Announcing today! Create solutions and collaborate with coders worldwide in the new HPE Developer Community


Now available, the new HPE Developer Community is a place where members can interact with HPE’s new open-source community and create innovative solutions to complex problems by collaborating with like-minded coders.

Through this new software community, HPE is enabling thousands of developers to co-develop solutions using Open Source, DevOps and ITOps tools they are already familiar with to implement developer-centric, software-defined and hybrid IT applications. The community allows members to build improved integrations with software that deliver uninterrupted product workflow to the business.

Said Syed, HPE Developer Experience and Product Incubation, offered some insights on the new community:

Q: Tell me about this new community on

A: Today HPE has launched a new developer community program with the strategic objective to improve the developer experience and increase their productivity in the new world of multi-cloud and hybrid IT. This new developer community offers a new, built from the ground up platform that allows developers to collaborate directly with HPE engineers and developers to build cutting edge applications and solve complex technology integration problems.

Q: What types of developers is HPE attracting?

A: The new HPE developer community focuses the following types of developers.

1)     Cloud native application developer who expect a consistent development experience across different cloud environments. This developer wants the necessary tools and services that enable them to focus entirely on developing products instead of worrying about infrastructure and cloud management.

2)     ITOps developer who develops integration between ITSM tools and automating infrastructure management, monitoring and lifecycle.

3)     DevOps engineer who is developing, improving and executing CI/CD methodologies using tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible and more.

4)     Developers who are building applications, tools, products and services using OpenSource technologies such as Kubernetes.

5)     Partner developers who are working with HPE to support developers mentioned here and building integrations with HPE technologies to improve developer experience.

Q: What makes this community different from other communities?

A: The HPE Developer Community provides a platform for developers, HPE partners and HPE engineers to have an aggregated view of all OpenSource and other projects HPE is contributing to and collaborating with developers and partners to build solutions to key user issues. The new community also provides a platform where developers, HPE partners and HPE engineers can work on building exciting applications and products together. And, it provides APIs, blogs, training and documentation to help external developers learn and enhance their skills and capabilities to build products and services.

Q: Why is this type of community important to developers?

A: HPE views developer enablement as a fundamental part of the company’s hybrid IT strategy. Helping developers build products and solutions is key to our success which is why we are launching the New PAN-HPE Developer Community Program with concrete governance and collaboration model with participation across all areas of HPE. The driving force behind this effort is our multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy with HPE OneSphere at the center of developer enablement.

Q: Is the community flexible enough for users to add their own areas of interest?

A: Absolutely! Within the projects HPE is contributing to and participating in, anyone can begin contributing via GitHub and Slack.

Q: When does the community launch?

A: The official launch of the new HPE Developer Community will be on November 28th 2017. But to get started now and learn all that the community is offering developers, visit:

Q: How can I join?

A: Join the conversation now at and on November 28th, visit to join the new community!

For more details on the new HPE Developer Community, click here.

Aruba - Atmosphere 2018 Las Vegas

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company web view
Atmosphere 2018 Las Vegas
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You and over 3,000 of your peers will experience how you can enable intelligent edge capabilities with the Aruba Mobile First Architecture.

Keynotes and hands-on sessions will teach you how to:
  • Turn IT resources into assets for your business
  • Close security gaps while supporting workplace flexibility
  • Provide the right collaboration tools for organizational creativity
  • Help your organization gain an innovation edge
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Need more convincing? Check out highlights from Atmosphere 2017!
ATM17 Sights and Sounds
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NonStop Under 40 Election 2017


This is a Call to Nomination for the upcoming NSU40 Election. The president slot will be vacant

If you are interested in running please email the following to;

  • Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Experience in the NonStop world
  • A statement as to why you would like to be NSU40 President and what unique qualities you bring to the table
  • Headshot (optional)

The information you provide will be posted on the NSU40 site for voting by the NSU40 group members

Anyone is welcome to apply with the following requirement;

You will be attending both TBC in San Francisco as well as eGTUG in Leipzig. These are the two events with NSU40 meetings where you are required

The cutoff date for applications is Friday, October 20th at 12PM EST

We will open the election the following week for voting and a winner will be announced prior to the upcoming TBC

WEBINAR: VM Backup Best Practices: Tips from the Trenches

About this Webinar

zaneray group logo.jpg

All organizations, no matter how large or small, are leveraging virtualization and the cloud to meet the speed and agility needs of today’s businesses. But it comes with challenges. Is the worry of protecting your organization’s critical data keeping you up at night? Wondering how to secure the data in your virtual environments?

Join this live panel discussion to find out how ZaneRay, a Montana-based web design and e-commerce consultancy, protects their high-value websites, internal systems and client data. Learn best practices for VM backup from practitioners just like you! 

eCube Systems and Connect Announces the OpenVMS Modernization Seminar Schedule for This Fall

eCube Systems will kick off an international tour featuring OpenVMS modernization seminars in Europe and North America.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) August 13, 2017

eCube Systems in conjunction with Connect is pleased to announce its schedule for the OpenVMS Modernization Seminar series this fall. Each seminar will feature expert directed labs where students follow steps to install and use desktop tools for modernization, a connection to an AVTware Virtual Server running OpenVMS and a 90 day evaluation license of the three modernization tools featured in the seminar for each student.

VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Release of OpenVMS OS for Alpha Hardware


VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Release of OpenVMS OS for Alpha Hardware

Worldwide Production Release of VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 Provides Another Bridge to the Future

BOLTON, MA, July 10, 2017 – VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) today announced the immediate availability of the production release of VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 Performance Release for select Alpha hardware platforms, including Alphas emulated on x86-based hardware. This release has been optimized for the DEC Alpha hardware platform running Alpha EV6 and later processors.

“This release of VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 is our 5th release since VSI took over new development of OpenVMS. Like VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L1, released earlier this year, the V8.4-2L2 release continues VSI’s commitment to provide OpenVMS installed-base customers with a clear upgrade path to modern x86 hardware.” said Terry R. Holmes, VP Sales & Marketing of VMS Software, Inc.

The new release is functionally identical to VSI’s initial OpenVMS Alpha release (V8.4-2L1). It will also be bundled with VSI’s “best-in-class” support. However, for customers running Alpha hardware on EV6 and later processors, the new, optimized V8.4-2L2 release may realize significant performance improvements.

“Depending on the specific CPU and operating system features a customer’s application uses, the new Alpha V8.4-2L2 release could render performance improvements of between 15% and 50%. We have also observed RMS image sizes reduced by more than 270 blocks, due to more efficient code generation,” said Eddie Orcutt, VP Software Engineering of VMS Software, Inc.
VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 includes a full suite of VSI OpenVMS Alpha layered products and open source applications.

Customers interested in purchasing VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 can email or call (978) 451-0110. Release notes and specifications will be published on the VSI website shortly:

About VMS Software

VMS Software, Inc. develops, sells, and supports innovative and advanced releases of OpenVMS, the most secure operating system on the planet. The company’s core motivation is to support and enable customers to run their mission-critical applications at the legendary uptime levels OpenVMS is known for, at maximum performance levels, today and into the future. VMS Software Inc. is headquartered in Bolton, MA. For more information, go to

VMS Software, Inc.

NonStop Under 40 - SIG Update

NSU40 Update

After a worthy start at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose, NSU40 is still going strong, having had its most recent meeting in London at the eBITUG conference. Jimmy Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers, attended the NSU40 meeting in London and stressed, among other things, how NonStop should be presented as a solution and not a technology. It was great advice to a group that is looking for new ways to market the solution to the next generation. The meeting was a success with the entire Board present to take feedback from the room and promote discussion.

Besides the eBITUG meeting and the website going up ( several months ago, the group is starting to produce educational videos as a way to modernize the current NonStop educational resources. The first one will be a simple intro to NonStop and is expected to debut over the summer.

Another idea the group is looking into is a NonStop Hackathon as a way to get people outside the NonStop world exposed to NonStop technology, and promote new ideas on the platform. Details of this are in the early stages but expect to see more information very soon.

More news to come at a later time but if you have not done so already, please register at the website,, to share ideas on the forum and get on the mailing list!

Experience the Value of Mission Critical Solutions at HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017

Join us at HPE Discover and learn how to modernize your infrastructure for transactions and analytics workloads. Check out our recommendations for top sessions and demos .

In today’s economy where customers are gained or lost in a matter of seconds, mission-critical solutions are vital to business transformation. Join us at HPE Discover and learn how to modernize your infrastructure for transactions and analytics workloads including Oracle, SAP and SQL Server.

Is your current infrastructure slow to respond, hard to manage and experiencing rising costs? Are you exploring fast, always on, cost-effective and future-ready solutions?

Starting June 6, we’re welcoming thousands of customers to our Discover event in Las Vegas. If you are attending, learn how HPE Mission Critical Solutions can help:

  • Monetize your data by harnessing and acting upon massive amounts of data in real time
  • Move at the speed of business by delivering an agile foundation that keeps pace with business demands
  • Provide continuity for your business operations, meeting the most demanding SLAs for your critical workloads

Come join us at Discover for the following sessions:

Tuesday, June 6

  • Need results quickly while reducing your database environment costs? Customer lessons for analytics and business processing (T12675) from 11:00 – 11:30am, featuring customers CenterPoint Energy and Republic National Distributing Company
  • Attend Randy Meyer’s Keynote session, Always-on is not enough, modernize your digital core and empower real-time analytics with HPE mission-critical solutions (B12673) from 12:00 – 1:00pm

Wednesday, June 7

  • Delivering business continuity for vital applications, best practices for avoiding unplanned outages (DF12739) from 10:00 – 10:30am featuring our NonStop experts
  • Now is the time to act, accelerate your transformation to SAP HANA with the right mix of HPE infrastructure and services (B12674) from 10:30 – 11:30am
  • Advancing HP-UX into the next decade, delivering next-generation HPE Integrity Servers (DF12740) from 1:00 –   1:30pm
  • Is Hybrid Transaction & Analytics Processing (HTAP) also known as in-memory analytics, part of your future?       (DF12676) from 2:00 – 2:30pm
  • Physical, virtual, on-premises or off, HPE Virtualized NonStop is a milestone in the NonStop journey (DF12738) from 4:00 – 4:30pm
  • If you are, Transforming your IBM Power or Oracle SPARC environment (B12550), attend this session from 4:30 – 5:30pm

Thursday, June 8

  • It’s only money. Data management with Oracle and Microsoft® SQL Server® (B12713) from 10:30 – 11:30am

Make sure you visit the demos and talk with our experts on the show floor:

  • Transform your mission-critical environment with Superdome X and MC990 X (Demo ID 626)
  • Empower with SAP HANA (Demo ID 623)
  • Physical or virtual, on- or off-premises: NonStop Systems provide Business Continuity in an always-on, hybrid world (Demo ID 625)

Register today for the event and these sessions. See you in Las Vegas!

SAVE THE DATE: Making the Mission to Mars Compute

The mission to Mars will require the most powerful computing system the world has ever seen

At 20 light-minutes away, Mars is too far to rely on communication from Earth for real-time support. Astronauts will need to travel with and be guided by the most powerful computing system the world has ever seen. But the incremental increases we are seeing in computing power will not meet the demands of the challenge. We need a major computer upgrade, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the answer.

Tune in next Tuesday, May 16, 2017, at 11:20 AM PT / 2:20 PM ET to watch Hewlett Packard Labs chief architect and lead for The Machine research project, Kirk Bresniker, deliver a Facebook Live presentation from Washington D.C. on Memory-Driven Computing and its potential to support the mission to Mars.

On The Launchpad: Return to Deep Space

Presented by AtlanticLIVE

Nothing excites the mind and sparks our curiosity as much as space. As missions like New Horizons push to the edge of our solar system, private companies have reignited the next generation space race. Lately, the Red Planet has grabbed our attention, sparking the question, what combination of players and technologies will have to come together to make the first human-led mission to Mars successful?

The Atlantic will survey a shifting landscape of new technologies, exploring the cosmos by gathering experts on the growing space industry and the future of space and extraterrestrial travel. Where will the next space race take us, what are the challenges facing the mission and what do we need to know, build and create to get there?

WHEN: May 16, 2017, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM PT / 1:00 – 5:00 PM ET

WHERE: Newseum, Knight Conference Center, 
555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

NonStop Under 40 Update

We are excited to announce the launch of the NonStop Under 40 website, NSU40 started as a meeting at the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp, where NonStop professionals with varying degrees of experience met to discuss the current state of NonStop as it relates to the next generation of talent.

