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How to make hybrid IT simple

The good news is that you don’t have to make an either/or decision in terms of public vs. private cloud. Here’s how to transform to a modern hybrid infrastructure with ease.

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HPE Hyperconverged Survival Guide:
How to navigate the FUD

Learn how to leverage existing infrastructure without ripping and replacing previous investments. Plus you don’t need to worry about added costs for data protection.

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Information overload comes in 3 flavors

Here's how to combat and reduce the overload without going off the grid.

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British Airways downed by fat finger

The global systems crash in May of a British Airways (BA) data center caused over 1,000 flight cancellations. The outage’s cause was a technician who mistakenly turned off the UPS system in BA’s active data center and shut down all the servers. Next, faulty power restoration damaged many storage units, servers, and communication systems. As it turns out, BA had never fully tested the failover capabilities to its backup data center. Surprise!

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Make a strong process culture your competitive advantage

Although it may sound obvious, when an organization has a strong process culture, its focus on continuous improvement becomes part of its cultural bedrock.

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The 3 C’s of the intelligent edge:

Creating smarter buildings, cities, work spaces, retail experiences, and more - start exploring how the Intelligent Edge can yield deeper insights to transform your business.

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Is your SMB ready for the next Industrial Revolution?

Planning for your foreseeable future is critical, and creating a roadmap that starts with small IoT implementations is an essential first step to facilitate your success.

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Small & Midsize Business News

HPE Helps Carta Worldwide Adopt a Hybrid IT Approach

Leader in digital transaction processing and enablement technologies, Carta Worldwide explains why partnering with HPE to deliver hybrid IT and small business virtualization solutions has successfully empowered digital payments throughout the world.

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Flash Storage: The Top 5 Myths and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Small and midsize businesses hesitate to deploy flash-based storage based on misconceptions about the cost and complexity of deployment.  Read this Aberdeen report to find out the truth – lower costs, simplified management and greater agility and flexibility in their IT infrastructures.

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A mobile first network for SMB

Designed for smaller organizations dealing with increasing mobile demands, Aruba Instant Wi-Fi combines superior performance, business grade security with the simplicity of zero-touch deployment.


Switch IT Good

Learn why it’s time to celebrate an unsung hero of IT infrastructure – the switch – and its increasing importance to small and midsize businesses.

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HPE NonStop News

NonStop TBC 2017 - Boot Camp Updates

Early Bird Registration is OPEN for the 2017 NonStop TBC in Burlingame, CA!
Save $300:  Register for just $1295 until September 1st.

NEW HPE technical breakout sessions announced.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop Division has released 12 of their planned breakout sessions for this year's Boot Camp. Check them out here.

Stay tuned for more updates to the breakout session offerings in the coming months. The full schedule will be released after the Call for Papers closes in September.

Call for Papers is Open Until September 1st.
Do you have a technical breakout session you would like to present at this year's NonStop TBC? Learn how and submit your session here.  Selected speakers receive a discount on registration.

A Special Thank You to our Diamond Sponsors!!


Connect Chapter and Special Interest Groups Events 2017

Why not attend a face-to-face meetup?  Chapter and SIG events are updated as we receive them. See the calendar here.

Gravic Publishes New Case Study on How HPE Shadowbase Software Enabling Operational Analytics for Commodity Big Data

Gravic recently published a new case study, HPE Shadowbase Software Enables Operational Analytics for Commodity Big Data. HPE Shadowbase software plays a key role in a quality control system for a major U.S. commodity market by integrating applications to extract meaningful data from a mass of test and product quality data, or big data. The system grades and classifies samples from large batches of the commodity as it arrives from the field, to provide real-time analyses on various performance parameters, including moisture content, tensile strength, color, and quality. This information is also used to price the commodity in the spot markets. Extraction is efficient thanks to a series of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) utilities. The solution has dramatically improved the reporting of the quality metrics for the crop, immediately alarming the users when key parameters are not met, or if the testing equipment goes out of band. It provides for near real-time tactical reporting of crop metrics to the growers (for production analysis), manufacturers (for manufacturing analysis), and markets (for accurate pricing), and provides historical analysis for strategic purposes.


Fast Track Your NonStop Integration with XYGATE and Active Directory

NonStop in the Modern Enterprise

HPE recognized the need for integration of the NonStop server with the rest of the enterprise. To address this evolving requirement, XYPRO and HPE partnered to offer XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) on all HPE Integrity NonStop servers shipped since 2013. XUA enables enterprises to efficiently integrate their NonStop user environment with their Active Directory infrastructure. Other platforms such as Linux, Unix and Windows were already capable of integration with the corporate directory. XUA integration with AD strengthens user authentication on the NonStop and supports enforcement of corporate password policies while reducing the costs of user provisioning and management.

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NSU40 Update

After a worthy start at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose, NSU40 is still going strong, having had its most recent meeting in London at the eBITUG conference. Jimmy Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers, attended the NSU40 meeting in London and stressed, among other things, how NonStop should be presented as a solution and not a technology. It was great advice to a group that is looking for new ways to market the solution to the next generation. The meeting was a success with the entire Board present to take feedback from the room and promote discussion.

Besides the eBITUG meeting and the website going up (www.NSU40.com) several months ago, the group is starting to produce educational videos as a way to modernize the current NonStop educational resources. The first one will be a simple intro to NonStop and is expected to debut over the summer.

Another idea the group is looking into is a NonStop Hackathon as a way to get people outside the NonStop world exposed to NonStop technology, and promote new ideas on the platform. Details of this are in the early stages but expect to see more information very soon.

