Small & Midsize Business News

Service provider delivers dream solution for customers of all sizes with HPE ProLiant and ClearOS

J-Tech Enterprises has found an innovative new set of solutions that provides a solid value with 50% savings delivered by HPE ProLiant Servers and ClearOS.

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Multi-Function workforce solutions for enhanced business performance

The ability to operate quickly and cost-effectively is the backbone of today’s business strategy, and a new breed of technology is needed to accomplish more with fewer people and tighter budgets. For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), a simple, consolidated platform is the key to fueling workplace productivity—with integrated solutions that simplify IT management and improve on performance.

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Meet the HPE ProLiant tower family

Meet the HPE ProLiant tower family comprising of the ProLiant ML servers and the ProLiant MicroServer, the right sized servers for your business.

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Are you putting all your storage backup eggs in one basket? Better keep an eye on the backup basket.

We’ve all been there. You’ve got all your favorite photos, your contacts, your banking info, and more on your phone. After all, you take it with you everywhere you go, and there’s a lot of important stuff you need at your fingertips. And then you drop it. Or lose it. Or take it swimming. Oops.

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