HPE Education Services News

Attend training at HPE Discover Madrid.  HPE Education services are offering the following training sessions:

Next-generation StoreOnce:
Cost-effective intelligent data protection for HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR storage

The recently released next-generation StoreOnce appliance range, in conjunction with HPE Recovery Manager Central 6.0 (RMC), can now protect both HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR-based data. StoreOnce and RMC intelligent storage have been designed to be cloud-ready from the ground up. Learn how to design a secure data protection solution with optional cloud storage for HPE Nimble Storage or HPE 3PAR users. This seminar will also cover the RMC integrated application protection solutions for Oracle, SQL and SAP HANA.

Peter Wightman
Wednesday, Nov 28

Do you want to accelerate the adoption of DevOps across the enterprise?

We have the tools to implement DevOps, but the key change to your organization is both people and culture related. To achieve the fast time to market/value and a stable and secure infrastructure, we need to adopt a collaborative approach; a step up from cooperation. This will need the buy-in of your people, the whole IT department and the business. In just two hours, get hands-on experience with the why and how of DevOps. The output we generate includes the anchors and engines to identify your next steps.

John McDermott
Tuesday, Nov 27

Thursday, Nov 29

Come and meet our Education Expert on the Connect demo and learn more about how work life is changing:

Digital, global, connected - how work life is changing!

Digitization pushes work into the next era - and people have to cope with it. In the context of a globalized and connected world with high pressure on flexibility, speed and innovation what needs to happen so that the workforce can contribute to the organizational or enterprise success and at the same time benefit from the changes? Many aspects have to be considered; processes, culture, leadership and collaboration have to be taken into account. HPE can support you and your workforce and lead you through these transformations.

Hans Bestebreurtje
Wednesday, Nov 28