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IoT Evolution Expo


The IoT Evolution Expo offers a nuts-and-bolts approach to the Internet of Things; the speeches and panels will, as the event's website put it, help you "understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the driving forces behind improving efficiencies, driving revenue opportunities, and solving business problems across multiple industries and in nearly all business functional areas."

Going beyond that, Reno Ybarra, who attended last year and wrote about it for the Engage PR blog, said it was a "horizontal" rather than a "vertical" conference. Cutting through the PR speak, that means it's better for getting face time with analysts and media, or for mingling and then selling directly to potential customers.

Who should attend? If you're in a buying mood, you'll have the attention of vendors. IT executives, business executives, device manufacturers, transportation companies, supply chain and logistics pros, sensors and embedded systems companies, systems integrators, and developers will all have something to learn and contribute.