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NYTUG - NY/NJ Tandem User Group Meeting


Tuesday, April 30, 2019
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT)

HPE Office Berkeley Heights
200 Connell Drive 
Suite 5000, rooms 586 & 588
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 07922

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8:30 AM

Registration & Breakfast – Sponsored by HPE


8:50 AM

Welcome & Introductions


9:00 AM

Migrating to SQL/MX Workshop
Presenter: Paul Denzinger, HPE

The objectives of this workshop are to present various migration paths from Enscribe or SQL/MP to the latest NonStop DB technology, SQL/MX.  This talk will cover the major differences between both Enscribe and SQL/MP, and SQL/MX, and highlight activities required for the various migration paths.  Additionally, it will cover the latest features of SQL/MX and explain how they can be used.


10:00 AM

Morning Break - Sponsored by CAIL


10:10 AM

Migrating to SQL/MX Workshop - Continued
Presenter: Paul Denzinger


11:30 AM

SQL Express and DB Management
Presenter: Rob Lesan, Xypro

Your database staff working hard! It might be better for them if they had a toolbox that could help them address and/or reduce the volume of requests they manage on regular basis. SQLXPress is an easy-to-use Windows based Graphical User Interface for comprehensive management of HPE NonStop SQL databases.  Its sole purpose is to enhance the effectiveness if your database team.


12:00 PM

Lunch Break - Sponsored by Xypro and OmniPayments


1:00 PM

Expanding NonStop opportunities
Presenter: Ron Thompson, CAIL

This session will focus on Aligning Applications and Platforms, a great strategy to Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop.


1:30 PM

HPE Shadowbase Update and Enterprise Use Cases
Presenter: Paden Holenstein. Gravic

We describe newly released and upcoming features in the HPE Shadowbase data replication product, the new Repair feature in the HPE Shadowbase Compare product; the new Enscribe to SQL SBDDLUTL utility to simplify replicating NonStop Enscribe data to various SQL target environments; support for IBM DB2 as a source; migration from RDF or OGG to HPE Shadowbase; and additional HPE Shadowbase BASE24(tm) feature support. We also describe several common enterprise use case scenarios.


2:00 PM

Multi-Factor Authentication for NonStop servers                   
Presenter: Peter Mehta, CSP

"Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is increasingly becoming one of the more critical security requirements to comply with regulations such as PCI 8.3 and GDPR, as well as providing superior safety measures over easily compromised single password method.


2:30 PM

The Familiar and The New
Presenter: Peter Schvarcz, OmniPayments

This presentation will include the familiar products and architecture that makes OmniPayments a reliable and highly flexible financial solution with the highest availability. Additionally, will cover new capabilities and relationships, such as KYC and Blockchain, our VISA solutions and HPE Services partnership.


3:00 PM

Afternoon Break - Sponsored by comforte


3:15 PM

comforte Update:  General Product Update and EscortSQL
Presenter: Dave Harper, comforte

Will cover general product update, and keeping with the morning workshop theme, will cover the comForté Enscribe to SQL migration product. 


3:45 PM

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using LightWave
Presenter: Gabrielle Guerrera, NuWave

NuWave's customers are constantly thinking about new ways to innovate, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience, all while leveraging their valuable NonStop systems. Learn how to think like these NonStop innovators in this session.


4:15 PM

Future-Proofing NonStop – Staying ahead of the curve 
Presenter: Phil Ly, TIC

The business and technology landscapes continue to change faster and faster.  Failure to explore and adopt new solutions could lead a platform down a path of obsolescence. What are you doing TODAY to ensure that your important NonStop investment will continue to be relevant in the FUTURE?  In this presentation, we will cover some of the important areas that you should pursue NOW to extend and support Nonstop for a relevant future. They include: Interconnect using RESTful API, Integration with Cloud Computing, and Continuous Operation Support.


4:45 PM

Closing Remarks & Prize Drawings


5:00 PM Refreshments & Networking
Delicious Heights
428 Springfield Ave
Berkeley Heights