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5 things tech savvy Millennials expect from employers
While some people hold negative associations when it comes to Millennials, the truth is, they’re the future of the labor force.

Is your network aware of your infrastructure?
It should be. In the data center, the need for situational awareness is critical.

How small business owners can reclaim their time
Time is a precious and limited resource. Your future self will thank you.

HPE’s Spaceborne computer survives a year on ISS
In August 2017, SpaceX delivered an HPE supercomputer to the International Space Station. The effort was part of a year-long NASA experiment to determine whether a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system could operate within such a harsh environment for a year, roughly the time it takes to travel from Earth to Mars. The verdict? An unmitigated success!

5 ways to get results when your business goes multicloud
If perfection is out of stock, excellence is still available.

4 ways to prepare for the next wave of digital transformation
The next wave of transformation will be wide, not deep. Ready?

Racing to zero trust: 4 key principles
Trust nothing, always verify. Grant no access without explicit permission. These mantras are the heart of the zero trust framework.

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Software-Defined & Cloud

The 2019 has certainly kicked in, and February 4th marked the day where HPE released a new update of HPE OneView, the industry’s leading infrastructure management platform. This particular 4.2 release continues to provide new features to make it easier for customers to transforms their servers, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure. By doing so eliminates a lot of the daily manual processes IT has to maintain, It helps spurs IT collaboration across different teams, and it increases the speed and flexibility of service delivery. If you are not already using HPE OneView or the corresponding Global Dashboard, I encourage you to check them out on this site. Also I have included two blogs, one that describes all the features in the new HPE OneView 4.2 release and the other is a thought leadership article on the value HPE OneView can provide in your data center.

What’s New with HPE OneView? Bring more composability to your data center.

How to leverage the greatest minds in the world in your own data center


HPE NonStop News

Save The Date!

Mark your calendars for the 2019 NonStop TBC on November 3 - 6, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency SFO hotel in Burlingame, CA. 

NonStop TBC 2018 Presentation Downloads are here!

Many of the breakout sessions from the 2018 NonStop TBC are available for free download.
Get them online here, and don't forget to complete the 2018 conference survey.

HPE Technology Partner, XYPRO, secures fault-tolerant payment infrastructure

XYPRO security software is an integral part of every HPE NonStop system, included in the HPE NonStop operating system. These include XYPRO’s XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) and XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) products— both fundamental to every NonStop customer’s security needs. For example, XUA brings industry-standard, secure authentication to the NonStop environment, and XMA enables the NonStop platform to deliver cutting-edge data logging and real-time alerting mechanisms based on user activity.

Companies with mission-critical business requirements have put their trust in HPE NonStop and XYPRO security solutions for decades. In one example, a leading Japanese enterprise relies on HPE NonStop servers to process millions of payment transactions every day for its customers purchasing products and services.

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Does Tape Still Have a Place in my Backup Strategy?

Yes, it does! Read this very enlightening article written by Nik Rawlinson:

Nik discusses the multiple advantages Tape Media has when compared to Cloud and Disk data backup. In addition, he details the cost advantages of Tape, as well as the very important security aspects of removable media.  Take a few moments, see if you don’t agree with Nik’s conclusions.

And remember, Tributary Systems is the OEM supplier of LTO Tape devices for direct connection to NonStop Servers, as well as all Media Management NonStop Host based software. Check out our website at for complete details on current LTO tape and tape automation products.

Learn more

Compliance Issues When Transitioning to a Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Companies moving to a hybrid infrastructure for data centers face many complex challenges, especially when it comes to security and compliance requirements, so collaboration and preparation are key elements in ensuring a smooth transition.

Hybrid architectures can be supported by integrated solutions that create a seamless environment between existing infrastructure resources and newer cloud deployments.

Solutions such as CSP' Protect-X® allow organizations to regulate workloads and user access to fully support security, governance and compliance requirements.

The Time for Innovation is Now - Read the full article at

CSP - Compliance at your Fingertips™

For more information on CSP solutions visit

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit

We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security ®


The CSP Team                 

+1(905) 568 - 8900

Back in 1995 an engineer working for Tandem had a vision. He wanted to port open-source to NonStop servers. With that idea in mind, our founder and CEO founded Opsol Integrators Inc. Opsol’s software has resulted in the largest NonStop implementation – a total of approximately 3,000 NonStop cpus. Opsol would later become what is known today as OmniPayments with a focus on the modern payment technologies. Before we knew it is our our 24th birthday.  What started as a small idea has grown into a company with clients in the banking and retail industries and a family of many employees in countries that include the United States, Latin America, India and Europe. We are excited to see what the next 24 years will bring! 

