNews - August 2016

Gold-medal metrics: Big Data competes at the Summer Games

Analytics help athletes and teams perform better to win big. Here is how to win big in the data-driven world.

The looming threat of a solar superstorm

Solar superstorms hit earth on average every 150 years. The last one, the destructive Carrington Event, took place 157 years ago. The innovative technology of the time was the telegraph, and telegraph systems worldwide failed. Imagine how a Carrington-class solar superstorm could impact our lives today.

8 ways to fail at DevOps

There are plenty of places in the DevOps process where an organization can run aground on rocky shoals of woe. Hint: None of these involve technology. Learn more

Open Source won. So now what?

Open source has changed from scrappy underdog to pillar of the mainstream. And with that comes a host of issues. Find out more



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Which 'Business Bulls**t' phrases annoy you the most?

It is true, frightful idioms have entered into our corporate conversations faster than you can circle back. Do you have any to share?

The CIA secret to cybersecurity that no one seems to get

The system is broken. It isn’t keeping us, our companies, or our government safe. Worse yet, no one seems to know how to fix it. Read more



8 non-tech skills IT pros need to succeed

These "soft skills" can make a tremendous difference in building a successful career.

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