More news to come at a later time but if you have not done so already, please register at the website, www.NSU40.com, to share ideas on the forum and get on the mailing list!


NuWave is excited to announce the general release of it's latest HPE NonStop middleware solution, LightWave Client. 

LightWave Client is middleware that allows applications running on NonStop servers to securely access REST Web services anywhere, on any platform or operating system.
To learn more about LightWave Client, visit us online or contact sales@nuwavetech.com for more information!


CTUG Update: This year’s theme- “The Modern NonStop as part of the Hybrid Infrastructure”

Registration opens August 14, 2017
Conference: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (Vendor day)
Education Session: Thursday, October 12, 2017


ANNOUNCEMENT: Two DUST meetings scheduled for this year!

September 27, 2017:  Theme - 'NonStop is relevant to modern API's' 
December 12, 2017:   Theme – ‘HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp highlights’

More info coming soon


Save the date! ATUG 2017

Atlanta HPE NonStop User Group Chapter Meeting
September 20, 2017 Atlanta, Ga, Home Depot HQ


Certification & Learning News


Shape your expertise in hybrid infrastructure and Cloud

Lead the transformation of traditional data centers to adaptive, hybrid IT with the Hybrid Infrastructure and Cloud Architect V1 certification

The HPE ASE Hybrid Infrastructure and Cloud Architect V1 certification encompasses a truly hybrid infrastructure learning strategy, uniting Server and Cloud content to enable HPE partners to meet the demands of technology and customers. Whether you are a server or Cloud expert or interested in getting into the field, these skills will enable you to help maximize your company’s investments in HPE solutions and lead data center transformation projects through HPE hybrid infrastructure and cloud solutions.

This certification validates that the you can design, describe, differentiate and demonstrate hybrid data center solutions based on HPE Helion and HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 solutions.

Click here to find out more about the associated exams, pre-requisites and upgrade paths for this certification.


Taking an HPE certification exam just got more convenient!

Online proctored exam option for HPE0 or HPE6 exams

Is travelling to a test center too time-consuming? How about taking your HPE0 or HPE6 exams in the comfort of your own home or office while being monitored by an offsite Pearson VUE proctor?

From now until August 31, 2017, you can enjoy our promotional pricing when you successfully register for an online proctored exam. Note that you will need to meet and accept very specific technical, system, environment and testing protocol requirements, before you can register for an exam.

Watch a Pearson VUE Online Proctored Candidate Experience video and review the requirements here.


IDC talks to HPE Master ASEs about creating business value.

We recently invited Cushing Anderson, vice president with IDC, to have a conversation with seven Master ASE.

As a follow up to the February blog by Cushing Anderson with IDC, we invited him back to talk about the value of certifications. They discussed the role that technology plays in creating business value and the importance of trust in the client-consultant relationship that comes from a rigorous Master ASE certification.

In the article, IDC found that Master ASEs “are confident they build better solutions, solve complex client challenges more quickly, and ultimately help their firms win more business” and that their advanced certifications helped Master ASEs turn “business and technical requirements into an effective solution.” Markus Gruber of Comport Technology Solutions, one of the HPE Master ASEs interviewed, agreed, "I'm better prepared to go in front of my customers, analyze their needs, and propose a solution that will really help them change their business and increase their profitability."

You can read the full article here: IDC Technology Spotlight


Software-Defined & Cloud

Although Discover Vegas is starting to turn into a distant memory, one of the prevailing themes throughout the show was discussions around the use of the public cloud. This is not necessarily a new conversation, but with the advent of recent public cloud outages and unexpected cost increases, many customers who have moved a lot of their workloads to the cloud are pausing and starting to wonder if they have made all the right choices. Clearly the public cloud is very suitable for running many dev, test and production applications. But is it suitable for everything?

I have added some recent blogs that might help you weigh all the pros and cons about when and where to engage with the public cloud. Happy reading!!

Turn the Tables on Your Financial Risk by Moving Out of the Public Cloud

Elvis Has Left the Building. Why Some Are Exiting the Public Cloud

Is your public cloud just burning money?

Chris Purcell has 29+ years of experience working with technology within the datacenter. Currently focused on integrated systems (server, storage, networking and cloud which come wrapped with a complete set of integration consulting and integration services.)

You can find Chris on Twitter as @Chrispman01 and @HPE_ConvergedDI and his contribution to the HPE CI blog at www.hpe.com/info/ciblog


HPE Education Services News


Get a fast start with HPE Gen10 learning with the new HPE Gen10 Fast Start digital badge opportunity!

HPE has introduced a new digital badge for HPE Gen10 to help organize the information that you need to increase your readiness to understand and work with this ground-breaking new server technology. This includes fast access to free learning content and four new eLearning titles specific to Gen10.

To learn more and gain access to the content, see our Featured Badge.

Need facts and figures on the value of training to yourself and others in your organization?

View this 3-min video from IDC, in which Cushing Anderson explains the value of training and why HPE is a better source of training for your organization.



HPE Storage News

News from Around the Storage Block – from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

With all the news around HPE’s server portfolio, I thought I’d share my posts on the new Gen10 portfolio.

I am a storage guy, so I have a few of the recent storage blogs to share.

Calvin Zito is a 33 year veteran in the IT industry and has worked in storage for 25 years. He’s been a VMware vExpert for 6 years. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, he has blogged for 8 years. You can find his blog at hpe.com/storage/blog

He started his “social persona” as HPStorageGuy, and after the HP separation manages an active community of storage fans on Twitter as @CalvinZito

You can also contact him via email at calvin.zito@hpe.com