Using cloud to create a balance between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

There’s a solid chance that your IT organization is not prepared to properly manage and maintain your complex networks. It’s important to understand where DRBC fits into your business to create real-world business resiliency.

Sweet SUSE! HPE snags itself a Linux distro

No one noticed, but in HPE's spin-off of its software assets, the company also tied the knot with leading enterprise Linux power SUSE.

Join Aruba on the Road: Blueprint for the Digital Workplace

Cloud-based apps, smartphones, tablets, and Internet of Things devices are transforming traditional office environments. Join Aruba this fall in a city near you to learn how network insights can improve predictability in your digital workplace. Space is limited - Register now!

Failsafe: This 1964 Cold War thriller speaks volumes about today’s systems

“The more complex an electronic system gets, the more accident prone it is. Sooner or later, it breaks down.” This quote from a character in the movie FailSafe referenced a software glitch that sent a U.S. bomber group to destroy Moscow. Fifty years later, the statement is still true. Machines make mistakes.


Complete NonStop Security

Exceeding Your NonStop Security Needs

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IT salary outlook 2017: Starting pay on the rise

Starting salaries for IT professionals are expected to rise an average of 3.8% in 2017 compared with 2016. Find out which IT jobs are projected to see the greatest salary increases next year.

Ending IT’s Game of Groans: The path to better control

Complexity and lack of integration are the sworn enemies of effective IT. Composable infrastructure puts you fully in command of the data center.

7 reasons why we need to compute at the edge

IDC predicts that by 2018, some 40 percent of IoT computing will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to, or at the edge of the network. Here is why beefing up edge systems will be critical for the future.

Take the stress out of storage

Businesses using virtual storage are nine times more likely to see a reduction in IT spending dedicated to storage. Learn more about the benefits.

Small & Midsize Business

NewsPress release:  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brings High-End Capabilities to Entry Storage

The worldwide leader in servers and storage, HPE is making enterprise storage data platforms affordable for small and midsize businesses, providing entry-level systems that can grow with them. The new, next-generation HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides an easy on-ramp to software-defined storage while the HPE MSA 2042 delivers hybrid flash at an affordable price.

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Pulse of IT article:  How storage virtualization can help SMBs solve their top IT challenges

Scaling for growth and streamlined management are two areas where small and midsized businesses find themselves challenged today. Is it any coincidence that these are the same two areas where virtual storage offers the greatest impact?

Learn More

WATCH:  Is your storage infrastructure optimized to take full advantage of virtualization

Did you know that storage virtualization essentially provides the same types of benefits server virtualization offers small and midsize businesses in terms of being able to reduce costs, lower risk and increase agility?

Watch Now

WATCH:  3 things you need to know about virtual storage

Simply put, virtual storage reduces overall IT spending, dedicated storage costs, and application downtime. Get the numbers in this quick video.


Aberdeen checklist:  Five signs your business might need virtual storage

Aberdeen Group research has shown that businesses leveraging virtual storage benefit by lowering IT costs, reducing downtime and improving scalability. These factors can be critical to small and midsize businesses. Here’s a checklist put together to help you determine if you’re ready to put virtual storage to work for your business.

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Aberdeen whitepaper:  The very real benefits of adopting virtual storage

Just like server virtualization, virtual storage makes it possible for organizations to greatly reduce their hardware and resource costs, while improving reliability, performance, agility, and the ability to scale their storage, according to research from Aberdeen Group. These benefits are valuable for all organizations but can be especially critical for small and midsize businesses. Get the full story here.

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Two things you need to know if you’re running a small to midsized business—and you don’t have a server

First, you are a prime candidate for data loss or theft. Small and midsized businesses—which are easier targets for cybercriminals than large enterprises—tend to store important data on individual devices, which are prone to being lost or stolen. Second, your employees need anywhere, anytime, any-device mobile access to apps, information, and collaboration tools so they can be more productive and grow your business.

HPE Flex Solutions for My First Server are built just for small businesses that need features such as centralized security and automated online data backup, along with a robust platform for collaboration.

Find Out More

Composable Infrastructure News

There have been some interesting activities starting to unravel in the industry in the Hyperconverged space with the “Partnering - non partnering” announcement of Cisco and Nutanix – check out this article from The Register. I have submitted an article about this as well in the upcoming Connect Converged quarterly, so look out for that. And I am sure I will be including more on this subject in next month’s eNews. Outside of that I have added a series of articles that I think will be of interest to you, all of which are related to either latest thinking on composable Infrastructure, Hyperconverged and HPE OneView converged management.

