2016 HP-UX Boot Camp

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How to setup PuTTY for Unix Systems
Speaker: Bill Hassell, Service IT Direct


Using HP 9000 Containers to virtualize legacy PA-RISC environments on Integrity
Speaker: Patrick Wallek, Critical Systems Software Engineer, Service IT Direct

Do you still have older legacy HP 9000 PA-RISC servers in your data center? Do you wish you could virtualize them to save power, valuable rack space and increase performance?
 I will show you how I used HP 9000 Containers to virtualize 6 legacy PA-RISC based servers, running HP-UX 10.20 and 11.0, onto 3 rx2800i4 servers in a Service Guard cluster. This configuration provides greater reliability, availability, rack space savings, power savings and increased performance over the legacy servers. I will go over the configuration of both the legacy servers and the new servers, including models, disk storage, rack units used and power used to show the saving incurred in all areas. I will also talk about performance improvements seen in the applications and databases after conversion to HP9000 containers.
 I hope to give you an understanding of what HP 9000 containers can accomplish to save you time and money and increase performance and availability.