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Connect Now eNews - August 2016

Gold-medal metrics: Big Data competes at the Summer Games

Analytics help athletes and teams perform better to win big. Here is how to win big in the data-driven world.

The looming threat of a solar superstorm

Solar superstorms hit earth on average every 150 years. The last one, the destructive Carrington Event, took place 157 years ago. The innovative technology of the time was the telegraph, and telegraph systems worldwide failed. Imagine how a Carrington-class solar superstorm could impact our lives today.

8 ways to fail at DevOps

There are plenty of places in the DevOps process where an organization can run aground on rocky shoals of woe. Hint: None of these involve technology. Learn more

Open Source won. So now what?

Open source has changed from scrappy underdog to pillar of the mainstream. And with that comes a host of issues. Find out more



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Which 'Business Bulls**t' phrases annoy you the most?

It is true, frightful idioms have entered into our corporate conversations faster than you can circle back. Do you have any to share?

The CIA secret to cybersecurity that no one seems to get

The system is broken. It isn’t keeping us, our companies, or our government safe. Worse yet, no one seems to know how to fix it. Read more



8 non-tech skills IT pros need to succeed

These "soft skills" can make a tremendous difference in building a successful career.

Build, deploy and provision your cloud with 1 tool.
Meet the new
HPE Helion CloudSystem 10

Get to know the solution and take the first step to the full potential of cloud.



Delivering on the composable infrastructure vision

Intelligent. Intuitive. Dynamic. Learn more about the real business value for a smooth customer transformation. Learn more

3 questions that will give you instant clarity on your work priorities

Here is how to leverage each other’s strengths to make the collective load lighter and bring new clarity to what truly deserves priority. You got this!

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The path to self-disruption: 9 steps of a digital transformation journey

Journeys demand roadmaps, and execution requires deadlines. Build these attributes into your digital business model to gain critical advantage in the connected world. Find Out How



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What the heck is 160516?

160516. It is a NonStop date routine bug that lay dormant for over thirty years. Just after midnight on Friday, May 13th, a NonStop customer alerted vendors that the bug would abend payment-processing applications on Monday, May 16th. Only one line of faulty code was the culprit. Learn more

DevOps done right, the first time

In today’s fast-paced economy, DevOps will not only be the preferred means of pushing new services to users, it will be the only way. Read more



eBook: Top 10 reasons to move to composable infrastructure

Download the comprehensive composable infrastructure ebook here.

WEBINAR: Peace of Mind in the Cloud:
Securing Email Migration to Office 365

Register today! Gain insights on steps for Office 365 migration and how end-to-end e-mail encryption can give you peace of mind in the cloud.  July 26, 2016
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Slim down for summer using the virtualization diet ?

No gym time required! Discover how you can improve performance and efficiently scale capacity to run your largest workloads with HPE Flex Solutions for Hyper-V

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Watch On Demand: Missed the HPE Discover action?

Catch up now on key sessions and interviews here.

Taking the Internet of Things to a new level with 5 big advancements

HPE is introducing the industry’s first converged system for IoT,- robust analytics platform to deliver IoT insights and machine learning at the edge. Learn how to get ahead of the curve.






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Exceeding Your NonStop Security Needs 

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911 systems are failing too often

“911” is the nationwide U.S. emergency number that immediately will get assistance for a caller in crisis. Yet a Google search of “911 failures” yields far too many real-life breakdowns of what should be a mission-critical service.
Learn more

Top skills for today’s DevOps Professional

Knowing what employers want and growing your skillsbase accordingly is what can set you apart from other DevOps professionals. Here’s how to keep business moving forward and your demand high! 

Classic career books successful people will always read

Here’s a roundup of six old-school career books. Yes, your parents may have read them, too; but the advice is so legendary—and useful—they’re still worth downloading today.
Add them to your summer reading list! 

  7 steps to mastering your hybrid IT transformation

Why are some organizations not seeing investment payoff from cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure? Hint- the answer is not just in the implementation of the tools and technologies. Learn more




Are you ready to create a digital work place for #GenMobile?
Get started now with the right network design. Take the assessment here.
How SMBs can punch above their weight in the new economy
The question is, how can SMBs get on board, where should they start, and what should their strategy be to ensure they are making the most of the opportunities before them? Find out how

Mobility leaders benefit significantly over laggards  
Reap the benefits of investing in mobile-optimization technologies. Your bottom-line and your employees will thank you. Learn more



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Are you a true guardian of your customers’ privacy?  
These 7 best practices can safeguard customer privacy and security data in the age of a digitally connected customer. Here is how.

The Dawn of Fault-Tolerant Computing  
In 1980, Availability Digest Mng Ed Dr. Bill Highleyman wrote several Computerworld articles that described the emerging technology of fault tolerance. Times have changed in 36 years, and Dr. Bill revisits the architectures being promoted way back when.
Read more

Hybrid Infrastructure: Are you DIY or “Git’r Done”?  
With IT resources spread thin and the need for “on-demand” IT to compete, hybrid infrastructures are the natural next step. Here’s how to do it, no matter your approach.

Customer Training Tracks at HPE Discover? Yes.  
Get HPE Education Services customer training FREE at HPE Discover. To enroll in these sessions, available on 3PAR, Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy with HPE OneView, and high availability on Linux build your agenda now.

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