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Digital Transformation for your business requires digital skills development for your people

As we examined what is required to serve digital natives and millennial workers and to develop digital skills across our customers’ workforce, what stood out is the need for learning at-point-of-need.  To that end HPE launched its new Digital Learner Framework to assist organizations in keeping up with digital skills development.  How? By accelerating the digital maturity of your existing workforce, with better access to more effective learning experiences, complete with guided learner paths, incentives, reporting, mentoring and metrics.  Listen to Kelly Baig, our Digital Program Lead to learn more about how this new Digital Learner program can provide better learning experiences and outcomes, with less cost and disruption for your business.



Looking back at Discover Madrid, 2017

It was great to see so many of you at our Training sessions in Madrid – we hope you collected our unique Discover 2017 lapel pin and do remember to keep an eye out in your Learning Profile for the addition of your Discover 2017 digital badge. We are delighted to say that the training was a huge hit again with you all.  And before we know it, Discover Las Vegas 2018 will be upon us, so here’s your chance to offer suggestions on the training you want to see there.  We can even look at pre-event training to tie in with the event and can offer complete classes.  As our user community we want to make sure we provide the training that you need.  Please do email sarah.lennox@hpe.com with your suggestions. 



Deep Learning….what really is it?  Join HPE at a NVIDIA Deep Learning Workshop

You’ve seen in the news that in today’s digital climate, organizations of every size and industry are both collecting and generating enormous amounts of data that can potentially be used to solve the world’s greatest problems—from national security and fraud detection to scientific breakthroughs and technological advancement.  And you’ve also read that traditional analysis techniques and practices are not capable of rapidly delivering automated, real-time insights from the rising data volumes to the point that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming vital to harnessing the full understanding of scientific and business data.  But you’re left wondering how all this works….So why not join us at our NVIDIA Deep Learning Fundamentals workshop which covers the foundations of deep learning and offers hands-on training in image classification, object detection, and neural network deployment using popular frameworks.  This is a full-day workshop ideal for developers, data and research scientists looking to solve challenging problems with deep learning.  View full schedule here.  For some upcoming events in Europe see below, or if you wish to request a workshop click here.



Reach your Peak Performance in 2018

2017 is drawing to a close…but don’t let that stop you from reaching your Peak Performance.  Throughout 2017 we overhauled our training offerings to meet the needs of our customers and to keep in touch with the constant technology shifts.  From the launch of our new High Performance Compute training to our comprehensive Cyber Security offerings…we like to think we’ve got you covered. Review our training offerings here and let us know what you think. Email: sarah.lennox@hpe.com.