About Sri Raghavan

Mission Critical Solutions

Principal Product Manager – 25+ years of experience with a focus on solving customer challenges with right solutions. Data management and Analytics specialist with knowledge on SAP, Oracle and SAS Analytics. Focussed on developing solutions with HPE Superdome Flex and Synergy platforms with 3PAR and Nimble storage.

September 2019

Small changes, big gains – New Podcast on Oracle licensing savings

Oracle® databases handle many of the biggest mission critical workloads. But licensing for Oracle is typically priced per processor core. So, it’s vital that businesses avoid wasted value by optimizing Oracle workloads for maximum performance per core. Because at this scale, even the smallest optimization could save thousands per year. How can you make Oracle workloads more cost-efficient? Listen to our latest Mission Critical Podcast for tips from Sri Raghavan, Product Manager for Oracle solutions at HPE. You’ll get rare insight into what makes a super-efficient Oracle infrastructure solution, and how tools like the Database Performance Profiler help you reduce costs. In one case study Sri shares, Oracle costs were made 50% smaller by moving from UNIX to HPE Superdome Flex™ servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

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