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Ahead of Discover, I had storage news on my blog and I wanted to share it with you.  In this article – as is always the case when there’s a lot to talk about – I’ll just cover the news at a high level and then I’ll give you links to follow-up blog posts I had on ATSB from some of my experts. The news is centered on updates to the flash portfolio and data protection solutions to help customers as you continue your journey toward the all-flash data center.

The announcement includes:

  • A more powerful 3PAR all-flash array, the 3PAR StoreServ 9450 all-flash and updates to the 3PAR 20000 Series
  • Availability of Nimble Storage primary and new secondary flash arrays via HPE and HPE channel partners
  • New fifth generation of the HPE MSA Storage with the MSA 2050 and MSA 2052
  • High-speed, cloud-connected StoreOnce CloudBank

I have a YouTube video that is an overview of all the news so if you like watching and listening more than reading, check it out.

So let me address each of these briefly.

Updates to the 3PAR family

I’m excited to have the 3PAR StoreServ 9450 all-flash added to the 3PAR family. It is redefining midrange expectations with greater performance and scale.  With the 9450,

  • Get the most out of your apps and data with a major horsepower boost, with a 70% increase in performance in the midrange with up to 1.8 Million IOPS
  • The 9450 has 2X the capacity with 6PB  and 3X the connectivity for the midrange

The 20000 Series is also getting an update. New controller nodes increase performance by 15% over current 20000 and increased rack density with 288 SSDs per rack, 100% more than current 20000.

And this is the same 3PAR family that is #1 in Gartner Critical Capabilities and the SPC price performance leader. And the entire current 3PAR 8000, 9000, and 20000 are Storage Class Memory and NVMe Ready.  Check out my new 3PAR family ChalkTalk.

Nimble Storage via HPE and HPE Partners

I’ve spent a lot of time since we closed the Nimble acquisition getting to know the products and employees at Nimble.  I couldn’t be more excited.  Nimble storage flash arrays are cloud-ready and powered by predictive analytics called InfoSight.  And we have moved very quickly to make several Nimble Flash Arrays available through HPE and HPE partners. The AF1000 All-Flash Array and the CS1000 and CS1000H Adaptive Flash Array along with the Secondary Flash Arrays that I talked about last week are available from HPE. Here’s a ChalkTalk I did to introduce you to Nimble Storage.

Fifth Generation of the MSA

Over its history, we’ve shipped over 500,000 MSA arrays.  And it has been the leading entry Fibre Channel Array for 8 consecutive years. For those of you that thought the MSA was going away, have I got a surprise for you.  How about double the performance for the same cost as the current MSA. 

The MSA 2052 is a Hybrid Flash Array while the MSA 2050 is hybrid ready.  The difference here is some bundling. They use the same controller but The MSA 2052 comes with 2 800GB SSDs and Advanced Data Services licensing plus 512 snapshots and remote snaps. The MSA 2050 does not come bundled with SSDs but does include the Advanced Data Services except for performance tiering.  It also does not include the 512 snapshots or remote snaps but you can add any of that in the future for a nominal cost.

The fifth generation MSA controllers have faster processors, more memory and more performance.  The result is that the maximum random IOPS is now 2X more than what it was with the MSA 2040. Check out my ChalkTalk for more.

StoreOnce CloudBank

StoreOnce CloudBank elevates protection and retention to a new tier using low-cost object storage.  Here’s a summary:

  • Lower cost of long term protection with AWS, Azure, or on-premises object storage
    Optimize bandwidth usage via federated deduplication while object interface enables multi-cloud support
  • Instantly cloud-enable your backup ISV including flash-optimized protection for 3PAR
    Supports backup ISVs like Veritas NBU, Data Protector, etc. along with RMC apps for flash optimized protection
  • Enable more flexibility and control from disaster recovery to long term retention
    Use existing policies, support multi-cloud destinations, and restore CloudBank stores to any on or off-prem store

Check out my CloudBank ChalkTalk.

And still more….

A few weeks ago at VeeamON (Veeam’s event in New Orleans), I slipped some of the news out early since it was related to Veeam integration.  Check out the post I did talking about integration we now have with Recovery Manager Central and Veeam Explorer. It allows granular recovery of Exchange, Active Directory, SQL and Oracle. That post had a demo I did and it explains it all.

And lastly at VeeamON we announced the Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array or SFA. The SFA enables you to put your backup data to work. It effectively combines flash performance with built-in in-line deduplication and compression to get the most out of your capacity. The SFA is designed for customers who want to be able to run real workloads on their secondary storage. I have a ChalkTalk that talks about it so check that out.

That’s a lot of blog posts!

So let me conclude with links to all of the deeper dive posts that I have on ATSB. 

Calvin Zito is a 33 year veteran in the IT industry and has worked in storage for 25 years. He’s been a VMware vExpert for 6 years. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, he has blogged for 8 years. You can find his blog at hpe.com/storage/blog

He started his “social persona” as HPStorageGuy, and after the HP separation manages an active community of storage fans on Twitter as @CalvinZito

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