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What could possibly make NonStop TBC 2019 even better?

Cyberterrorism expert Chan from the FBI! Hear firsthand the cyber threats that you’re most likely to encounter in 2019.

AND, we’re beyond excited to have Dr. Timothy Chou back at NonStop TBC this year. Dr. Chou will share his thoughts on AI and the Enterprise.

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The 2019 NonStop Technical Boot Camp will begin with cutting edge deep-dive pre-conference seminars on Sunday hosted by the leaders of NonStop innovations and solutions, and will follow with three days of breakout sessions, keynotes, and networking receptions. Meet and learn from the developers, engineers, and executives that are leading the global NonStop community.

November 3-6, 2019
Hyatt Regency SFO
Burlingame, California USA


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This year's event will attract over 400 members of the global NonStop community for four days of networking and learning with NonStop engineers, executives, partners and customers at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport!

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Take a moment to read this IBM presentation on Cloud Object Storage (COS):

The presentation will be an education on how cloud-based object storage is an ideal solution for storing, archiving, backing up, and managing high volumes of static or unstructured data—reliably, efficiently, and affordably. It’s a great primer for those that are perhaps not familiar with Object Storage, and a refresher for those that are!

It’s important to remember that Tributary Systems, is a valued IBM partner, and as such, Tributary Systems’ STORAGE DIRECTOR, enhances IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) performance in both active backup and archive use cases. STORAGE DIRECTOR increases read and write speeds to IBM by 5X on average when compared to directly connecting a backup application like Commvault, NetBackup or Veeam to ICOS. In addition, by caching backup data, Storage Director also reduces or eliminates ingress/egress charges for public clouds. These results were generated by IBM during independent testing in their labs, and we’d be pleased to demonstrate this in customer environments via a proof of concept (POC).

Check out our website at www.tributary.com for complete details on HPE NonStop OEM Tape, Storage Director, Cloud Object Storage, and data security.


Please Enjoy Gravic’s Two New Videos on HPE Shadowbase!

Shadowbase Overview Video

We hope that you find this video interesting and informative. Please share it with your colleagues!

This video is also available with Korean and Chinese Simplified subtitles, with additional translations in the future.

Paul J. Holenstein Award Interview

Paul Holenstein, Gravic EVP, was interviewed at HPE Discover on Gravic winning the HPE Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2019 Award.


CSP PassPort:
Designed for NonStop Command Control

Authentication and authorization on NonStop systems require a complex arrangement of basic Guardian file permissions, Safeguard globals and optional object ACLs. All of these elements provide control over who can do what to an object.

CSP PassPort® is a comprehensive security solution for controlling and auditing user access to HPE NonStop systems. It provides comprehensive user and command control, password quality enforcement, and full session auditing for NonStop systems.

CSP PassPort complements Safeguard by providing additional security features and greatly expands the Guardian security package for systems without Safeguard.

Learn more about CSP PassPort here

CSP - Compliance at your Fingertips™

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit wiki.cspsecurity.com

We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security ®


Applications Monitoring

A targeted, real-time monitoring solution for your multi-vendor and multi-platform applications.


By bringing disparate sources of data, metrics and events into a single product, Sentra provides you with actionable insights into the state of your Enterprise.

Business value dashboards reflect the metrics that drive your entire organisation, obtaining and storing data from multiple applications and associated infrastructure. While analytical KPI intelligence is presented in real-time, unified visuals. 

Sentra utilises in-house, accredited extraction processes to capture the requisite data from applications, payments and infrastructure components.

Powerful rules engines, data analysis and querying mechanisms analyses the data and supplies dashboards, alerting, querying and current and historical management information reports.

The Sentra Applications Monitoring solution extracts data from applications, payments and platforms such as:

  • BASE24

  • HPE NonStop

  • J2EE Applications

  • JMX Data

  • Linux

  • Lusis Tango

  • Microsoft

  • MQ Series

  • NCR Authentic

  • RTGS


  • Web Services

  • XML

Further information can be found here, on how we can help you manage your application and enterprise monitoring concerns.  

You can follow Insider Technologies on Twitter @insidertech, on LinkedIn, or contact us via hello@insidertech.co.uk


Using OutsideView 9.0 to Manage a Large Number of 6530 Terminal Sessions

Click HERE to read more


The Tangible Value of Patterns and Anomalies in Security Data

Steve Tcherchian - XYPRO Technology

Every business wants more data. Data on their customers, competition, operations, processes, employees, inventory and more. Data can be used to make business decisions and provide strategic insights that gives companies a competitive advantage. This can be in terms of efficiencies, enhancing the customer experience, or refining market strategy. Its uses are limitless. Over the last decade, computing power has advanced where generating and storing data has become much simpler and cost efficient.

With all that data available, most businesses struggle to figure out what to do with it all now that they have it. According to Forrester, up to 73% of data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. We are so used to extracting targeted information from data that we simply ignore what we don't understand and throw it away as noise. This problem is prevalent in every industry, but especially in the security world. Security teams are overwhelmed with the vast amounts of data generated from firewalls, intrusion detection systems, network appliances and other devices. It's impossible to expect security teams to interpret all this data. We unintentionally end up focusing on what we already know and ignoring what we don't.

