Mission Critical x86 News

Now available: HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA scale-up configurations powered by the latest Intel® Scalable Platform Architecture

The HPE ConvergedSystem 500 scale-up configurations built on the latest Intel Xeon® scalable platform architecture are now available. These are optimized for analytics and S/4HANA workloads, as well as smaller application environments. SAP-certified up to 3 TB of memory, this system provides seamless scalability between 2 and 4 sockets with hundreds of scale-up configurations possible. For more information look at the product page and download the ConvergedSystems for SAP HANA solution brief  


NEW Blog post:  HPE x86 vs. IBM Power: 4 Facts to Consider Before Your SAP HANA Migration

If you’re planning to migrate from SAP® software on IBM Power 5, 6, or 7 system to SAP HANA® or S/4HANA®, you have a unique opportunity to evaluate your right mix and ensure it meets the needs of your business for decades to come. Read this short blog to understand the facts and why HPE is the ideal partner of choice for your SAP HANA deployment.


NEW Blog post: Transform Core Banking: Migrate from IBM Power to HPE Integrity Superdome X

Read this blog post to learn how Addiko Bank added capacity to handle future expansion while reducing costs by 78% and boosting performance by 2.5X by switching from IBM Power to HPE Superdome X.


NEW Brochure: Say “no” to downtime: HPE Serviceguard Disaster Recovery Solutions for Linux

Read this recently published brochure to understand how HPE can help you minimize the risk and cost of downtime with HPE Serviceguard Disaster Recovery Solutions for Linux.