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Tuesday, June 18th


9:00 AM - DF8499
Connect Tech Forum:
How we work with Aruba…a real world example

Steve Davidek City of Sparks
Miguel Balagot
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Learn how the city of Sparks replaced its Wi-Fi system with networking products from Aruba and HPE to create a mobile workplace for city employees. The city is using Aruba hardware in the data center to the edge with Aruba switches connecting 13 buildings via fiber, and Aruba Gigabit WiFi in all major buildings including City Hall, Police Department, Municipal Court, Public Works and Community Centers with Fire Headquarters and Recreation. Learn about Aruba Beacons for an outdoor “beacon” mapping system at our regional softball field. Stay after the session for an informal Roundtable on Enterprise Networking.


9:30 AM
Connect Tech Forum:
Enterprise Networking Roundtable

Miguel Balagot Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Connect with the experts at this roundtable discussion about HPE Networking's products. Discuss solutions for mobility and Software Defined Networking, and learn how customers are deploying these technologies to solve today's business challenges. This is a great opportunity to speak directly with HPE technologists and networking experts.


10:00 AM - DF8510
Connect Tech Forum: Connect on Blockchain

Khody Khodayari Idelji

The HPE user group, Connect, and its two publications are now on an Ethereum blockchain. This was part of creating a distributed global ecosystem for anyone involved with content creation and publication. We present the benefits of Blockchain for this use case and how a team of five was able to take it from an idea to production in just seven months.


11:00 AM - DF8498
Connect Tech Forum: How to make the most of your 3PAR storage investment with file services and virtualization

Dr. Heinz-Hermann Adam University of Münster
Calvin Zito Hewlett Packard Enterprise

At this session, you will learn how the University of Münster gets the most value from HPE 3PAR StoreServ for file services and virtualization. You will receive an overview of implementation and leveraged technologies, as well as future options. Find out how the University of Münster utilizes HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence Software in a multi-tier storage strategy to deliver file services via the HPE StoreEasy Gateway Storage and virtualization based on VMware vSphere and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

Stay after the session for an exciting Roundtable with HPE’s Storage Guru, Calvin Zito.


11:30 AM

Connect Tech Forum: Enterprise Storage Roundtable

Calvin Zito HPE Storage Guy

Connect with the experts at this roundtable discussion about HPE's storage products and solutions, including 3PAR, software defined storage, HPE StoreOnce and HPE MSA Storage. Learn how customers of all sizes implement and use HPE storage products, and connect with HPE technologists to provide feedback and enhancement requests directly to HPE. Stick around after Dr. Adam discusses his use case with 3PAR to get the latest updates in HPE Storage from HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito.


12:00 PM - DF8508
Connect Tech Forum: Hyperconverged, real stories from two Wisconsin schools transforming education

Cassandra Anderson Systems Administrator, School District of Janesville
Heikki Heikkinen Systems Engineer, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Hear first-hand about how both the School District of Janesville and Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District are ensuring their IT departments are enabling learning and removing roadblocks to innovation. After rolling out HPE SimpliVity, their IT teams have more time to spend on meaningful projects critical to student success. Please join us to learn about their journeys to replace SAN and server infrastructure and discuss perks such as offsite backups and simple management via VMware vCenter.


Wednesday, June 19th


10:00 AM - DF8500
Connect Tech Forum: We installed HPE Synergy, see how it’s going

Steve Davidek City of Sparks

The City of Sparks in Nevada installed two HPE Synergy Frames a year ago after a lot of research and planning. We will discuss the good, the bad and not so ugly. HPE Synergy Frames replaced two aging HPE BladeSystem c7000 blade chassis that were nearing end of life. We will show our configuration and our connections to our existing HPE 3PAR storage. We will also talk about our plans to allow the city’s Infrastructure Team to stay ahead of the curve.


