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Building off my Public Cloud theme of last month, I have added a few more articles that provide some useful insights to when it is viable to place workloads in the Public Cloud and where it is more advisable to keep your workload closer to home and run them on your own infrastructure. I am starting to see what I define as born in the cloud companies expatriating their data and bringing it back in house as they need more access and flexibility with their data. Happy reading!

Oh Baby, Baby, It’s a Cloud World ... It’s Hard To Get By Just Upon a Public Cloud

Is Hybrid IT Replacing Public Cloud as the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

How to make Hybrid IT simple: The best of both worlds with on-premises IT and public cloud

Chris Purcell has 29+ years of experience working with technology within the datacenter. Currently focused on integrated systems (server, storage, networking and cloud which come wrapped with a complete set of integration consulting and integration services.)

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