Be the speed hero: turbocharge IT with hybrid infrastructure

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the need for infrastructure that’s speedier and more maneuverable. Here is how to kick on the afterburners and deliver change at the speed of your business.

FREE Session: IoT Fundamentals & Examples of Business Transformation

This online course is based on an acronym-free, vendor-neutral, five-point framework created by Dr. Timothy Chou (Lecturer at Stanford University), and explains the fundamentals for creating an Enterprise IoT plan and strategy.

9 enterprise tech trends for
2017 and beyond

The swirl of new enterprise tech settled a bit in 2016, leaving a clear framework for the future -- and a handful of new tech trends to bet on.

The 10 biggest security stories of 2016

New issues around the election, public-private tug of wars over encryption technologies and major attacks brought security even further into the forefront than in years past. Take a look back.


Complete NonStop Security

Exceeding Your NonStop Security Needs

While Discover 2016 London has ended, valuable content awaits online

Perhaps you were unable to attend, or you attended but want to replay a session or two - browse the library of live stream replays and digital sessions at your leisure.

WATCH:  HPE unveils prototype
of “The Machine”

How is Hewlett Packard Enterprise reinventing the fundamental architecture on which all computers have been built for the past 60 years? Watch HPE demonstrate the world’s first Memory-Driven Computing architecture.

Controlling Amtrak trains in the Northeast Corridor

In the 1990s, custom software house The Sombers Group was awarded a USD $1 million dollar contract by Amtrak to develop a Tandem-based train control system along the Northeast Corridor from Washington, D.C. to Boston.  “Controlling Amtrak Trains in the NE Corridor” highlights the project’s challenges and successes.

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10 IoT takeaways from HPE's Discover conference that partners need to know

Learn how the enhanced IoT solutions unveiled will bring economic growth to the channel.

Finding Education Services
at Discover London

HPE Discover was jammed with content and customer training at this year’s London event. Our free customer training tracks were over-booked and well attended, with over 200 people benefitting from the experience.
Visit our new events page to see what we featured from 2016, download resources, and take a look ahead to 2017.