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It is rodeo season in Houston and as with every year, the Houston rodeo continues gets bigger with more crowds and activities crammed into 3 weeks of very organized chaos. Okay “chaos” is undeserved as the event is extremely well managed with many volunteers and committees, all of whom know their responsibilities and manage all activities down to the very precise degree. But this got me thinking to how well they could put on a huge production like this if you started from scratch, with a lot of staff and volunteers who were not fully versed on what they should be doing. I think, transitioning to the cloud has caught many companies in a similar position of unpreparedness. It is easy to say the words “move everything to the cloud” but the true reality of IT staff being ready to manage workloads in the cloud as precisely as the Houston manages its rodeo has becoming daunting. If this resonates with you, I have included 3 articles that might be able to help you.  

Which comes first: Multi-cloud management maturity or IT excellence?

5 proven tactics to break up the cloud deployment logjam

Admitting you have a problem with your cloud transformat

Chris Purcell has 29+ years of experience working with technology within the datacenter. Currently focused on integrated systems (server, storage, networking and cloud which come wrapped with a complete set of integration consulting and integration services.)

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