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Want to chance to earn HPE digital badges that show your proficiency as an HPE trained technology professional? It’s here in April 2017!

Announcing: HPE introduces a digital badging program to reward our students with HPE-branded badges to recognize their training achievements. Any student completing training since Jan 2016 is being recognized, so if you have taken training with Education Services since that time you could have badges waiting for you.


What badges are being awarded?

HPE is providing an overall program badge, called Peak Performance. We are also awarding badges for courses taken in 6 special technology categories, which are:

  • Cloud
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Security
  • DevOps


Here is an example of how the HPE-branded digital badges look:


These badges are suitable for you to share on social media. We’ve made it easy for you to do this, with “share” buttons directly in the badge interface that connect you to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Where can you find your badges and more information on this program?

Finding your badges is easy. Just visit your “My Profile” page in our registration system. On that page, you’ll see a new Achievements tab with your program points and earned badges.


Want more information on the program itself? Visit our program page, at: www.hpe.com/ww/learnbadges


Need help to find your “My Profile” page? We’ve provided a link directly on the badge program page to make it easy. If you need help to login to your HPE Passport account which is required, you can also Contact Us.


Special badge opportunity for Customer Training sessions offered at Discover 2017!

Coming to Discover 2017? Check out the 10 training sessions available for you to attend, at our HPE Education events page:


Ask about your digital badge for the event.