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Mark your calendars for the 2019 NonStop TBC on November 3 - 6, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency SFO hotel in Burlingame, CA. 

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13-15 MAY 2019

Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh

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Save the Date!
2019 SunTUG/Connect Florida Sunshine Summit

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2019 SunTUG Sunshine Summit Golf Tournament
SunTUG/Connect Florida

Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM (EST)

Lutz, FL

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Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Lusis Payments Makes Strides to Revolutionize Payments Technology

At Lusis Payments, technology is our passion, and our clients are the heart of our business. We live and breathe payments platform technology, and we’re committed to maintaining our position as a market leader. Beyond payments, though, we’re striving to pave the way for new technologies that will enhance our current solutions and lay the foundation for future solutions that will take the industry by storm. Here’s what our team at Lusis Payments was up to in 2018, as well as a look at what’s ahead in 2019.

Out and About

We’re devoted to our clients and technology, but that doesn’t mean we’re chained to our desks. Last year, you might have met us at a Tandem User Group (TUG) event near Atlanta, Georgia (ATUG), or in Mississauga, Ontario (CTUG). You may have seen us at Forum TELECOM Nancy at Université de Lorraine. Maybe you visited our booth at the HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp in Burlingame, California.

Industry Game Changers Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2)

PSD2 was implemented in 2018, and, per instructions from the European Union (EU), it requires banks to enable their customers to use third-party financial services vendors. This will shake up banks’ competition model. They’ll need to ensure that these third-party providers have access to their customers’ accounts through open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and third-parties will be able to build financial services on top of banks’ data and infrastructures. Competitive differentiation will become less about an account’s location and more about the services customers use. Read More

New ATM and POS Security Requirements

In August 2018, Lusis Payments released a report summarizing new security requirements introduced by PCI-PIN V3 that merge requirements from the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SCC) and the Accredited Standards Committee X9 Inc (ASC X9) for a single, unified PIN Security Standard for payments stakeholders. Two evolutions — ASC X9 TR-31 and ANSI TR-34 — have emerged from the standards and will introduce a massive change in ATM and POS remote key management. X9 TR-31 is a method consistent with the requirements of the ANS X9.24-1 standard for the secure exchange of keys and other sensitive data between two devices that share a symmetric key exchange.  ANSI TR-34 describes new rules to unify methods to build and store the original Terminal Master Key in ATMs and POS devices. Until now, each vendor has used its own methods to achieve this initialization. ANSI TR-34 specifies a method consistent with the requirements of ANSI X9.24-2. Read More

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Using the XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) BASE24 Mover to Collect and Alert OMF Security Audit Events

Written by: Dave Teal, Solutions Delivery Specialist, XYPRO Technology Corporation


The BASE24 Online Maintenance File (OMF) contains audit information about users who have logged on and logged off the BASE24 Pathway system as well as information about users who have accessed or attempted to access (i.e. read, add, delete, update) records in BASE24 files accessed through the BASE24 Pathway system.   


For reads, a record is only written to the OMF if the record contains cardholder data, such as a Primary Account Number (PAN). In addition, OMF records are written when users attempt to read a record from the file or when a security violation occurs, for example:

  • The user does not have security access for the institution (FIID) to which the record belongs.

  • The user does not have security access to the file or authority for the function attempted.

  • The user does not have authority for the function attempted based on configuration settings in the CRT

Authorization Security (CSEC) File.

An OMF record is not written if a user attempts a Read or a Read Next function and the record is not retrieved successfully.

BASE24 provides the means to generate two OMF audit reports:

  1. Logon/Logoff Access Report (OMF03)

  2. File Access Report (OMF04)

The OMF audit reports include the information from a single day’s OMF file(s), displayed in chronological order.

The OMF-AUDIT parameter in the Logical Network Configuration File (LCONF) affects OMF audit reporting. This parameter controls the amount of information that is written to the OMF and is, therefore, available for reporting.

Continue reading or download the full article by clicking this link.


Crystal Point Introduces OutsideView 9.0:

A Major Release with New and Refined Features
Latest Security Protocols, User Productivity, Better Performance, Higher Quality

Crystal Point, the world’s leading provider of PC connectivity software for NonStop™ systems, today introduced a new release of OutsideView, the company’s popular host connectivity solution. OutsideView 9.0 was created specifically for our IT/NonStop administrator, developer, and application users who demand a stronger tool.  These tools include:

Windows 10 certified

  • Supports SQL Server 2017 for Enterprise Licensing

  • Native 64-bit application

    • Installation automatically installs 32-bit or 64-bit version as appropriate

  • Data communications Improvements

    • Full IPv6 support

    • HTML Tunneling access method

  • Security Improvements

    • Password protection for Session files

    • Updated OpenSSL and SSH libraries

    • SQL Enterprise Licensing supports SQL Server Native Client 11.0 and TLS 1.2 protocol

  • Fully Integrated ID/userid management

    • Automatically manage both link level and NSK logon credentials.

