Software-Defined & Cloud

One of the interesting pieces of news that came out of HPE Discover in June was about the announcement of HPE OneView 5.0. Unfortunately the release was a little overshadowed with other news items, so I wanted to give it a shout out in this month’s eNews. Simplifying the data center continues to be front and center for many in IT. Some have created strategies that transition more and more workloads to the cloud, but for the workloads that remain, what are alternative ways to simplify? To solve this problem, many businesses are augmenting their cloud strategy with a software-defined strategy. By doing so allows a better way for IT to manage their infrastructure with software driven automation. Software-defined processes include infrastructure control, provisioning, configuration, and management – all of which are defined by policies based on requirements for individual applications. Today, the ability to software-define infrastructure is a vital way for IT to stay ahead of datacenter complexity.

Here are a couple of HPE OneView related articles help you learn more.

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