HP Enterprise Brings New Tech To USS Enterprise In STAR TREK BEYOND


They don’t call it HP Enterprise for nothing. Some of the new technology hitting the screen in Star Trek Beyond is coming from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and they couldn’t be more excited about it.

The company announced the partnership yesterday, and while they’re big on hype and small on specifics, they did give us this jazzy commercial starring Starfleet cadets to help explain things:

They’re all about their new innovation, The Machine, which was actually announced back in 2014 and hasn’t gotten any clearer, or closer, in the past two years. But while The Machine — which HPE says will “change everything” — has yet to come to fruition, the company did contribute its Machine-related expertise to the new movie. HPE worked with the Beyond team to create three technological concepts for the film: the quarantine, the diagnostic wrap, and the book. And that’s all they’re telling us. The first two seem ripe for story speculation — Who needs to be quarantined? Who gets sick? — but “the book” is pretty cryptic. (Sign me up for the diagnostic wrap, though!)

HPE’s press release says they spent months working with Paramount, a collaboration of creative minds as well as engineers, researchers, industrial designers, and UX specialists, to come up with the “conceptual technologies” in the film. They were all based on, again, The Machine. They go on to say, “The Machine is poised to leave behind sixty years of technological compromises and inefficiencies, reinventing the fundamental architecture on which all computing is currently based – from smart phones to data centers to super computers. It aims to enable a leap in performance and efficiency, while lowering costs and improving security.”

Should I admit that the hype reminds me of a certain propulsion expert named Kosinski, who needed a buddy from Tau Alpha C to make the magic happen?

For those troubled by the commercial aspects, don’t be. This isn’t the first time Star Trek has partnered up with a company, although usually it’s about getting Trek into the companies’ ads vs. getting products into Trek. Not every campaign can be as cool as 2013’s Leonard Nimoy/Zachary Quinto Audi commercial, but this 2014 Super Bowl spot for XFinity is a gem:

Star Trek: Into Darkness brought this not-so-cleverly edited oddity from Japan, for what looks like a WD-40 equivalent:

And I still love this beauty from 1998, despite the dizzyingly frequent cuts.

But this British power ad recruited the Canadian cast members to take it home for the weirdest of all: