Mission Critical x86 News

Catch the wave of innovation with HPE

Watch this video to learn how companies are realizing value from migrating their IBM Power environments to standards-based HPE mission-critical x86 solutions.


Grifols  - SAP HANA Testimonial video

Grifols is a global healthcare company transforming human plasma into products for medical purposes. Hear about their experience with SAP HANA and HPE solutions in this 2 min video.


Summary of Superdome Flex performance benchmarks:

In case you missed them before, here are links to the performance briefs for Superdome Flex


NEW Serviceguard for Linux Demo Videos

Below are links to six demo videos for Serviceguard for Linux

  • HPE Serviceguard for Linux integration with Oracle ASM mirroring: YouTube
  • HPE Serviceguard for Linux integration with root disk monitoring: YouTube
  • Manage HPE Serviceguard for DB2 on Linux: YouTube
  • HPE Serviceguard solutions for SQL Server on Linux – AOFI: YouTube
  • HPE Serviceguard solutions for SQL Server on Linux – AOAI: YouTube


JK Tyre accelerates insights with a move to SAP HANA and HPE

JK Tyre, a market leader in India manufacturing tires, tubes and flaps for trucks and buses, replaced its aging UNIX® system and Oracle database with ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA, resulting in 20x faster reporting.

Click here to view the case study  


NEW Blog post:
From bottleneck to agile powerhouse: DSG IT empowers this retail business with timely insights

Slow growth and increasing consumer demands challenge the retail market. Read this blog to learn how to tackle these challenges with accelerated data insights, thanks to in-memory computing and SAP HANA. The blog provides a high level overview of Dansk Supermarked Group journey to SAP HANA and results.


NEW Blog post:
A next-generation platform for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2017: HPE Superdome Flex

Are you ready to rely on SQL Server for critical operations in the enterprise? What is the right infrastructure for demanding workloads? In this blog post, you can learn about HPE Superdome Flex, a next-generation platform for Microsoft SQL Server.