  • Tools for organizing workspaces with a large numbers of sessions

    • Session windows can be organized into separate groups on the desktop. The groups can be organized vertically or horizontally. You can drag and drop individual sessions between groups.

    • Every session can be assigned to a subgroup. The session bar then lets you organize and filter the sessions by session type and/or subgroup.

    • Enhanced Session Bar Color Coding

    • Within a Workspace, you can mark each session to automatically start connecting when the Workspace is opened. Sessions that don’t automatically connect when you open the workspace can be manually invoked later. Within the session bar, sessions are color-coded to indicate if they have been invoked or not.

    • When you open a workspace, all of the automatic sessions start connecting simultaneously. This speeds up the loading of large workspaces.

  • User Interface Improvements

    • Automatic status pane switching based on session context

    • Sessions can be dynamically switched between 80 and 132 column modes

OutsideView 9.0 is now available.   Customers with active STAR Support and Maintenance Agreements are entitled to this release at 50% of upgrade costs.  Contact Crystal Point (sales@crystalpoint.com) for additional information and updated licenses.


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Have you taken the ITUGLIB survey yet?  Your feedback is very important to us as we plan for the future!  Please take a few minutes today to share with us.Take the ITUGLIB Survey Today!


Digital Enablement means Business

As we move into a new year, it is rather fittingly to review your organization’s application and system landscape. For many, the HPE NonStop is at the centre of your mission-critical business and is as modern as any other platform out there. But what about your applications running on HPE NonStop and the data being processed day in day out?

Providing access to your corporation’s data has never been easier. There are plenty of tools, which allow businesses to mine their data to provide real value to the company, unless of course, that data is still stored in Enscribe files.

As of 2017, the HPE NonStop customer base still had about 50% of its data stored in Enscribe files on NonStop.

Imagine the value that IT could provide to the business if they simply unlocked that data.

Download the white paper ‘The IT Directors Perspective: Maximizing the Value of HPE NonStop’ to learn how comforte provides methods on how to do just that on the NonStop, including:

  • Unlocking data and turning it intoactionable business intelligence

  • Leveraging Web service enablement

  • Aligning legacy applications with ever-changing expectations and requirements

  • Security as a first-class citizen

  • Achieving data protection at the core

Get the White Paper Here

Gravic Sponsoring APAC MCS Boot Camp in February

Gravic is a proud sponsor of the upcoming APAC Mission Critical Solution (MCS) Boot Camp, being held in Bangkok, February 24-26. Some of the event objectives are communicating on key MCS strategies and the HPE Roadmap; sharing best practices in MCS sales, presales, and customer support; elaborating on the MCS product value and competitive advantages; as well as reviewing ISV and solution partner updates. We will present HPE Shadowbase Use Cases and Product Update, to over 80 HPE employees from 12 different countries in both the NonStop and Other Server session tracks. We look forward to discussing new HPE Shadowbase releases during in-depth technical sessions and at the closing round table.


Protect-X™ Version 4.0

Protect-X™ is a highly advanced, browser-accessible security hardening and compliance solution for HPE NonStop, NonStop X, Virtual NonStop and Linux servers. The latest release, Protect-X™ version 4.0, is a major upgrade to the Protect-X™ framework, which revolutionizes security and compliance management for NonStop systems. It includes a variety of features, functions and innovative techniques designed to address today’s compliance challenges for Guardian/Safeguard and OSS environments.

New Protect-X™ 4.0 features include:

  • Management of Guardian file permissions

  • Guardian user & alias hardening

  • OSS file security management & hardening

  • Support for multi-factor authentication

  • Enhanced file & user access reports

Test Drive Protect-X® Here

Protect-X™ - Key Features:

  • Offers role-based compliance hardening for Safeguard & OSS users

  • Ensures compliance via “Verify & Explain” access features

  • Developed using cross-platform agentless design; deploy on Win, Mac, Linux, etc…

  • Includes improved reporting

  • Enabled for multi-factor authentication


For more information on CSP solutions visit www.cspsecurity.com

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki™, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit wiki.cspsecurity.com

We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security


Ascert Releases Visa-Confirmed Driver

"This provides additional certainty for our customers when simulating and testing Visa transactions that their systems are operating accurately."

"This provides additional certainty for our customers when simulating and testing Visa transactions that their systems are operating accurately."


For companies that want to do pre-certification testing for Visa transactions, Ascert has released the latest version of its Visa Test Driver.

The VersaTest Visa Driver is now listed by Visa as a validated ADVT Online Host simulator and has been tested to ensure that it conforms to the most recent set of Visa specifications. This can be an extreme time saver in pre-certification or ongoing system testing.

“We are very pleased that Visa has officially confirmed the capabilities of our latest Visa driver,” said Mike Wainwright, Business Development Director, Ascert UK. “This provides additional certainty for our customers when simulating and testing Visa transactions that their systems are operating accurately.”

Companies using the Visa Driver have their choice of an on-premise solution, or a subscription to the popular cloud-based testing system, Ascertified (http://www.Ascertified.com). A growing number of companies have created a hybrid of both test options, thereby increasing flexibility for both internal users and external partners.