HPE Nimble Storage Moving Day Is Here!

UPDATE (31 October): The Twitter account switch has happened.  Your action is to go to @HPE_Storage and make sure you are following it.  Also, the migration of NimbleConnect to hpe.com completed today. Read the details below. 

On March 7, we broke the news on ATSB that HPE was buying Nimble Storage. Things moved fast and the acquisition closed in just over a month. Our teams have been working together for the last several months. I've personally been working with HPE Nimble Storage teams both in marketing and tech marketing and couldn't be more excited. I've been part of the integration team working to integrate HPE and Nimble Storage social media and communities.  In this post, I want to share some important information on what we're doing. 

Twitter changes

This is probably the most "complicated" thing we did. We swapped our @HPE_Storage Twitter account with the @NimbleStorage Twitter. Now that we've done the switch, the "new" @NimbleStorage (the "old" @HPE_Storage) Twitter account will go dormant. What maybe isn't so obvious is that if you were following @HPE_Storage, and not @NimbleStorage, you'll have to follow us again. If you don't, you will no longer get our HPE Storage content on Twitter.  So here's what you need to do:

Since the switch has happened, the old @HPE_Storage has become @NimbleStorage and @NimbleStorage will go dormant. The old @NimbleStorage Twitter account is now @HPE_Storage. Be sure you're following it. Simply follow @HPE_Storage again - while the account swap was easy for us to do, you have to follow the renamed account (If you weren't also following @NimbleStorage) or you won't be following us anymore.  

The reasons for the account swap are pretty simple. First, we don't want to have multiple accounts for HPE Storage on Twitter. We decided early on we'd only keep one. The reason we decided to keep the current Nimble Storage account is that it has nearly 43,000 followers while our current HPE Storage Twitter account has about 18,000 followers. So check be sure you're following @HPE_Storage now!

NimbleConnect Community

Nimble Storage had their own community called NimbleConnect. From their website, the purpose of the community was as follows:

This community is dedicated to anyone that is passionate about Nimble Storage products and solutions. Share best practices, ask questions and network with like-minded members.

Did you realize you're reading this post now on the hpe.com community?  Look up at the top of the page below the blue bar and you'll see you are on the hpe.com community. Our blogs and forums are in different places while on NimbleConnect, they were together. We have now migrated this community to hpe.com. Here's how you can find it:

  • They are pretty easy to find. If you go to our home for HPE Storage on the Community site, toward the top you'll see "Forums" with a (+) sign.  Click on the (+) sign and you'll see the first level of discussion forums. You'll see HPE Nimble Storage. That's the place to have discussions about HPE Nimble Storage. 
  • The WAY easier answer for how to find it is with this link
  • Within NimbleConnect there were also technical blog posts, typically written by field solution engineers or technical marketing. Those posts are being migrated to a new blog that we're naming "HPE Nimble Storage Tech Blog". Maybe I'll call it NSTB to go along with ATSB. At the top of the HPE Storage Community, like you see "Forums", on the top middle you'll see "Blogs" with a (+) sign. Click to expand it and you'll see ATSB and our new NSTB blogs. 
  • And again, the WAY easier way to find it is with this link to our new HPE Nimble Storage Tech Blog

Nimble blogs

Nimble Storage also had blog posts on their main NimbleStorage.com page - that will be going away in the next month or so. We've grabbed the best of them and will be re-publishing them on ATSB. We've already been busy with HPE Nimble Storage content on ATSB with over 24 posts and you can always find them by clicking on the Nimble Storage label. You can find the list of labels on any blog home page and for ATSB on hpe.com/storage/blog. The page will have 6 blog posts in the default view and below those posts, you'll find a big box in the middle that has the labels. 

Finding your way when your lost

Finding your way to the hpe.com Community is always easy. There are two ways to get there:

  1. At the bottom of every hpe.com page, you'll see quick links for Corporate, Partners, Social, Communities, Customer Resources, and Legal.  There's only one link under Communities and that takes you to the hpe.com Community home. Near the top middle of the page, you'll see drop down menus for our Blogs, Forums, and other Information. You'll find ATSB and NSTB listed under blogs and Storage under Forums. 
  2. If you can remember one easy URL, you'll always find your way to the Community: community.hpe.com. Easy, huh? 

Let me know if you have any questions.