The NonStop Under 40 mission is to bring HPE NonStop Server awareness to a new generation of professionals by fostering professional development through relationship building, education and information sharing from the NonStop Community.

The website includes a Knowledgebase where the group is currently working to make educational videos and host online classes, as well as a Forum for people to discuss all things NonStop. It is a work in progress so we definitely ask for your involvement and feedback, as well as your help to spread the word. Please register at to start participating today!

Inside look at Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s next-generation infrastructure

Hyperconverged and composable infrastructures are HPE’s big focus

By Brandon Butler
Senior Editor, Network World | APR 11, 2017 5:27 AM PT

In the 18 months since the company split from its sister consumer business, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been in an almost constant state of refining its strategy.

The company backed out of the public cloud marketsold off its Enterprise Services Business to competitor CSC for $8.5 billion; dealt other “non-core” assets to Micro Focus in an $8.8 billion deal; and dumped its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry development efforts off to Suse. HPE also bought all-flash storage vendor Nimble storage for $1 billion last month and snapped up hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Simplivity for another $650 million in January.

So what’s the common theme through all of these moves? HPE Senior Vice President and General Manager of the company’s Software Defined and Cloud Group Ric Lewis says it’s simple: HPE wants to own the next generation of infrastructure management. And a big part of that is what HPE is calling a whole new type of infrastructure dubbed “composable.”

The big picture

HPE’s overall strategy has been narrowed to focus on three core areas, Lewis says. One is hybrid IT: HPE wants to help customers build private clouds on next-generation infrastructure that integrates with public cloud resources. A second broad focus area is what Lewis calls the “Intelligent Edge,” which encompass technologies related to the Internet of Things. Finally, the third pillar revolves around services and helping customers successfully execute projects in the first two areas.

One perception that HPE struggles with is the notion that it doesn’t have a public IaaS cloud to compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Lewis says despite public IaaS cloud getting the lion’s share of attention, “that misses how important private cloud is.” Private cloud and on-premises infrastructure is the market that HPE wants to own, which includes helping customers manage their use of public IaaS cloud resources. This strategy will not be easy though as a host of other legacy enterprise infrastructure vendors are vying for the same prize, including Dell-EMC, Cisco and IBM.

There is opportunity though. A recent Worldwide Infrastructure Forecast by IDC estimates that through 2020, public cloud infrastructure is set to grow at 15% compound annual growth rate; private cloud is forecast to grow at 11%. This compares to traditional IT growing at only 2%. If companies like HPE and others can offer compelling options, there is a market for enterprises to upgrade their on-premises infrastructure.

The first next-wave: HCI

On the immediate horizon for next-generation enterprise data center design is hyperconverged infrastructure. HCI or integrated systems typically deliver a package of pre-compiled servers, network and storage components in a single engineered offering. This is opposed to buying those components separately and end users configuring them. HCI systems are typically sold as software that controls infrastructure resources or as hardware-software combinations, and they’re most typically used for virtual desktop infrastructure or as a type of VM vending machine that offers users virtual or even bare metal infrastructure, says Gartner research director Paul Delory.

HPE’s product in this market is named the Hyper Converged 380, and it has been out for a couple of years. Most analysts see it as trailing offerings from market leaders Nutanix, Simplivity and Dell EMC (VxRail). HPE significantly upgraded its position in the market when it acquired Simplivity, automatically making the company one of the premier HCI vendors.

HCI is an estimated $1.5 billion annual revenue run rate market and is in a phase of “rapid maturation,” says Forrester Research analyst Richard Fichera. As the market matures, he expects use cases for HCI will become more diverse and more widely known about. A recent survey by Forrester found that up to 50% of HCI customers were running databases on their HCI platform, and up to one-third were running enterprise applications such as collaboration, enterprise resource planning or HR and finance apps on HCI.

Lewis says the plan is to integrate the HC380 and Simplivity product lines, with the first step being to certify Simplivity to run on HPE’s DL380 servers this year. In the future, HPE will plan to offer Simplivity exclusively on HPE hardware, while still supporting any previous Simplivity customers who run the system on non-HPE hardware, Lewis says.

The future: Composable infrastructure

HCI is a viable market today, but Lewis and HPE are already looking beyond that to the future. What Lewis is really excited about is HPE Synergy: It’s what he calls a composable infrastructure system that HPE launched in December 2015. Composable infrastructure has three components: Fluid pools of compute, storage and fabric (network) capacity that can be provisioned as needed; software-defined intelligence that controls them; and an API to access it.

Synergy is sold in a 21-frame unit that supports 12 modules per frame. The idea is that Synergy is made up of compute, network and storage, and developers can request a virtual machine with any combined amount of those resources. When the workload is done running, those infrastructure resources are delivered back to the “pool” for other users to access. One workload could be a compute-heavy application with a lot of CPU power; another could be memory-heavy for read-write operations.

This is a different idea than an HCI system, which typically provisions pre-configured VM or bare metal infrastructure templates. Composable is more similar to the idea of a public cloud where resource capacity is simply requested and provisioned from shared capacity. The difference with Synergy compared to public IaaS cloud is that it sits on customers’ premises. Like cloud, HPE offers Synergy in an “opex” buying model in which customers pay for the product based on how much they use it; or they can buy it outright as a capital expense.

“Composable systems will likely have much of their success initially with larger enterprises who have complex software environments,” Fichera says. “If all you want is an efficient way to provision VMs, it probably makes sense to buy HCI. If you have a big, complex enterprise software system and are looking for ways to streamline constantly-changing infrastructure resources, that’s probably where composable will make more headway.”

HPE is unique in the market offering composable infrastructure, Fichera says. Cisco had a composable product with the M Series of its UCS servers, but no longer actively sells those because of a lack of demand, the company said. Fichera says it’s unclear yet if Synergy will be more desirable. HPE does have paying customers willing to talk about their use of Synergy.

Synergy in practice

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Ala., houses hundreds of researchers studying the latest in genomic medicine. This science specialty creates petabyte-scale data and requires batch compute processing jobs. HudsonAlpha CIO Peyton McNully says the long-term goal is for his IT department to transition from HPE C-7000 servers to Synergy, and that’s a process that’s underway.

“Ultimately, (Synergy gives us) more flexibility and better software definition through Rest APIs,” McNully says. “Some days we run a hypervisor for certain workloads, then in the evening hours it’s back to bare metal, CentOS and Docker containers for batch processing jobs.” Enabling that flexibility can be “quite expensive” on standard infrastructure equipment, he says, but by using Synergy HudsonAlpha is able to compose the exact-sized infrastructure environment each workload needs.

“There are 15,000 to 18,000 genomes that we’re analyzing each year and I’ve got a certain amount of compute to do that with,” McNully explains. “The opportunity to ring out every last drop of that compute in the evening hours, and then spin up private clouds during the day for different types of workloads, is a huge price and performance benefit.”

List pricing for the HC380 ranges from $26,000 to $100,000 for an all-flash configuration. For HPE Synergy, list pricing starts at $12,750 per compute block for one- to 36-server configurations, with discounts when buying in volume.

Join the Network World communities on Facebook and LinkedIn to comment on topics that are top of mind.

Connect Community Announcement - NonStop Under 40 website and Forum | Register for free!

Are you a NonStop user or practitioner under the age of 40? If so, we have a new community for YOU! The NonStop Under 40 SIG has launched an official website with a NonStop Knowledge Base, Tech Forums, and boasts amazing potential for networking.

Take a moment to check out (and register for) the NonStop Under 40 SIG today! OR

FREE HP-UX Webinar on January 31 and February 2. Register NOW!



Reinforce and refresh your HP-UX environment with recent innovations for HP- UX and Integrity Servers

Attend this webinar to hear how you can benefit from new innovations available now in our Integrity servers and HP-UX family of products.  

Learn how you can improve manageability, availability and efficiency of your mission-critical Integrity environment when upgrading to the latest version of HP-UX 11i v3 and Integrity servers. The key innovations include support for Veritas 6.1 file system, vPar online migration and OpenStack for HP-UX. Find out how other companies across the globe are gaining value by upgrading to the latest environment.

This webinar will focus on the benefits and features recently released for HP-UX 11i v3.

31st January, 2017, 7:30 a.m. PST. 
Targeting Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa

2nd February, 2017, 8:30 a.m. IST. 
Targeting Asia-Pacific and Japan.

Need inspiration? Join Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki at Atmosphere 2017


Welcome to Atmosphere: Save up to $300! Legendary Innovator Guy Kawasaki Joins as Keynote Speaker We are offering up to $300 off registration for individuals who haven't attended an Atmosphere event in the past. Come experience the largest mobility conference on earth and see what makes this event a hit year after year!

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More About Guy Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool. He is a brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz USA, and an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business. Check out Guy's TED Talk on The Art of Innovation.

HPE joins Gen-Z Consortium to launch a new open computer interconnect standard

HPE joins Gen-Z Consortium to launch a new open computer interconnect standard

The Gen-Z Consortium is a new open industry group devoted to creating an open interconnect standard. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is pleased to announce that we have joined this group.

Gen-Z is a computer interconnect standard that uses memory semantics and modern PHY designs to offer high-performance, low-latency connectivity to large amounts of next generation memory devices at chassis and rack scale. Its characteristics also make it an excellent choice for node-node connectivity, pools of accelerators, and efficient bridging to existing datacenter fabrics like Ethernet or Infiniband.

It is being administered by the Gen-Z Consortium, an industry group that currently includes AMD, ARM, Broadcom, Cavium, Cray, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, IBM, IDT, Lenovo, Mellanox, Micron, Microsemi, Red Hat, Samsung, Seagate, SkHynix, Western Digital, and Xilinx, with others expected to join soon.

VMS Software, Inc. Announces New TCP/IP Stack

VMS Software, Inc. replacing existing TCP/IP stack with modern stack based on IP licensed from Process Software, LLC


VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) today announced plans to replace the existing OpenVMS TCP/IP stack with a completely updated stack based on software licensed from Process Software, LLC a long-time OpenVMS independent software vendor based in Framingham, Massachusetts. The license allows VSI to integrate features of Process Software's MultiNet software with VSI’s releases of the OpenVMS operating system, and add VSI’s own modifications and improvements over time.

“We have collaborated with Process Software for two years, and are delighted that VSI can leverage decades of their excellent work to jumpstart VSI’s own effort to modernize OpenVMS TCP/IP,” said Duane P. Harris, CEO of VMS Software. “This license saves us the substantial time and resources required to update the existing TCP/IP stack to current industry standards. More importantly, VSI engineers can focus on our most important priority: porting the OpenVMS operating system to the Intel x86-64 hardware platform.”

Details about specific TCP/IP components will be made available on the VSI website shortly (, including a comparison table displaying the two stacks side by side. Some of the major updates include: OpenSSL 1.0.2, SSH (V1 & V2), DHCP v3, IPv6 (complete application protocols supported), IPSEC (full support), Bind 9.9, Kerberos 5, and advanced features such as IPS, paired network interface support, and improved performance monitoring capabilities.

“Our agreement with VSI will enable Process to benefit from introduction to a broader OpenVMS customer base, including customers who have not used MultiNet in the past,“ said Michael Lamont, Chief Technology Officer of Process Software. “This will lead to further enhancements in our products and improvements to our support services. We are excited about our collaboration with VSI, but Process customers should know that today’s announcement does not mean that Process is changing its product offerings or support commitments. Process will continue to license and support its products, including MultiNet, and will continue to develop and enhance MultiNet for use on existing and future platforms.”    
VSI intends to release the new TCP/IP stack as VSI TCP/IP V10.5. The timing of the release is still being determined, but we intend to accelerate time-to-market, by first distributing V10.5 as an independent installation kit. Customers will have the option to keep using the existing stack or install V10.5. However, the older stack will be phased out within the next 2 years.
About Process Software, LLC

Process Software is a premier supplier of communications software solutions to mission critical environments. With a loyal customer base of over 3,000 organizations, including Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 companies, Process Software has earned a strong reputation for meeting the stringent reliability and performance requirements of enterprise networks. Process Software products include MultiNet, a full suite of TCP/IP applications and services for OpenVMS VAX, Alpha and Integrity platforms.

About VMS Software, Inc. 
VMS Software, Inc. develops, sells and supports innovative and advanced releases of OpenVMS, the most secure operating system on the planet. The company’s core motivation is to support and enable customers to run their mission critical applications at the legendary uptime levels OpenVMS is known for, at maximum performance levels, today and into the future. VMS Software Inc. is headquartered in Bolton, MA. For more information, go to

VMS Software, Inc.