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During March the Hyperconverged topic continued to be to spike in interest and so I added a couple more blogs related to how we are starting to combine Simplivity value into our new hyperconverged offerings   

Just announced!
HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack delivers speed, security and simplicity

Why Hardware Matters in A Software-Defined World

 The discussion around Hybrid IT is also another topic that has started to trend - what is Hybrid IT and why I need a Hybrid IT strategy will continue to trend upwards as we move through June Discover and beyond For instance if you type in Digital Disruption on Google you will see it is one of the hottest topics in the datacenter at the moment. Couple that with the AWS disruption earlier last month has it has really stimulated a conversation around the need of developing a Hybrid IT strategy. Here are a series of articles you might find of interest on this topic: