2016 HP-UX Boot Camp

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Presented by Bill Hassell and David Totsch, ServiceIT Direct

A unique all day seminar covering management and productivity for HP-UX systems. Whether you are beginning HP-UX admin or a seasoned veteran, this seminar is for you. 

Some of the many topics covered:

  • HP-UX is here to stay!
  • Centralizing sysadmin tasks
  • Script writing power tips
  • Setting up remote lights-out data centers
  • Handling security audit requirements
  • High speed management tools for multiple platforms
  • How to minimize reboot time and drop unused services
  • Maintaining system documentation files
  • When Good Disks Go Bad
  • Agile Device Files
  • Ignite (for backup/recovery, cloning)
  • Patches?
  • Virtualization - Good or Bad?
  • Network specials
  • HP-UX security options
  • Tools you must have to preserve your sanity
  • HP-UX Performance and Tuning - but  you can't tune a fish
  • Scripting with style and performance


Advances in FS/VM 6.1 + Performance
Speaker: Ravindra Kini, Senior System Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
As next generation Enterprise data centers strive to provide a high level of service for their customers and
 applications, there exists a constant underlying goal to do so at reduced complexity and cost. However, meeting those goals without sacrificing performance or availability has so far been elusive. Advancements in HP-UX File System and Data management solutions provide a full suite of data and application availability tools in a single solution to bring performance, availability, and flexibility to the data center.  Combined with unmatched read and write capabilities, enterprises can achieve better results at a much lower cost than alternatives.

There are 25+ new features that are part of the new 6.1 release.
This session covers new features that are part of the new 6.1 release on HP-UX for following aspects:

  • Scalability, Storage Virtualization, Ease of Use
  • Improvements for better disaster and fault tolerance
  • Performance improvements for scalable infrastructure
  • User friendly features for better data
storeserv all flash array.png

StoreServ All Flash Array And HP-UX
Speaker: Wayne Specht, Technical Marketing Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Have you thought about flash storage for your mission-critical HP-UX environment? Flash storage is not all created equally, especially for Tier 1 enterprise class environments, like those where you deploy HP-UX. Join HPE 3PAR StoreServ expert Wayne Specht where he discusses the why’s and the how’s of the 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash portfolio and its applicability in HP-UX mission-critical environments. This session includes some tips and tricks to tune 3PAR StoreServ for HP-UX. Wayne will also explain how simple 3PAR StoreServ is to use and manage.