Mission Critical x86 News


Motech achieves high-speed in-memory computing with SAP HANA on CS500

Motech, the world’s largest manufacturer of solar cells, needed a new platform to deploy SAP HANA. After a series of stringent proof of concept assessments, the solar cell giant decided that HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA Appliance was the best fit. Read this case study to understand how Motech transformed their ERP landscape and reduced accounting check out times from seven days to just one day, while delivering near real-time order-cost analysis and profit analysis reports to speed up the decision-making process for top executives.

Cartu Bank ensures continuous availability of payment services for Georgian businesses with HPE NonStop solutions

With more than 60% of all e-commerce transactions in the Eastern European country of Georgia going through Cartu Bank’s payment switch, you can be sure this bank understands the need for continuous availability. Read the  Case Study to understand how HPE NonStop keeps the Georgian economy running 24x7.

Multipharma moves from IBM Power to Superdome X for HANA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is helping Multipharma as it grows its network of El Ezaby pharmacies by 50%. To empower its data-driven organization, Multipharma migrated from IBM Power to SAP HANA® running on Superdome X. Now, even experiencing significant data increases, the company has enough capacity to handle five years of growth. Watch this video to learn more about the results or go to the HPE Integrity Superdome X page and find out how HPE can benefit your organization.

Investment banking solutions with ActiveViam and Superdome X

If you need to accelerate credit risk analysis and ensure compliance in the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), and other banking regulations, make sure you read this new solution brief, to learn about the powerful combination of ActivePivot running on Superdome X for data analysis on the fly.

Scale up SQL Server environments to new heights

Read this Solution brief to understand how you can take your Microsoft Windows® environment to a new level with the advanced capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server running on the powerful Superdome X.  Windows supports now up to 24TB of memory on Superdome X. If you are already on a journey with Superdome X and SQL Server, check out the new technical whitepaper Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on Superdome X.

HPE Superdome X doubles in-memory capability to 48TB

Meet the most demanding SLA´s for large business processing and data analytics workloads on a standard platform with Superdome X, now supporting twice the amount of memory, up to 48TB of memory.  To learn more, visit www.hpe.com/info/superdomex.

Looking for a cost-effective platform for your mission-critical SAP applications?

Read this TCO analysis brochure  comparing the costs of Superdome X and IBM Power when transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. The results show Superdome X delivers 60% lower TCO than IBM Power when configured for SAP HANA.


Unparalleled scale for real-time analytics with Oracle Database In-Memory

Read this technical whitepaper to learn how Oracle Database 12c In-Memory performs at scale to deliver real-time data analytics.  Certified on Oracle® Linux 7 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, HPE Integrity MC990 X Server is #1 in scale-up capacity for Oracle Database In-Memory, providing four to thirty sockets and 1 to 48 TB of shared memory as a single system.  And it’s unique modular architecture enables organizations to start small and scale up seamlessly as data environments grow, delivering optimum cost-efficiency.