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ROI & Organizational Impact Webinar


Register for our live webinar on the ROI of your legacy applications and the benefits of virtualization

Attend our upcoming webinar on April 19 at 11 AM EST to learn how virtualizing your legacy hardware with Charon solutions will lead your organization to improved ROI.

Panelists Ray LeBrun and Darrell Wright will present an overview of legacy system pain points and the difficulties businesses like yours may encounter as they determine how to move forward with their legacy systems. Learn how your organization can improve the ROI of your legacy systems while also minimizing risks of unplanned downtime by implementing Charon solutions from Stromasys. If you are running VAX, ALPHA, PDP-11, HP 3000 or SPARC systems and are looking for ways to improve the cost strategies and organizational impact of your data center, this webinar is for you. Learn why Stromasys is your best path to a secure and cost-effective data-center.

Space is limited, so be sure to register now!

Earlier Event: April 18
IT-Symposium 2016