HPE Education Services News


Attending RSA Conference (#RSAC) in Feb? Don’t miss our HPE CCSK Cloud Security training opportunity!

HPE is at RSA with our Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK) Foundation Course on 12th February at the discounted price of only $695. Our qualified HPE Instructor will lead you through what you need to know, geared towards security professionals and business people alike. Claim your seat now by clicking on TICKETS on the CSA registration page.

Want more information on this key HPE security course? Read our Course Datasheet.


Don’t miss this new storage management course, on HPE Recovery Manager!

We don’t often try to bring attention to individual courses. However, occasionally a ground-breaking new approach comes along and this is such a case. HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software unifies data recovery for HPE 3PAR StoreServ primary storage with HPE StoreOnce systems. Don’t miss our exciting new course which you can find listed at: www.hpe.com/ww/learnstorage

Want more information on this key HPE storage management course? Read our Course Datasheet.


Want to chance to earn HPE digital badges that show your proficiency as an HPE trained technology professional? Stay tuned. It’s coming soon!

As part of our new outreach and rewards program, we have plenty of new training experiences and opportunities coming soon! Throughout the Spring 2017, please stay tuned and check our Training Home page (www.hpe.com/ww/learn) for information. Part of our plan will provide new digital badging so that our students can demonstrate their new proficiencies with HPE technology and vendor-neutral technology concepts, like cloud and DevOps. Talk to us at any event or ask our instructors for more information on the exciting opportunities that we have planned.