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Happy November everyone…tis the season of Fall and another Discover event that starts later this month and run Nov 28th through Nov 30th in Madrid Spain. I am hopeful that you will be able to join us at in Spain, but if not, there will be many ways that you will be able to keep up with activities virtually. If you are still trying to make up your mind on travel, I have provided an article that might help you sway your decision.

Top 10 reasons to join HPE at Discover Madrid 2017


The other two articles I have included this month highlight where I see IT is struggling the most as they make the move to digital transformation. This transition can be very challenging and unless the move is well planned and thought through it can become extremely disruptive to current business processes. I am hopeful that these articles will provide you with some insight on what others have done already.

4 Steps to a True Digital Transformation

Understanding Hybrid IT Strategies from Fortune 1000 IT Experts


I look forward to seeing you at HPE Discover Madrid later this month.

Chris Purcell has 29+ years of experience working with technology within the datacenter. Currently focused on integrated systems (server, storage, networking and cloud which come wrapped with a complete set of integration consulting and integration services.)

You can find Chris on Twitter as @Chrispman01 and @HPE_ConvergedDI and his contribution to the HPE CI blog at