ITUGLIB, Connect’s NonStop Download Library, is home to contributions of software and documentation from Connect members as well as HPE that can be very helpful in operations of your NonStop systems.  This includes:

  • An Open Source library containing packages ported to the NonStop under an Open Source license

  • A Technical library containing packages, primarily targeted to the Guardian personality, that were contributed to Connect or its predecessor ITUG under a ‘member use only’ license

  • A White Paper library containing documents and presentations targeted to NonStop users.

Lists of the content are available to anyone, and the Open Source content is available for download to all, based on the Open Source licenses.  To open ITUGLIB, simply click on this link.

The ability to download of all the other content on ITUGLIB requires you to login to your Connect account after you open the ITUGLIB page.  You'll find the login link on the top right of the page, underneath the HPE logo.  Just look for the link that reads 'Click here to login to Connect'.

Connect wishes to thank member company OmniPayments, Inc., the current host of ITUGLIB. OmniPayments provides maintenance, power, and bandwidth for the NS2000 NonStop system hosting ITUGLIB for Connect.

Connect's ITUGLIB site is made possible in part by contributions of hardware, software, or services from member companies.  A list of these companies is available on the ITUGLIB site.