Mission Critical x86 News


Turn critical data into real-time business insights with HPE Superdome Flex

Read this brochure and watch this video to understand how your business can become more competitive by being able to get real-time insights on all of your data. Take advantage of in-memory computing to embrace the possibilities of a world transformed with exponential data growth.


New technical whitepaper: HPE Superdome Flex Architecture and RAS

This recently published technical whitepaper provides an overview of the unique modular architecture and extensive RAS features of the recently introduced HPE Superdome Flex, providing unparalleled scale, flexibility and reliability for in-memory workloads of any size.


Eldorado gains business value from deploying SAP HANA on HPE solutions

Eldorado is one of Russia's largest retailers of consumer electronics and household appliances. Watch this video featuring Alexander Zhuk, from the Eldorado Company and Randy Meyer from HPE to learn more about in-memory solutions and how Eldorado gets business value from deploying SAP HANA on HPE solutions.


Compute innovations drive insights and intelligence to outpace your competition

Digital transformation is fueling the next generation of analytics. Faster real-time insights, more accurate, predictive models and powerful AI can all expand revenues, raise product quality, optimize processes and enrich the customer experience. Listen to Eldorado, Freudenberg IT and the COSMOS group discuss how HPE compute innovations are helping them get more intelligence, faster to realize value. The customers are joined by Randy Meyer and Bill Mannel from HPE.


New IDC Whitepaper: Mission-critical infrastructure for the data-driven enterprise

The role played by modern analytics environments at data-driven enterprises is clear. By leveraging Big Data and Analytics lines of business can analyze massive and growing amounts of data all the way from the digital core to the intelligent edge. Read this IDC white paper to learn about data-driven mission-critical infrastructure predictions and IDC´s point of view on how they believe the HPE Superdome Flex addresses this market’s needs.


On the path to The Machine

Listen to Sharad Singhal and Mike Woodacre from HPE discuss The Machine project and how HPE Superdome X and HPE Superdome Flex mission-critical platforms are helping customers realize the value of in-memory computing today while paving the way for Memory Driven Computing.


Discovering the secrets of the universe with HPE and Memory-Driven Computing

For many years, The United Kingdom’s COSMOS advanced computing facility, founded by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and colleagues, has been researching the origins of the universe. Read this case study to understand how the COSMOS group is transforming terascale data sets into a front row seat to the Big Bang. For breakthrough computing power to run real-time analyses and complex simulations, COSMOS relies on another discovery pioneer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise.