2016 HP-UX Boot Camp

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Virtualization for Mission-critical environments
Speaker: Santosh Abraham, HP-UX Kernel Architect , Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Organizations are always exploring ways to take full advantage of their infrastructure – maximizing on the TCO by reducing footprint, power, cooling,… This session provides insight on workload aware virtualization options to optimize infrastructure utilization. Discuss customer use cases for nPar, vPar, Integrity VM, and Containers while highlighting product capabilities. 

Products covered:

  • Virtualization (nPar, vPar, Integrity VM, Containers) 
  • Workload Management 
  • Capacity Management (iCap/TiCAP)

Best practices of HPE Serviceguard deployments for effective Business Continuity
Speaker: Balaji Venkatraman, Serviceguard Expert, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Availability and disaster recovery are defining needs of any Mission Critical deployment. HP Serviceguard solutions provides robust failover clustering and disaster recovery for your mission-critical for HP-UX & Linux workloads. Join us for an overview of all the available offerings with HP Serviceguard solution for HP-UX. 

The session will start with an introduction to the Serviceguard solution stack and its various extensions and easy integration toolkits. This will be followed by an introduction to some of the valuable feature introduced recently. The session will also provide a detailed overview of HP Serviceguard integration with HP Virtualization technologies and various Disaster Recovery solutions(DRS) along with a comparison of how they are positioned. The session will also discuss some best practices for these deployments.  

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Disaster proofing your mission critical workloads (e.g. Oracle, SAP) with HPE Serviceguard
Speaker: Balaji Venkatraman, Serviceguard Expert, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

A good disaster recovery plan is of utmost importance for any Mission Critical Workload. Join us in this session to learn how HP Serviceguard Metrocluster with 3PAR remote copy solutions protects your mission critical application against Disasters and ensures data integrity with its robust failover clustering and tight Integration with replication technologies. 

The session will provide you a deep dive on how various local failures as well as disaster scenarios that can cause site wide failures are handled. You can learn how Serviceguard monitors your application and its replication and in case of failures, automatically manages the failover of your application along with re-establishing replication. The session will also provide best practices on how complex workloads like Oracle RAC and CFS can be deployed.