Achieving Big Data analytics maturity- getting to the heart of your data

Are you curious how you compare to your peers on Big Data analytics maturity?  Explore these five stages and discover your current position.

HPE acquires SGI: Two compute leaders join forces to accelerate HPC innovation

Better together and ready to transform the world of high performance computing. Together they deliver an even broader range of advanced solutions to customers. Learn more

Why are so many people committing professional suicide on LinkedIn?

When your professional relationships hurt more than they feel good- is it time to go?

Reverse the curse: Getting results in the data center

High speed workloads require technologies that are integrated and automated. Here is how to give customers world-class results with industry dominant SDS technology.


You don’t need big data — You need the right data

Sometimes the right data is big. Sometimes the right data is small. But for innovators the key is figuring out what those critical pieces of data are that drive competitive position.


High Availability, 1970s Style

In 1972, Availability Digest Managing Editor Dr. Bill Highleyman launched MiniData Services, Inc., a payroll processing company. To service MiniData’s thousands of customers, MiniData purchased two modern, top-of-the-line minicomputers – Digital Equipment PDP-8s, each complete with 4K (“kilowords”) of memory. Learn more

The looming disaster of the Internet of (Hackable) Things

The famous saying that “the internet was not built with security in mind” is a dogma in the world of hackers. It’s becoming clear we can’t afford to think the same way while building the Internet of Things.


Take charge of your Discover 2016 London experience with the Discover app

Navigate like a boss- put Discover in the palm of your hand!





Small & Midsize Business News


“Finding the right balance – Hybrid IT for small and midsize businesses”

While on-premise IT gives you control over your data, security and performance, it can be hard to manage and lock you into hardware investments. Cloud solutions offer ease of management and state-of-the-art technologies with budget-friendly options, but leave you with less control. Hybrid IT enables small and midsize businesses like yours to enjoy the best of both IT strategies.

Learn more


Aberdeen brief: 
“How hybrid IT helps companies build high-performance infrastructures”

 Combining the best of both on-premise IT and cloud solutions offers small and midsize businesses significant advantages. The numbers show that, by taking a hybrid IT approach, SMBs can boost their agility, reduce costs and benefit from greater flexibility.

Learn more


Pulse of IT: 
“3 ways to increase productivity with hybrid IT adoption”

For many small and midsize businesses, hybrid IT adoption is the key to flexible, secure networks, and essential for simultaneously conducting business while avoiding risk. One such organization found it helped them optimize their productivity worldwide and handle things securely, yet supported their changing infrastructure needs.

Learn more


“Three strategies to keep your business running”

 Disasters, cyber-attacks, and system downtime can all threaten the security and stability of your small or midsize business. Use these three IT best practices to keep your business running.

Learn more


“Six steps to a more secure business”

New market trends, such as cloud, mobility, and BYOD, can challenge the security of your small or midsize business network. Mitigate these risks with these six important steps.

Learn more


Pulse of IT: 
“Why annual releases – like the iPhone 7 – should spur a mobile security policy update”


Even when hardware differences are as minor as a missing headphone jack (now requiring more Bluetooth connections), integrating new technologies into an otherwise hardened network can bring new security risks. Use the timing of new hardware launches as an opportunity to review your mobile security policy and implement changes necessary to accommodate new features.

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Software-Defined & Cloud eNews

November marks “all hands on deck” in the lead up to HPE Discover London (November (9/29 – 12/1), and as I mentioned last week it is shaping up to be a very exciting event. It will be great to see you there, but also know I have you covered, as many of the sessions are going to be recorded as well as being streamed live from the event. If you want a feed of real time updates don’t forget to follow me on the @HPE_ConvergedDI Twitter account. If you do get a chance to attend, I can strongly recommend making sure you attend Ric Lewis keynote session to which I have provided a summary below

HPE Discover London 2016 spotlight: Innovation in an age of digital disruption


Also, here are a couple of other items that will be of interest to you:

HPE OneView 3.0 shipped recently – read the full story and get the latest trial software download

HPE reigns as world leader with FIVE 4P and FOUR 2P world records on the SPECjbb2015 benchmark –Read the full story

HPE advances in the “Leaders” Quadrant in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems – Read the full story


There is a follow up story to the Gartner Magic Quadrant in the form of Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report, but I will save that for next month.


