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Higher Oracle performance, smaller cost

In mission-critical Oracle environments, proprietary UNIX® systems like IBM Power often deliver the performance – but not the cost-efficiency that today’s businesses need.

At Bulgaria’s leading telecoms operator, Vivacom, too many resources were being spent on costly IBM Power infrastructure – until they implemented an agile and standard new solution based on HPE Superdome X that delivered cost savings, high availability and incredible performance.

“Everything related to the customer is mission critical. Our use case was about saving money from Oracle licensing. We chose the best, which was HPE Superdome X. “

Svetoslav Nanchev

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New IT insights – Mission critical solutions for SAP HANA and Oracle

Why has HPE become the leading vendor for SAP HANA® infrastructure, with three times as many deployments as the next competitor? And how was HPE able to meet the needs of over 100,000 enterprises running Oracle, including better performance, greater scalability, and reduced complexity? Watch these fascinating conversations with HPE product managers for all the answers!

Watch: IT Insights on Mission Critical SAP HANA

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New blogs – Migrate to SAP HANA and quicken security compliance

The HPE community is home to detailed answers to the challenges your business faces today. In these two new blogs, learn the right questions to ask your SAP HANA® migration partner before you commit. And learn how to shorten security compliance deployment time from days to minutes, including SAP HANA solutions, with HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL).

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Watch – How HPE Serviceguard for Linux protects VMware DLS storage

You might already know how effective HPE® Serviceguard™ for Linux is in providing high availability and disaster recovery in VMware® environments. Now watch how you can enhance VMware even further, with Dynamically Linked Storage (DLS) integration that protects Oracle® storage in an Extended Distance Cluster.

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New whitepaper – Ultimate Oracle flexibility and protection with HPE Nimble Storage

Today’s Oracle® enterprise environments are under constant pressure to meet changing processing and storage needs. And scaling Oracle databases is sometimes a daunting task. When you pair HPE® Superdome Flex™ servers with HPE Nimble Storage arrays, you get proactive management that can rectify issues before they affect uptime. And the 3-2-1 data protection approach on-array Oracle snapshots, AWS backups and more.

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