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New podcast – Strengthen SAP HANA security with HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL)

Security is a costly issue for every digital business – so, what if you could reduce security compliance deployment time from days to minutes, including on SAP HANA servers? And what if you could strengthen your protection against costly data breaches at the same time? HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL) can deliver these benefits and more on HPE servers – and in our latest podcast, HPE’s Leo Demers explains common challenges and how WASL solves them.

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New solutions: Boost the power of Oracle

If Oracle® database is critical to your business, there’s a better way to meet your growing performance demands and reduce both licensing costs and management complexity.

With our latest Oracle solutions, you can achieve 30-50% more speed with the latest Intel Xeon processors, reduce license costs by up to 50%, and benefit from 100x faster analytics with in-memory compute. Click below for more on how these solutions quickly pay for themselves.

HPE Oracle solutions

New blog: Get the real story on “data repatriation” and evolving cloud attitudes

Some tech forecasts have shown businesses moving data out of public cloud, sparking talk of a “data repatriation” trend in 2019. But the reality is more complex. Many companies are now flowing data two ways between public and private infrastructure. And many who are repatriating data are actually moving it to hosted private clouds. Click below for the full story.

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Analyst whitepaper –HPE invites developers to play in its memory sandbox – by 451 Research

451’s Daniel Bizo recently published a report on HPE’s Memory-Driven Computing and its memory sandbox based on HPE Superdome Flex servers. Taking advantage of shared memory is the next “big thing” especially given the emphasis on data and insights. Read this whitepaper to get 451´s view on HPE’s Memory-Driven Computing innovation agenda.

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