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And HP-UX delivers!!


Welcome to the second issue of “HP-UX Connect”- the HP-UX/Integrity Newsletter. We are thrilled to accompany the issue with the news of the newly launched HPE Integrity i6 servers.

As we noted in our last newsletter that Hewlett Packard Enterprise continues to fulfill its investment promises in your favorite platform – we proudly announced and delivered the HPE Integrity i6 servers and the HP-UX 2017 release this summer. We also established our vision for continued enhancements to the Integrity i6/HP-UX platform and the choice for customers to re-host HP-UX workloads on Linux-based x86 containers in the future.

Exciting times ahead with more innovations - stay connected and watch this space for more!


Customer Story: Migrating with benefits


CIBIL boosts customer experience by doubling IT performance

“Our database size and business volumes are increasing day by day, and the Hewlett Packard Enterprise system gives us the performance we require to support our existing and future growth.” A Shiju Rawther, AVP & Head - IT Infrastructure, Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited


Credit reference agencies play an essential part in financial systems, providing fast, accurate information to loan providers, and so it is a high volume business, and agencies need a fast, reliable IT infrastructure. Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL), that delivers millions of reports every day, was faced with ageing systems and slow performance – limiting their growth potential.

CIBIL needed a fast, flexible system to enhance its IT infrastructure and improve customer experience and delight. It chose a solution based on HPE Integrity blade servers and 3PAR StoreServ, which has doubled overall performance – directly leading to an increase in customer experience. The new system was cost effective due to its compact size and lower energy usage – and scalable enough to meet future growth needs.


The Solution


HPE Integrity BL890c i4 Blade Server, BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure, HPE Virtual Connect  Flex-10 and Virtual Connect for SAN, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7400, HPE Storage SAN Switch 8/80, HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM), HP-UX, HPE Datacenter Care



The Results


Increased revenue due to processing 50 per cent more transactions, up from 10 million to 15 million reports each day

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), with savings in hosting, power and staff time

Increased response time by a factor of more than three. Each report is now delivered within one to one and half seconds, reduced from three to five seconds previously


Read the detailed case-study and solution description for CIBIL here




The news and buzz is around our latest announcement, and we bring to you the key value drivers of the HPE Integrity i6 servers combined with the latest HP-UX 2017 release:

*Source: Based on HPE lab testing running TPC-H Power benchmark on Superdome 2 (8-socket / 64 core) server with Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition.

•      Extended mission-critical capabilities with investment protection and business continuity, with servers based on the new Intel Itanium 9700 series processors


•      Significant enhancements in data management, virtualization, high availability, security and private cloud management with support for the HP-UX 2017 Operating Environment Update Release (OEUR)

•      More performance and lower TCO with support for the latest HPE Storage arrays – XP7 and 3PAR All Flash Storage.  There is also a higher memory capacity support of up to 8TB for single instance on Superdome 2 i6 servers to handle larger workloads such as Oracle 12c utilizing its in-memory capabilities to increase performance and reduce licensing costs

•       Investment protection as 3 generations of Itanium processors (i2, i4 and i6) can co-exist in the same enclosure, an unparalleled feat in the industry

•       HPE Integrity i6 servers (Superdome 2 and rx2800) now support Intel NVMe Workload accelerator cards to further boost IO workload / database performance. Initial benchmarks with NVMe have yielded performance gains greater than 75%*

For more information, contact your HPE representative


        write to: hpux.connect@hpe.com


*Source: Based on HPE lab testing running TPC-H Power benchmark on Superdome 2 (8-socket / 64 core) server with Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition.


Video of the quarter


Data Deduplication on HP-UX Veritas File System 6.1

The deduplication feature in Storage Foundation enables customers to use file system deduplication to optimize existing primary storage. Enabling deduplication at the file system layer results in storage savings and avoids complex and expensive appliances typically associated with file deduplication.
Deduplication is performed without needing any application changes and with minimal overhead. And it does not change the file extension, allowing users and applications to use files normally, without performance impact. Before setting up deduplication for a file system, evaluate whether the nature of the data makes it a good candidate for deduplication.

Watch the Video Here




Tech-Tip of the quarter

The base pagesize is the smallest unit of memory that the HP-UX memory management system deals with.  HP-UX is one of the only UNIX operating systems that supports a configurable page-size parameter.  Traditionally this value has been 4K on several operating systems and HP-UX is no exception.  From 11.31 onwards, however, HP-UX allows configuring this value to 4k/8k/16k/64k. A larger base pagesize leads to a reduction in the amount of ‘static’ kernel metadata that the kernel uses.

For instance with a 4K base pagesize, on a 100GB system, between 6GB-8GB will be taken up by the kernel on booting the system itself.  The kernel uses this memory to store page related metadata information. If we go for a 16K base page size the amount of memory taken by static metadata falls to 2-3GB, resulting in a 5-6GB memory savings (a 4 factor reduction).

•   This can be useful if customers want to consolidate additional number of VM’s / vpars on a system, or if they wish to improve their memory utilization metrics.

•   Another compelling advantage of a larger base pagesize is that the kernel performance usually improves by around 5%, for most workloads, if one goes from 4k to16K base page size.  This is due to better hardware TLB hit-rates, and several paths in the kernel taking a lesser time to execute.  For instance if one wanted to read a 64K file from disk, with a 4K base pagesize the kernel would loop 16 times to fetch the data, with a 16K base page-size the loop gets cut down by a factor of 4.
•   The sweet-spot as determined by running several
workloads in the lab is 16K, and HPE recommends that customers set their systems to this value for optimal performance of their systems.

•   For more information, please visit: https://h20565.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public


Silver Screen: News Highlights

These are exciting times with a new wave of innovation in the HP-UX environment, and we couldn’t be happier with the positive responses across the board for our strategy and direction– from media/analysts, to customers and partners, and even from our internal field folks. Everyone is excited, and we want to share the following glimpses:

•    The Evolution of Mission-Critical Computing:

“Our OEM partners will continue to deliver system- and software-level innovation and support for Intel Itanium processor family users” - Intel Announcement Blog, 5/11, Lisa M Davis

•   HPE bows to inevitable: Integrity servers get latest Itanium engine and container off-ramp:

“This move by HPE demonstrates maturity and reality and gives Itanium customers a comfort blanket for the future” - The Register, 5/11, Chris Mellor

•   HPE offers an escape from the aging HP-UX OS via containers:

“The Integrity servers are known for their rock-solid stability…HPE believes its HP-UX customers are important. HPE will continue to improve the Integrity i6 servers at the system- and the software-level, beyond just the processor” - PC World, 5/11, Agam Shah

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