For this month I will end with a promotion for the HPE Discover London event that will be happening during the last week of November (9/29 – 12/1). As you expect we have some very interesting announcements…certainly something to mark your calendars for to either attend in person or for following online. More to follow.

Ending IT’s Game of Groans: the path to better control

Enabling IT to move at the speed of innovation

Put IT operations into hyper-drive with hyperconvergence

From anchor to engine: accelerating IT with composable infrastructure

Happy reading.


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NonStop News

Get Ready for GDPR, PSD2: Here's What You Should Know

Imminent new security and data privacy regulations require a rethinking of traditional approaches to enterprise architectures.

Here is some insight.

XYPRO - Breaches are from Mars, Security is from Venus

 There is quite a large disconnect in the way security breaches are evolving versus how security solutions and resources are keeping up to address them, much like the book from John Gray covering relationships and the different motivations, of men and women. Unlike the book though, we’re not trying to come to a happy medium – we’re trying to keep the war like Mars at bay. As a security strategist, I’m constantly evaluating what is possible to help identify gaps and opportunities. The one thing I have learned over the course of my career is:

The only thing constant in cyber security is that attackers’ methods will continue to evolve.  They get smarter, more resourceful and are impressively ever patient.

Read Steve Tcherchian’s article here: Learn more about each layer

Registration Now Open for the MATUG 2016 Users Meeting

Please register via EventBrite for the Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group (MATUG) meeting on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at the HPE Headquarters, Herndon, VA USA. The MATUG meeting is open to all HPE NonStop customers, partners, users, consultants, or interested parties. Members are usually from the following states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia, although anyone can attend.

With Yuma, NonStop X Has Become a Full Software Solution

Businesses are increasingly excited about the HPE NonStop road map, with prospects for NonStop X running on anything with an x86 chip.

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XYPRO - Implementing Tokenization & Access Control – Don’t Let it all Hang Out!

In recent years there has been an emergence of several new technologies to protect sensitive data, including Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST), such as those provided by HPE Security’s SecureData product. These products provide excellent capabilities to assist HPE NonStop users in protecting data within their application environments. Both HPE FPE and HPE SST provide strong protection against the exposure of sensitive data but they should not be used alone or to replace traditional access controls. Data protection methods such as FPE and SST need to be carefully considered and planned alongside traditional access controls to ensure all application data is comprehensively protected both from authorized and unauthorized exposure.

 To learn more read Andrew Price, VP Technology and Scott Uroff, Chief Architect of XYPRO Technology

Article Here

NuWave Resources showcases webinars, white papers and more to keep you up-to-date on the latest in HPE NonStop innovations and technology.

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Did you know that registration for NENUG is open? Register to join the NonStop community at HPE Andover, October 20, to see what's new!

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News from HPE Education Services – HPE NonStop Training

HPE NonStop systems power the most demanding mission-critical applications. Knowledge and skill are key success factors when using technology in high-demand enterprise environments. The comprehensive portfolio of HPE NonStop courses equips technical professionals to get the most from HPE NonStop systems.
See the course catalog here.

What is a NonStop Server? – Building Bridges

I had a proud moment the other day. Kind of like when you get to brag about your children (or grandchildren):

I was enjoying a beverage with a group of Mainframe support team members. We had just completed a long day of meetings on HPE NonStop topics.  Only one of the Mainframe team had attended. At some point, the question was asked “What is a NonStop server and why do we have them?” The company has had their servers for decades. Everyone knows about the machines, but like so many other places, no one ever asks. To my utter amazement, the answer straight from the Mainframe guy was: “It is a mainframe system. HPE makes them. They run application x”.

Unprompted, without influence, an old school IBM Mainframe systems person tossed this out.  The look on my face must have been an odd mixture of happiness and confusion as I have NEVER heard anyone who wasn’t raised on NonStop calling my systems a main­ frame. We spent the next few hours educating each other on the benefits (and difficulties) of managing our chosen systems.

What I wish I could reproduce at any gathering of plat­ form advocates, whether it be Windows, Mainframe, Linux or NonStop is that spark of understanding. We all enjoy what we do (at least I hope we do) and there is a certain devotion/dedicationand pride that goes along withit.  Atthe end of this discussion,  we all laughed an really appreciated what the others go through every day.

The next time you run into someone who isn’t as savvy as you are on the subject of our favorite platform, take the time to bringthem up to speed.  While you are at it, try and build a bridge by trying to see why they love what they do as much as you. You never know wherethe next convert may be.

Rob Lesan, XYPRO Technology Explains...

HPE Storage 2016 News

News from Around the Storage Block – from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

ATSB is filled with new content each week – so be sure to stop by often at And if you have any questions or topics you’d like to hear about, let me know on Twitter, @CalvinZito


HPE Education Services News

HPE Education Services presents: Management of Change Services – IDC explains why MoC is a critical success factor for any transformation journey


Transformation projects always include a human element; with change there is an impact to people – and people need to be prepared and supported through-out transformations to ensure that businesses obtain the expected results. As IDC says, nothing is as damaging to a transformation project as asking people to do tasks for which they are unprepared. Want to hear more?

Watch this video where Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, Project-Based Services Research at IDC explains why Management of Change is a critical success factor for every transformation project. This video is the first of several, in which Cushing explains the critical role of MoC, why it is more urgent now, and who it helps. Want to hear more about our MoC services and how they apply to your transformation projects? Look for an invitation to our upcoming TSC MoC training session later in September.

To see other Management of Change (MoC) materials including brochures, datasheets, and additional videos, see:

What types of transformations are critical for IT teams and organizations now?

What drives the business drives the technology, and organizations now are focused on serving their customers with better services. For some teams, this means applying technology to delivering new and better experiences for their customers with tools like apps, better data and information, and new technology-enabled engagement. For other teams, this means serving their internal customers with better agility, scalability and efficiency.


In all cases, our customers are transforming to hybrid infrastructure. HPE Education Services has geared up to help you and your teams make this transition, with:

What about IT process changes like DevOps, IT4IT, and Systems Management?

Yes, IT processes continue to evolve and mature. Here are some opportunities to attend free webinars from our HPE Education Services teams which are coming up in the next few weeks:


Sept 20 free webinar:
Learn about IT4IT (English), the Open Group standard for IT Systems Management
Register now

Sept 29 free webinar:
Learn about DevOps (English)
Register now

Sept 29 free webinar:
Learn about OpenStack (French)
Register now

Sept 30 free webinar:
Learn about DevOps (French)
Register now

Mission Critical x86 News


Join Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and IDC for Transform your Mission Critical Environment - October 19th - 20th, 2016 Barcelona Spain

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and IDC invite you to join them on October 19th - 20th, 2016 in Barcelona Spain.   Organized so you can make the most of your time in Barcelona, we coincided TMCE2 with VMWorld.  Join us at the W Hotel Barcelona for the opportunity to review and discuss market trends and find out how we can help you transform your mission critical environment.  Find out more and register here

CenterPoint Energy: Transforming Energy Delivery with HPE ConvergedSystem 900 and SAP HANA - Video

Watch this 3.5-min video to understand how Houston-based CenterPoint Energy is transforming energy delivery. The needed an efficient way to analyze the Big Data collected by its 2.3 million smart meters. The answer was to implement a SAP HANA data warehouse on the performance-optimized HPE ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA

Modernizing a company´s digital core is vital for business transformation

Read this article to consider why you should be concerned with your digital core, and how modernizing it is vital to transform your business in order to succeed in today´s market,

Are you ready for your next data center incident?

If you work with systems and applications that have zero tolerance for downtime, you understand very well the concepts of business continuity and disaster recovery. For best practices on evaluating your business continuity needs today and the steps you should take to protect your mission critical systems, read this article, and download the guide Delivering business continuity for vital applications from our Data Center Modernization website.

New world records on SPEC CPU2006 benchmark: Superdome X wins top x86 16P rate results on SPEC CPU2006 benchmark

Download this recent performance brief to find out about the performance leadership of Superdome X in the CPU-intensive SPEC CPU2006 benchmark. Superdome X has achieved four world records on the rate metrics of this benchmark, focused on stressing benchmark suite, stressing a system's processor, memory subsystem and compiler.

Scaling up your SQL Server environment to new heights

Watch this short video to understand how the winning combination of SQL Server and Superdome X delivers the performance, scale and availability you need for your critical database workloads, and how this solution can help you reduce the complexity and cost of your SQL Server environment. To get a deeper dive on maximizing the benefit from SQL Server 2016 in-memory technologies