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An Exciting Year Ahead!!


A Very Happy New Year to the HP-UX Community!


With this 3rd issue of “HP-UX Connect”, and the first for this year – we would like to acknowledge and thank our readers for their support, reviews, suggestions and love in the past year. Your comments have only helped us get better, and it has been overwhelming to see the response to our efforts.

The year 2017 was of special significance for HP-UX – we released the new line of Integrity i6 servers and also established our vision for the HP-UX platform to continue innovating for our mission-critical customers. As the vision takes shape along with more enhancements to the platform – we will be coming back to you with more news.


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Customer Story: Migrating with benefits


Greaves slashes Total Cost of Ownership with SAP infrastructure upgrade


Based in Mumbai, Greaves Cotton Ltd. is a well-established Indian engineering company, with six manufacturing units throughout the country. To run core ERP functions including financial transactions, production and business intelligence, Greaves runs SAP Enterprise Central Component software on its main IT infrastructure, with Oracle as the database.  


Greaves needed to replace its core IT infrastructure, which was hitting capacity limits and reaching the end of its planned lifecycle. After reviewing proposals from three major IT vendors, the company chose a solution from HPE based on HP-UX and Intel® Itanium® processors and HPE 3PAR storage. The new system is reliable, easy to manage, and has improved performance.


The Solution


HPE Integrity BL860c and BL870c i4 Blade Servers, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200, HP-UX 11i v3 operating environment and HPE TS support services for 5 years with 4 hour response times



The Results


Reduced Power consumption, space and heat by ~30%; overall reducing TCO

Compressed database by 52% and halved the system backup time: from 6 to 3 hours

Ensured reliability of system running mission-critical SAP environment


Read the detailed case-study and solution description for Greaves here.




The HPE HP-UX team is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of OpenStack® for HP-UX. HPE has invested in modernizing Integrity/HP-UX infrastructure manageability with Openstack so that enterprise businesses can use the same open source management software to manage Integrity/HP-UX and other heterogeneous workloads. It is ideal for organizations looking to modernize their infrastructure and move towards a Hybrid cloud paradigm. In combination with world class capabilities provided by the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system, this solution helps create hybrid infrastructure that is agile and cost effective. Two flavors of this product are available – One for HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 and the other for Mitaka OpenStack®. Key highlights of this product are –

Based on industry standard OpenStack® and supports both Integrity bare metal and Virtual Machines

Provision Storage using 3PAR and Flat and vLAN network services

Deploy HP-UX on 3PAR cinder volume       

Onboard existing guests into HPE Helion OpenStack


For more information, please check-out the Product Documentation, and for questions, support or feedback, please contact openstackforhpux@hpe.com



Video of the quarter


Reduce downtime with IO features for Integrity VMs and vPars

This short demo showcases two IO features supported by the vPars and Integrity Virtual Machine products  that eliminate vPar/VM downtime. The first one is the ability to dynamic add and remove storage and networking devices to/from vPars and VMs while they are online. The second feature supports online replacement of IO devices on a Superdome2 servers while the IO device is in use by a vPar or VM that is running on the Superdome2 server.

Watch the video to learn how to benefit from these.

Watch the Video Here




Tech-Tip of the quarter


How to manage various scenarios with the availability of multiple versions of Veritas File System?



Scenario 1 : Media has version N, customer wants to use version N+1


·         Create a customized depot

·         Copy media into a SD depot

·         Delete version N from the depot and copy version N+1 from web or previous media to the depot. This customized depot could be used for cold installation and/or upgrades

·         Alternatively, install/upgrade using the media and then perform the steps for scenario 3


Scenario 2 : Media has version N, customer wants to use version N-1


·         Create a customized depot  

·         Copy media into a SD depot

·         Delete version N from the depot

·         Copy version N-1 from web or previous media to the depot. This customized depot could be used for cold installation and/or upgrades


Scenario 3 : Customer has installed version N; want to change to version N+1


·         Install the version N+1 using swinstall directly.


Scenario 4 : Customer has installed version N; Media has version N+1. Customer does not want to change to version N+1 while upgrading the OS


·         De-select explicitly version N+1 on command line or GUI using update-ux for OS upgradation


Scenario 5 : Customer has mistakenly upgraded to version N while upgrading the OS; they want to change to version N-1


·         The most suitable option is to restore system image  from their archive having version N-1 and then follow Scenario 4 tip for OS upgradation.


For more details, please refer to these whitepapers:

·         Installation of non-default VxFS and VxVM software version on HP-UX 11i v3

·         Installation of VxFS and VxVM 6.1 on HP-UX 11i v3 March 2015 or later OEUR


Silver Screen: News Highlights


Ø  We have received a number of queries from our HP-UX customers about the Side-Channel Analysis Method, or Spectre and Meltdown. Please note that unlike x86 and IBM Power processors, Intel has informed us that Itanium processors are not subject to this vulnerability. There are no updates or patches needed for Itanium or HP-UX. To simplify the task of mitigating risk for other systems, HPE has developed a Customer Guidance Pack. And to help you identify which HPE products are affected, please visit the HPE Vulnerability Website


Ø  Watch the replay of the recently conducted HP-UX integrity customer webinar: Boost Integrity i6 server workload performance  with Flash Storage Options.


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