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HPE Education Services presents: Management of Change Services – IDC explains why MoC is a critical success factor for any transformation journey


Transformation projects always include a human element; with change there is an impact to people – and people need to be prepared and supported through-out transformations to ensure that businesses obtain the expected results. As IDC says, nothing is as damaging to a transformation project as asking people to do tasks for which they are unprepared. Want to hear more?

Watch this video where Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, Project-Based Services Research at IDC explains why Management of Change is a critical success factor for every transformation project. This video is the first of several, in which Cushing explains the critical role of MoC, why it is more urgent now, and who it helps. Want to hear more about our MoC services and how they apply to your transformation projects? Look for an invitation to our upcoming TSC MoC training session later in September.


To see other Management of Change (MoC) materials including brochures, datasheets, and additional videos, see:


What types of transformations are critical for IT teams and organizations now?

What drives the business drives the technology, and organizations now are focused on serving their customers with better services. For some teams, this means applying technology to delivering new and better experiences for their customers with tools like apps, better data and information, and new technology-enabled engagement. For other teams, this means serving their internal customers with better agility, scalability and efficiency.


In all cases, our customers are transforming to hybrid infrastructure. HPE Education Services has geared up to help you and your teams make this transition, with:

What about IT process changes like DevOps, IT4IT, and Systems Management?

Yes, IT processes continue to evolve and mature. Here are some opportunities to attend free webinars from our HPE Education Services teams which are coming up in the next few weeks:


Sept 20 free webinar:
Learn about IT4IT (English), the Open Group standard for IT Systems Management
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Sept 29 free webinar:
Learn about DevOps (English)
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Sept 29 free webinar:
Learn about OpenStack (French)
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Sept 30 free webinar:
Learn about DevOps (French)
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