Best in class connectivity solutions

Connecting people and systems

In today’s world, everyone and everything is connected. Your organization’s ability to grow its business and be more productive can be impacted by outdated technology. If you’re still using green screens, manually typing in commands across multiple system or using legacy network hardware that’s not supported anymore, then you have a great opportunity to significantly improve your company’s performance in all these areas.

Whether it is connecting people to HPE NonStop systems or connecting NonStop systems to other platforms like IBM mainframe, addressing these requirements will make a difference:

  • Improve user activity by using a robust, modern interface for NonStop operations to increase staff productivity, promote self-sufficiency, and reduce the learning curve

  • Eliminate dependency on green screens by extending proven applications with a platform-independent graphical user interface. Improve usability and reduce errors and response time with no impact to your business.

  • Modernize connections to IBM mainframe servers by updating communication between HPE NonStop systems and IBM mainframe servers. Migrate seamlessly and transparently, with lower risk to applications

  • Securely connect to HPE NonStop systems by using the market-leading terminal emulator MR-Win6530, which is featured as the standard emulator on the HPE NonStop console

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Welcome to the NonStop Academy!

NonStop Academy, HPE Education and HPE NonStop are pleased to re-introduce our popular
technical customer call series. These webinars are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month and are intended for technical NonStop engineers across the globe.

This free 1 hour technical session will be delivered by John Vollers (HPE Sr. Solution Architect)
John will discuss key elements around migrating from NonStop Itanium to NonStop x86 servers and will address important architectural aspects of the various NonStop x86 Servers, including the NS2, NS3, NS7 and Virtualized NonStop Server.

The presentation will also cover application migration, including non-native code compatibility, accelerated code and native C/C++. TAL/pTAL and Cobol compiling.

You will also have the ability to ask questions during the session.

Please register by clicking the link below and entering your name and email address.
You will be confirmed a seat and receive a calendar invite along with a link to join the session.
You will also have a chance to test your browser connectivity.
For those who can’t attend live sessions, we’ll provide a recording shortly after each presentation in the Technical Webinar archives on

- We will be using GoToWebinar.

Are you ready to migrate to NonStop X?
February 20, 2019  -  9am US Pacific / 12pm US Eastern / GMT-5

Check out NuWave's new short clips and demos on the NuWave YouTube channel!

Ascert Releases Visa-Confirmed Driver

For companies that want to do pre-certification testing for Visa transactions, Ascert has released the latest version of its Visa Test Driver.

The VersaTest Visa Driver is now listed by Visa as a validated ADVT Online Host simulator and has been tested to ensure that it conforms to the most recent set of Visa specifications. This can be an extreme time saver in pre-certification or ongoing system testing.

"This provides additional certainty for our customers when simulating and testing Visa transactions that their systems are operating accurately."

“We are very pleased that Visa has officially confirmed the capabilities of our latest Visa driver,” said Mike Wainwright, Business Development Director, Ascert UK. “This provides additional certainty for our customers when simulating and testing Visa transactions that their systems are operating accurately.”

Companies using the Visa Driver have their choice of an on-premise solution, or a subscription to the popular cloud-based testing system, Ascertified ( A growing number of companies have created a hybrid of both test options, thereby increasing flexibility for both internal users and external partners.

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Holistic Monitoring

Hybrid IT and Analytics

Multiple components such as the above, consists of a wide variety of data, alerts, processes, storage, networks and to be able to monitor these multiple systems simultaneously is very difficult.

Try to imagine how the data flow occurs through one of more of these platforms. Very difficult to conceptualise, more so, extremely difficult, if impossible to monitor these multiple systems via a single interface.

When we think about the enterprise, including hybrid solutions and the cloud, we possibly think about IBM, HPE NonStop, AWS, Azure, Linux, with data moving intranational and internationally. This data is transacted and stored in real-time, making it immediately available for reviewing, analysing, calculating and based on this, whether SLAs are being met; particularly important in the finance industry.

It’s preferable to be able to view and determine how healthy your infrastructure and hybrid systems are – ideally, all via a single pane of glass. This is where Sentra comes in – the holistic solution to monitoring the Enterprise and the Cloud.

Further details are available on our website:

You can follow Insider Technologies on Twitter @insidertech, on LinkedIn, or contact us via

NonStop Operation Support Tools

An efficient Operation Support team is a critical backbone of a NonStop production system. After all, this is the group that works hard to keep the system running smoothly. An experienced and knowledgeable team can contribute to the reliability of important applications, just as much as the underlying NonStop hardware and Guardian operating system. Our TIC blogs and  webinar this month focus on the topic of providing the right tools to help the support team get the job done more effectively.

Blog – GUI TOP helps you remember 
Blog – Monitoring OSS logs easily

For more information about TOP or LogWatch, please contact or visit our website


Lusis Payments is committed to providing our clients with helpful information to remain ahead of the curve on topics such as new compliance requirements or guidelines in the payments industry. The following is a brief summary of the new security requirements that were introduced by PCI-PIN V3 that merges requirements from the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SCC) and the Accredited Standards Committee X9 Inc (ASC X9) to create one unified PIN Security Standard for payments stakeholders.  There are two evolutions that have emerged from the standards that will introduce a massive change in ATM and POS remote key management.  They are ASC X9 TR-31 and TR-34.


X9 TR-31

TR-31 is a Technical Report. Technical Reports are different from standards, which are mandatory sets of rules that must be adhered to. Technical Reports are not mandatory but do provide guidance to those who are implementing the standards. TR-31 is a method that is consistent with the requirements of the ANS X9.24-1 standard for the secure exchange of keys and other sensitive data between two devices that share a symmetric key exchange. No other specific methods have been defined by the standards committee, therefore the TR-31 method has become the adopted standard through which financial organizations will exchange keys. The TR-31 key block has a set of defined key rules.

Read the complete paper

2019 SunTUG Sunshine Summit Golf Tournament
SunTUG/Connect Florida

Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM (EST)
Lutz, FL

More info
Register here

Save the Date!

European NonStop Technical Boot Camp

13-15 MAY 2019

Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh

Special early bird registration now open


HPE Education Services News

HPE Education Services for Hybrid IT Solutions

Hybrid IT technologies include cloud along with advanced server, storage and network technology. HPE provides a holistic approach to help your teams to develop strong skill sets in Hybrid IT, to make use of technology to its maximum benefit for better business outcomes and to stay competitive in an ever-changing technical world.

Our Hybrid IT Solutions courses are popular with hands-on technical administrators and developers, as well as business people who need to become more familiar with Hybrid IT concepts and management strategies. Select from our market-leading Hybrid IT course offerings here.


The HPE ITIL 4 Foundation training will be available in February 2019

Take this opportunity to hear the ITIL 4 Lead Architect from AXELOS explain the latest on ITIL 4, ITIL 4 certification scheme and transition plans for migrating from ITIL v3 certification to ITIL 4. This webinar is introduced by WW Education Services and the majority of the time is given to the ITIL 4 Lead Architect from AXELOS then a few minutes on training with HPE followed by Q&A with the Lead architect. select ITIL 4 - The Future of IT Service Management.


The HPE ITIL 4 Foundation training will be available in February 2019. The exam will be released by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS on February 28, 2019.

Register your interest to guarantee your place in the HPE ITIL 4 Foundation Training
View the preliminary ITIL 4 Foundation datasheet


Mission Critical x86 News

New podcast – Strengthen SAP HANA security with HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL)

Security is a costly issue for every digital business – so, what if you could reduce security compliance deployment time from days to minutes, including on SAP HANA servers? And what if you could strengthen your protection against costly data breaches at the same time? HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL) can deliver these benefits and more on HPE servers – and in our latest podcast, HPE’s Leo Demers explains common challenges and how WASL solves them.

Listen now

New solutions: Boost the power of Oracle

If Oracle® database is critical to your business, there’s a better way to meet your growing performance demands and reduce both licensing costs and management complexity.

With our latest Oracle solutions, you can achieve 30-50% more speed with the latest Intel Xeon processors, reduce license costs by up to 50%, and benefit from 100x faster analytics with in-memory compute. Click below for more on how these solutions quickly pay for themselves.

HPE Oracle solutions

New blog: Get the real story on “data repatriation” and evolving cloud attitudes

Some tech forecasts have shown businesses moving data out of public cloud, sparking talk of a “data repatriation” trend in 2019. But the reality is more complex. Many companies are now flowing data two ways between public and private infrastructure. And many who are repatriating data are actually moving it to hosted private clouds. Click below for the full story.

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Analyst whitepaper –HPE invites developers to play in its memory sandbox – by 451 Research

451’s Daniel Bizo recently published a report on HPE’s Memory-Driven Computing and its memory sandbox based on HPE Superdome Flex servers. Taking advantage of shared memory is the next “big thing” especially given the emphasis on data and insights. Read this whitepaper to get 451´s view on HPE’s Memory-Driven Computing innovation agenda.

Download the whitepaper