2016 HP-UX Boot Camp

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HPE Executive Keynote: Protect Your Mission Critical Workloads
Speaker: Jeff Kyle, Director, HPE MCS Product Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
In today’s always-on world, almost everything is critical. Downtime isexpensive. How can you
 protect your mission-critical workloads, and make sure they’reavailable,
 stable and secure, while getting the most from those servers to best run your
 business? Jeff will share how customers are benefitting from the latest
 releases of HP-UX 11i v3 on HPE Integrity servers to best meet their business
 challenges. He will preview exciting enhancements to the platform, show how
 HP-UX/Integrity fits within the HPE Mission-Critical Servers portfolio and provide
 a vision of how we are moving forward with this platform.



HP-UX11i v3: “A Saucerful of Secrets”
Speaker: Leo Demers, HP-UX Planner Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This session could easily have been named “Do you know about this?”.

Lots of new features have been added to HP-UX11i v3 over the years.  Visit this session to learn about some of these great new features as well as some of the “tips & tricks” of using HP-UX11iv3.

For example, do you know about: 

  • Mounting iso images
  • Virtual media
  • Ignite-UX quick start guide
  • Mounting vNull DVD’s on HP Integrity Virtual Machines
  • Creating your own software (SD-UX) depots
  • Logical Servers

Plus many, many, more.

storeserv all flash array.png

Impact of Security
Speaker: Sridhar Bandi, Technical Expert, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

With access to infrastructure becoming pervasive, all organizations are seriously evaluating security threats to their core infrastructure and ways to protect their business. With newer threats, regulatory compliance is evolving. In addition, many vulnerabilities are attributed to unknown access channels created by unaccounted services or applications. 

This session will discuss standard security options and HP-UX differentiators to protect customer business, and how they can be used to address compliance to regulations like PCI and SOX.

Products covered:

  • HP-UX Security Portfolio (Bastille, Host based intrusion Detection System/ IPfilter)
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Keystroke logging
  • Whitelisting Infrastructure
  • Auditing/logging
  • Encrypted Volume and File System
  • Secure shell
  • OpenSSL; latest versions of Opensource tools: Apache, tomcat etc.)  

An introduction to HPE Mission-Critical X86 offerings
Speaker: Jeff Kyle, Director, HPE MCS Product Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Speaker: Leo Demers, HP-UX Planner Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Are you curious what HPE is now offering in the Mission-Critical x86 space?  Have you already started to purchase and deploy such servers? What capabilities that were historically in the Integrity Itanium space are now available on the HPE Mission-Critical x86 systems? What is available from a software perspective on these systems, and which of those capabilities are available from HPE? Come and get an update on what’s happening in this space.


Simplifying Management and Enabling HP-UX as a Full Citizen of Cloud
Speaker: Leo Demers, HP-UX Planner Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Mission critical environments require higher precision in managing system to enable planned activities to be completed in a timely manner with high degrees of accuracy. There have been many outages attributed to operation error. Customers today expect to complete planned activities faster and in most simplistic way. 

Another aspect to consider would be, with mission critical environments demanding highly infrequent maintenance cycles, there are not enough opportunities for a system administrator to hone their skills. Given these scenario, how do we address the manageability needs of today’s business. 

This sessions walks through the tools available to manage the HP-UX system. Also, hear about innovations HPE