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Press release:  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brings High-End Capabilities to Entry Storage

The worldwide leader in servers and storage, HPE is making enterprise storage data platforms affordable for small and midsize businesses, providing entry-level systems that can grow with them. The new, next-generation HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides an easy on-ramp to software-defined storage while the HPE MSA 2042 delivers hybrid flash at an affordable price.

Pulse of IT article:  How storage virtualization can help SMBs solve their top IT challenges

Scaling for growth and streamlined management are two areas where small and midsized businesses find themselves challenged today. Is it any coincidence that these are the same two areas where virtual storage offers the greatest impact?

WATCH:  Is your storage infrastructure optimized to take full advantage of virtualization

Did you know that storage virtualization essentially provides the same types of benefits server virtualization offers small and midsize businesses in terms of being able to reduce costs, lower risk and increase agility?

WATCH:  3 things you need to know about virtual storage

Simply put, virtual storage reduces overall IT spending, dedicated storage costs, and application downtime. Get the numbers in this quick video.

Aberdeen checklist:  Five signs your business might need virtual storage


Aberdeen Group research has shown that businesses leveraging virtual storage benefit by lowering IT costs, reducing downtime and improving scalability. These factors can be critical to small and midsize businesses. Here’s a checklist put together to help you determine if you’re ready to put virtual storage to work for your business.

Aberdeen whitepaper:  The very real benefits of adopting virtual storage


Just like server virtualization, virtual storage makes it possible for organizations to greatly reduce their hardware and resource costs, while improving reliability, performance, agility, and the ability to scale their storage, according to research from Aberdeen Group. These benefits are valuable for all organizations but can be especially critical for small and midsize businesses. Get the full story here.

Two things you need to know if you’re running a small to midsized business—and you don’t have a server

First, you are a prime candidate for data loss or theft. Small and midsized businesses—which are easier targets for cybercriminals than large enterprises—tend to store important data on individual devices, which are prone to being lost or stolen. Second, your employees need anywhere, anytime, any-device mobile access to apps, information, and collaboration tools so they can be more productive and grow your business.

HPE Flex Solutions for My First Server are built just for small businesses that need features such as centralized security and automated online data backup, along with a robust platform for collaboration.