Mission Critical x86 News

New blog: HPE Superdome Flex: New innovation to empower your data-driven enterprise

HPE Superdome Flex, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum and Gold processors is a compute powerhouse that scales from 4 up to 32 sockets in a single-system and from less than 1TB to 48TB of shared memory for the biggest in-memory databases. Its capabilities fit the full spectrum of x86 mission critical use cases, and it keeps getting better, with recent improvements including:

  • Support for HPE nPars hard partitions

  • New Microsoft Windows®, VMware® and Oracle® Linux™ certifications

  • A wider range of processor and I/O choices

Read the blog to get all the details


HPE Superdome Flex Podcasts now available!

  • Superdome Flex RAS Podcast Listen to this short podcast featuring Anurupa Rajkumari, Superdome Flex RAS expert. She explains some of the unique Superdome Flex RAS features and why they matter.

  • Podcast on Superdome Flex architecture: Listen to this podcast featuring Mike Woodacre, HPE Distinguished Technologist. Mike outlines The Unique Modular Architecture of HPE Superdome Flex: How it works and why it matters.


The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise Video

The Machine project has achieved a lot since it was announced in 2014. We built the world’s largest single-memory computer and sped up real-world algorithms by up to 10,000x. We are excited about using its Memory-Driven Computing architecture to accelerate machine learning, supercomputing, containerized data centers and edge-to-core distributed systems. Listen to HPE experts discuss our plans to power the hypercompetitive future.


NEW Technical Whitepaper: HPE Superdome Flex Server Delivers Leadership 8-Socket Scale-Up Performance for SAP® OLTP and SAP HANA® OLAP Workloads

This paper discusses the performance of the HPE Superdome Flex Server on two important SAP benchmarks:

  1. OLTP traditional ERP workload modelling: two-tier SAP® Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark and

  2. OLAP modern analytics workload modelling: SAP Business Warehouse (BW) edition for SAP HANA® standard application benchmark

These leading results demonstrate that HPE can meet customers wherever they are in their SAP or SAP HANA journey.

To access the whitepaper click here


Incorta: New HPE Superdome Flex solution partner

Incorta’s enterprise analytics platform aggregates complex business data in real-time, augmenting—or bypassing—the need for a traditional data warehouse. Powered by the industry’s first Direct Data MappingTM engine, Incorta provides unprecedented query performance and eliminates costly join operations altogether. Incorta’s powerful software platform allows companies to go from transactional data directly to business analytics at speeds unheard of in the current analytics environment. Incorta reduces from months to days the time required to roll out new analytics applications, and reduces query and reporting times from hours to seconds.