Business continuity isn’t a job—it’s the whole business
The day of the scripted scenario-based disaster response is over. Business continuity isn’t a plan—it’s a way of organizing. It’s a way of thinking.

6 ways tech is changing your golf game
Technology is transforming the game of golf. Here are ways it could make yours better too!

How to accelerate time to value for blockchain initiatives
Learn more about what it takes to deliver enterprise-blockchain solutions.

HPE Small Business Solutions: Don’t cut the wrong corners
When budgets are tight, virtualization enables running multiple applications on a single server, helping you do more with less. HPE Small Business Solutions for Virtualization are based on secure, simple, and affordable HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors and optimized and validated to run ClearVM™ or Microsoft® Hyper-V®.

The 5 real reasons your employees don’t care about business continuity
Remove the barriers to participation and the possibilities are endless. But if you leave them in place you have no right to complain.

DevOps–Your 3-step transformation journey
Innovative companies focus on the concept of fail fast & fail often. In order to succeed in a DevOps transformation, check out the 4 types of failures that promote growth in an agile way.

Disaster recovery practices began long before the founding of the term “cloud”
The driving forces moving DR to the cloud are many, and the cloud services available to support DR are just as vast. Here’s how looking to the cloud is a game saver.

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