Happy reading

Certification & Learning News

New certification: HPE ATP - Operations Manager i v10

Jump start your career as a tools engineer, operations staff member, operations manager, system administrator, or other IT operations professional concerned with system performance and availability and IT events management.

Learn more

Achieve new HPE ASE - ProLiant Integrator V3 certification

Take new training and achieve the HPE ASE – ProLiant Integrator V3 certification to prove you have expert knowledge of:

  • Pre-installation planning
  • Option installation, firmware and driver updates
  • Server configuration and optimization

Stay up-to-date: If you hold the HPE ASE – ProLiant Integrator V2 or HP ASE - Server Solutions Integrator V8.1 we have upgrade paths available for you.

Learn more

New HPE OneView infrastructure management certification now available

HPE OneView is a converged infrastructure management platform that provides a sleek, unified management interface. Learn how to design, provision, monitor and update IT infrastructure through our new certification preparation course. Understand critical features, new functionality for storage management, virtual connect networking and composable infrastructure, and practice with hands-on lab exercises.

Complete training then achieve the new HPE Product Certified – OneView certification (upgrade path available).

Learn more

HPE Storage 2016 News

News from Around the Storage Block – from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

Here’s what’s new on ATSB!

  • After the Chicago Cubs ended their 108 year old World Series drought, we though an appropriate post was Reverse the Curse: Getting Results in the Data Center. See where software-defined storage fits your game plan.
  • It’s always interesting to look at the market share and what it may mean.  Check out Are We Looking at Data Storage the Right Way and I think you might be surprised about the all-flash storage market.
  • It’s a few days early for me to have my posts about Discover London but over the coming weeks I’ll be talking about the announcements at Discover, what are the big events to attend and how you can have a “virtual event” experience if you aren’t able to come. I have a link that have all of my Discover London related blog posts. So keep it handy as we’ll have a lot to say in the next few weeks.  

Follow me on Twitter as @CalvinZito and be sure to check ATSB often for the latest articles:

NonStop News

Did you miss NuWave at Boot Camp? Don't worry! You can see what you missed during our upcoming webinar, "Talk with Your NonStop: Integrating NonStop with Modern Devices". Learn more about this webinar and register to attend!


Key Dates that Impact Data Security in the Payments Industry

Large-scale breaches that expose payment card data have increased the need for efficient, effective protections on payment processing platforms globally. Many regulations, laws, and compliance requirements influence information technology investments aimed at minimizing future exposure.

Learn more


Save the Date!

2017 SunTUG/Connect Florida Sunshine Summit.
March 17, Tampa, Florida.

Register Here


May 9-10 2017 -DoubleTree by Hilton, Tower Hill, London. Registration: Not yet open

Call for papers: Click here

For the latest information on all BITUG activity and to ensure you are first to know when event registration is open for the above please visit and join the BITUG mailing list.  Any questions please email


Save the Date!

December 8, 2016
at Barclays, Canary Wharf. 

Little Sig registration is now open – Secure your seat and see more detailed information here.


Making Your Valuable Data A Worthless Treasure

Understand recent massive data breaches and strategies to protect your valuable enterprise, credit card and personal private data, making it a 'worthless treasure' to hackers. Learn how SecurData plays a key role in this scenario.




Just as the Connect event is aptly named Boot Camp, it has many of the same characteristics, though somewhat less intense, as military boot camp. TBC brings together people from different locations, cultures, industries, and occupational specialties for a short period of intense education and training coupled with the social aspect of creating strong relationships within the tight knit HPE NonStop community.

Read More


If you missed the Sept/Oct issue of The Connection- read it here:


Layered Security – How to leverage HPE and XYPRO solutions to build security defence in depth for your NonStop ecosystem

Cyber criminals are relentlessly driving to break into systems, get to data, wreak havoc and cause disruption to fulfill their malicious objectives. Keeping your most critical assets secure is challenging for any business. Limited staff, budgets and evolving criminal tactics can put you at a disadvantage. In this session, we will break down the walls of individual solutions to create a layered security model. We will walk security professionals through how to secure their NonStop systems and assets using a layered, defence in depth approach to security. Using security solutions provided by HPE and XYPRO, we will discuss how encryption, access control, auditing, analytics, intelligence and more can leverage each other and help you build the necessary layers and swing the advantage in your direction.


A presentation by:

Steve Tcherchian, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer
XYPRO Technology



Mark your Calendar! Join DUST  (Desert Users of Tandem) 

Dec 13 -2016 Scottsdale AZ


Coming this Spring!

MATUG Meeting- Herndon, VA.

HPE Education Services News

Looking Forward to Accelerating Change in 2017!

At HPE, our mission is to enable our customers to improve the lives of their customers through the better use of technology. This fits directly with our mission in HPE Education Services, where we are focused on offering services which help people to transition successfully through all of the stages of technology adoption. Our high-level goal, is to help you to establish a culture of change in your organization, to accelerate your ability to evolve your business and serve your customers better.

This all means helping people to do their jobs better, with less frustration through adoption of new technologies, new work processes, and sometimes even new job functions and responsibilities.

Some of the key changes we know are creating change and putting people under pressure in their work environments this year, are:

  • Cloud technologies – which most enterprise teams are working with in some form
  • DevOps processes – which most IT people are interested to learn about, and adopt
  • Mobility – to make this work, IT teams need to know and deploy reliable and secure wireless networking

In this newsletter edition, use these resources to plan your education and training journey in technology for 2017 now!


Education Services can assist you on your 2017 Cloud adoption journey!

Here are some resources:

  • Check out our free expert webinar series on Cloud with upcoming and on-demand webinars on topics like:
  • Simplifying OpenStack® Technology
  • Introduction to Aruba OS-Switch
  • Are you ready for the Cloud era? By IDC’s Cushing Anderson
  • Visit our always-on Cloud Mentoring and Discussion forum to post your questions and contribute your thoughts and advice to other people like you in the HPE Community.
  • Want to see the full list of all of cloud training courses? Check out are new Cloud training web page, with everything listed all in one place for easy browsing.


Education Services offers a full range of effective ways to learn DevOps processes in 2017!

We hear it repeatedly: The ideas behind DevOps just make sense and are easy to understand – but DevOps is very challenging to make work. Why? Because it requires people to change how they think, how the work, and how they collaborate together. To help accelerate DevOps adoption, we’ve introduced a Simulation Game workshop. Simulations are more effective for this type of training, because participants practice the skills that they need – and get help to overcome the real-life obstacles which prevent good ideas, like DevOps, from becoming a reality.

Some highlights:


Education Services offers Management of Change consulting service to help your team no matter what type of new technology or process you are adopting!

I know that we’ve talked to you about this before, and I hope that the message is clear by now: the people in your organization need to be prepared and supported through changes that come with new technology and new processes. Otherwise, you have a high risk that the project will fail to deliver the benefits that you expect – and a high risk that the project will cause too much disruption to your business while it is happening, as well.

Some resources to help you learn more:

  • Take a three minutes to watch this new video from Cushing Anderson at IDC, in which he explains the dynamics of change and how Management of Change can help.
  • Missed the first two videos from IDC in this series? Here are the links to the first and second videos in the series.
  • Visit our MoC web site for brochures, datasheets and to connect with our Education Consulting experts.

We encourage you to share these videos within your organization, so that your teams can consider if they are doing enough to prepare and support people as part of their planned technology projects for 2017.