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Connect will be hosting thirty minute Tech Forums in the Connect HPE User Community booth in the Transformation Showcase during the entire week of Discover! Registration for the Connect Tech Forums opens on October 10th.

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SID 16791 Connect Tech Forum: How we work with Aruba…a real world example
Steve Davidek, City of Sparks, Nevada

Learn how the City of Sparks in Nevada replaced its Wi-Fi system using networking products from Aruba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to create a mobile workplace for City Hall employees. Hear how we upgraded all switches to ArubaOS and used Layer 3 routing to replace older firewalls, how we interface with other agencies and the state of Nevada and how we are using Aruba ClearPass to enhance security. Learn about our plans to use Aruba Beacons for an outdoor “beacon” mapping system at our major Softball Regional Park to get players and spectators to the right field. Stay after the session for an informal roundtable with HPE and Aruba Networking experts.

SID 16793 Connect Tech Forum: We installed HPE Synergy…how it’s going
Steve Davidek, City of Sparks, Nevada

The City of Sparks in Nevada installed two HPE Synergy Frames this past August after a lot of research and planning. We will discuss the good, the bad and not so ugly. HPE Synergy Frames replaced two aging c7000 blade chassis’ that were nearing end of life. We will also talk about our plans to allow the city’s Infrastructure Team to stay ahead of the curve.

SID 16815  Connect Tech Forum: How to make the most of your 3PAR storage investment with file services and virtualization
Speaker: Dr. Heinz-Hermann Adam, University of Münster
Calvin Zito, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

 At this session, you will learn how University of Münster gets the most value from HPE 3PAR StoreServ for file services and virtualization. You will receive an overview of implementation and leveraged technologies, as well as future options. Find out how University of Münster utilizes HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence Software in a multi-tier storage strategy to deliver file services via the HPE StoreEasy Storage Gateway and virtualization based on VMware vSphere® and Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop®.  Stay after the session for an informal roundtable discussion with HPE’s Storage Guy, Calvin Zito.


SID 16962 Connect Tech Forum: Blockchain and Know Your Customer using R3 Corda and HPE NonStop
Speaker: Yash Kapadia, OmniPayments

Blockchain is the new buzz and everyone wants to join the bandwagon. Blockchain has gained fame because it is the technology that is used in Crypto Currencies. There are several Proof of Concepts but few have made it into production. This session will explore how the technology is implemented to help banks with the Know Your Customer (KYC) problems and regulations.SID 16799 Connect Tech

SID 16810  Connect Tech Forum: How to get the best out of your Software-Defined and Cloud Infrastructure
Gary Stevens, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Connect with the experts and learn how a simplified software-defined experience is sweeping through the data center and how customers are successfully delivering automated and cloud-like experience across their data centers. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your data center infrastructure concerns directly with HPE technologists.  

SID 16795 Connect Tech Forum: We Are Under Attack!
Marty Edelman, Creative System Software

We are all so fully connected that sometimes we forget how much of our lives are lived online. None of us can live without the Internet or our connected gadgets. The convenience of having a small computer in our pocket is unmeasurable. Kids born in the last 30 years don’t know what a set of encyclopedias is. All this knowledge and access has a downside that you can’t ignore which is the security implications of living on the web. To ensure that we are protecting our customer data, a data-centric approach is required. This talk will discuss the various regulations and how companies must change the way they protect data. Stay after the session for a roundtable discussion on enterprise security with Rob Lesan from XYPRO.

SID 16796 Connect Tech Forum: Privacy Regulations are changing - do you understand what your organisation needs to do?
Sue Robinson, Aspen Insurance (UK)

NYDFS, GDPR & PIPA are some of the emerging privacy regulations that are challenging the status quo of business. Hear how a global insurance company began their journey of privacy compliance for their customers, and how these changes impacted the way they do business. Learn what have they been able to achieve so far, and how they were they able to leverage their protection options from existing technology solutions.

SID 16797 Connect Tech Forum: The Hackers are Coming- What are you doing about it?
Warren Poschman, comForte

Hear Data Protection Use Cases from companies who are greatly concerned about reducing their risk of a data breach and want to reduce their compliance scope. Understand how they are using security tokenization to reduce and remove sensitive data from their systems, and the options in place that allow companies to extend security tokenization from on-premise locations to hybrid infrastructures and to cloud deployments.

SID 16812  Connect Tech Forum: Hyperconverged – what’s the real story behind the hype
Thomas Goepel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Join this interactive session and hear how HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure has been designed and optimized to run virtualized workloads that can streamline IT costs and operations, increase agility and time to production, prevent data loss and maximize uptime. Talk directly to HPE technologists to understand how you can radically transform your IT environment by uniting HPE SimpliVity advanced data services with the world’s most secure server.

SID 16799 Connect Tech Forum: How and why customers are modernizing their UNIX infrastructure
Jeff Kyle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Shall I stay or shall I go? What questions should you ask when considering the next move for your HP-UX environment? Explore the benefits of transitioning to the HPE Integrity i6 generation of servers, the great performance and TCO benefits of the NVMe 3D XPoint integration and the future possibility of running HP-UX in containers on x86. Learn through customer case studies how customers are gaining value from modernizing their UNIX infrastructure.

SID 16811  Connect Tech Forum: The DevOps movement – how software is eating the world
Said Syed, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Interact with HPE’s new open-source community advocates and learn how they are supporting developers to create innovative solutions to complex problems by collaborating with like-minded coders. Learn how HPE is enabling thousands of developers co-develop solutions using open-source software, DevOps and ITOps tools to better meet customer needs and allowing them to build improved integrations with software to deliver a more intimate and uninterrupted product workflow.

SID 16813  Connect Tech Forum: Composing and managing workload across multiple clouds? Here’s how to find the best resources to help you
Mike Flaum, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We introduced HPE OneSphere at HPE Discover Las Vegas earlier in June. Now get the chance to learn how to become a real hero by deploying, managing and optimizing your multi-cloud environment.  Join this interactive session with HPE experts while they provide technical summary of HPE OneSphere.

SID 16801  Connect Tech Forum: Delivering Business continuity for vital applications – Best practices
Mark Pollans, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

When it comes to enabling application availability and preventing loss from system or data center failures, some organizations might be operating with outdated ideas of what really needs to be "always on".  What is the impact to your business if your customer-facing applications or collaboration systems become unavailable? 

95% of enterprises have experienced at least one unplanned data center outage in the past 2 years.  There are ways to mitigate these risks.  Attend this talk to get practical ideas on how to survive data center disasters.

SID 16803  Connect Tech Forum: Advancing NonStop systems in the age of disruption
Jeff Kyle and Mark Pollans, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Worried about how to deploy your mission-critical applications in a hybrid IT model? Thinking about Blockchain? Attend this session and learn how the most available x86 server in the world, NonStop X, is evolving for  Hybrid IT environments. You now have the choice to deploy NonStop on-premise or in the cloud and expect the same level of fault-tolerance that NonStop systems are known for. Also, explore how NonStop can help in your blockchain journey with the enterprise-grade Mission-Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solution.

SID 16808  Connect Tech Forum: Digital, global, connected - how work life is changing!
Hans Bestebreurtje, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Education

Digitization pushes work into the next era - and people have to cope with it. In the context of a globalized and connected world with high pressure on flexibility, speed and innovation what needs to happen so that the workforce can contribute to the organizational or enterprise success and at the same time benefit from the changes? Many aspects have to be considered; processes, culture, leadership and collaboration have to be taken into account. HPE can support you and your workforce and lead you through these transformations.