11:00 AM - DF8506
Connect Tech Forum: VDI on Synergy

Richard Faulkner Solutions Architect, Sage Net

Hear from a Citrix Technology Professional on how a law firm upgraded their rackmount servers to HPE Synergy Frames and HPE Nimble Storage to support their VDI initiative. Stay after the session for an informal roundtable discussion with experts from HPE.


12:00 PM - DF8513
Connect Tech Forum: Software Defined and Cloud Roundtable

Chris Purcell and Gary Stevens Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Connect with the experts on the HPE Software-Defined and Cloud team at this roundtable discussion about converged management, hyperconverged appliances and composable infrastructure. Learn where the data center of the future is heading, how a simple integrated management experience is sweeping through the data center and how customers are successfully delivering a cloud experience across their data center infrastructures. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your data center infrastructure concerns directly with HPE technologists.


1:00 PM - DF8516
Connect Tech Forum: HP-UX

Jeff Kyle Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Connect with global enterprise UNIX peers for a roundtable discussion about HP-UX, including the future of HP-UX, mission-critical computing, Integrity and beyond. Share best practices and provide feedback and enhancement requests directly to HPE technologists.


2:00 PM - DF8503
Connect Tech Forum: Risk Management: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Steve Tcherchian XYPRO Technology Corporation

Implementing and managing security for your most critical assets is challenging for any business. Most organizations are breached within minutes, yet it can take months or years to detect. Limited staff, budgets and new tactics puts you at a disadvantage. In this lively and educational session, we will discuss today's security landscape and walk you through the journey of establishing a modern security baseline with a proactive strategy. We will then explore all those new buzzwords like ML and AI and explore how we fit into the picture.


2:30 PM
Connect Tech Forum: Enterprise Security Roundtable

Rob Lesan XYPRO Technology

From the data center to the network, big data and social networking, security is now a crucial part of every IT conversation. Connect with the experts at this Roundtable discussion about enterprise security. Share best practices, offer feedback and speak directly to HPE technologists in a small, intimate setting.


3:00 PM - DF8501
Connect Tech Forum: From Edge to Core to Cloud – Enabling Innovation with Data Security

Jonathan Deveaux comforte

With all the fear, uncertainty and doubt around cybersecurity, it's difficult for businesses to forge ahead, to stay competitive and even to grow. Data security has always been an afterthought. In this presentation, we will share our views on the growing threat landscape within organizations today and then share examples of what companies are doing to protect data and enable innovation. It's not as hard as it may seem.


4:00 PM - DF8505
Connect Tech Forum: Unleash the Value in Your Data!

Paul J. Holenstein Gravic, Inc.

Different hardware, different databases, different protocols, how can valuable business data locked in one system be made available to all? HPE data distribution software liberates your trapped data, allowing it to be easily shared across systems and applications for new business purposes like real-time business intelligence, online data warehousing, big data distribution and more. This session discusses real-world use cases where customers quickly and easily leveraged their data in new ways.


5:00 PM - DF9691
Connect Tech Forum: Delivering Business continuity for vital applications – Best practices

Mark Pollans Hewlett Packard Enterprise

When it comes to application availability and preventing loss from system or data center failures, many enterprises operate with outdated ideas of what really needs to be "always on." What is the impact to business if your customer-facing application became unavailable? What about internal collaboration systems, the impact to productivity and meeting customer commitments? About 95% of enterprises have experienced at least one unplanned outage in the past 24 months. Attend this talk to get practical concepts to survive data center disasters.


Thursday, June 20th


9:00 AM
Connect Tech Forum: How the high value of social learning is changing the world of professional technical training

Steve Russo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Social learning has changed the world, and HPE’s approach is in the process of changing as a result. Our simple goal is to enable all HPE customers to have access to a more accessible form of technical training, available to all of their employees without boundaries or limitations. Our vision is to do this by creating online social communities which are activated by social learning approaches. These include YouTube-style videos, discussion forums, content sharing and other community learning approaches, such as the HPE Connect Community.