Typical alerting systems are configured to raise alarms, but only when they encounter a binary event or reach a threshold. For example, if three or more failed authentication attempts performed in succession are detected, generate an alert. Yet successful authentication attempts are mostly categorized as business as usual and ignored. The current mean time to detect a breach is over six months. Most organizations have all the data they need to identify a breach much faster than the six month average, yet they are still unable to detect and react to a breach in a semi-reasonable amount of time. This is due to:

  • The volume and velocity of the data being generated

  • Not looking for patterns in all of the data available - the unknown unknowns

  • Not having the proper context for the data available

If your system is ever breached, you don't necessarily need to look at the failed authentication events, you need to look for anomalies in the successful ones!

Most organizations are well down the path on their journey of capturing and storing all of their data for future analytics. Data Lakes are large repositories of raw data in any format. Capturing, storing and securing that data is key. Once the data is available, it can be analyzed and its value maximized using a variety of methods. This is where the fun starts!

On HPE NonStop servers, XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) gathers, normalizes and stores security audit data from the system and its applications. Merged Audit is your central repository for all NonStop security data. This is your NonStop Security Data Lake. In some environments, the data XMA gathers can amount to tens of millions of records per system, per day.  With that kind of volume, you might think it’s nearly impossible to draw all of the value out of from this massive amount of data. This data can be fed to an external SIEM or SOAR for alerting, but most of it likely falls into To continue reading click here.


Interested in learning more about microservices and their applicability to NonStop application developers? Check out NuWave's latest blog article on HPE NonStop applications and microservices.  

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 2.46.53 PM.png

Lusis Announces Strategic Partnership with DataCare Zrt

Utilising the Lusis product, TANGO, DataCare Zrt will have the ability to provide message switching, transaction processing, fraud, loyalty management, multi-asset trading platform solutions and services.

Lusis Payments, a global innovator of mission-critical payments software, announced today that DataCare Zrt, a leading European data management and solutions provider, has signed a strategic partnership agreement. In the new agreement, Lusis will provide software solutions that will reside in DataCare’s Data Centre. DataCare delivers innovative information technology solutions that help its customers maximise their return on information by increasing the value of information and/or reducing the information technology related costs of information ownership.

Utilising Lusis’ mission-critical software product, TANGO, DataCare will have the ability to provide message switching, transaction processing, fraud, loyalty management, multi-asset trading platform solutions and services based on an HPE NonStop platform. Datacare has vast expertise in providing unparalleled custom applications built on the HPE NonStop platform to organisations worldwide.  The technological foundation of DataCare’s custom solution is comprised of HP NonStop servers for maximum uninterrupted availability.  Datacare will provide the new services to clients globally.

TANGO is an online processing engine for mission-critical 24x7 solutions. TANGO delivers performance, availability, and scalability, with a rich set of functionalities, all from a single application, a single code set and a single architecture. This flexibility makes TANGO ideal for the next generation of payment systems. TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture providing agility for business needs.  “As a leading Financial Technology company, we welcome and seek like-minded companies which allow us to collaborate and deliver state-of-the-art technology to the financial industry,” said Philippe Preval, President and CEO of Lusis Payments. “TANGO addresses business needs both now and in the foreseeable future.”

Lusis was recently named as “Best Electronic Payment Systems Solutions – Europe 2019” by Capital Finance International. Lusis earned this distinction for its technology and its dedication to research. The Lusis Artificial Intelligence and Data Science department drives the company’s advanced high-performance solutions.


uLinga provides SNAX and X.25 support for HPE NonStop X

In the recent past, several HPE NonStop customers have postponed their plans to migrate their systems to the HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems, because legacy communications products like SNAX and X.25 were not available on the new systems.

HPE NonStop and comforte AG (with its development partner Infrasoft Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia) reached an agreement to provide SNAX and X.25 support for NonStop X and Virtualized NonStop systems using the uLinga for EE (Enterprise Extender) and uLinga for X.25 software products. Both products have been available on other NonStop platforms for a number of years and are providing valuable services at customer sites around the world.

HPE NonStop Product Management and R&D Executives announced the availability of HPE NonStop cF uLinga for EE and HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25 at several NonStop user group events like the ETBC in Edinburgh in May this year. The message was to …

Figure 1: Slide taken from HPE presentation deck

Figure 1: Slide taken from HPE presentation deck

Communicate with your partners as you always have and ease your migration to NonStop X (and virtual NonStop) with uLinga, a SNAX and X.25 solution now available through HPE:

  • uLinga from comforte (and Infrasoft) is now available for sale through HPE NonStop sales teams

  • uLinga for both SNAX and X25 with HPE pricing and support

  • UPDATE - HPE announced on August 1st, that both products are available for quoting and shipment now. A Service is also available to help customers with installation and set up.

The two uLinga products are available from HPE and will have the following HPE product names:

  • HPE NonStop cF uLinga for EE

  • HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25

But what exactly are uLinga for EE and uLinga for X25?

HPE NonStop cF uLinga Enterprise Extender (EE) provides SNA support on HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems. It enables seamless migration from SNA to TCP/IP and provides a level of fault tolerance across the links where available.

HPE NonStop users who deploy EE eliminate SNA from a critical part of the network, even from the last wire “tails” that connect to traditional routers.

This often involves removing the very last of any physical SNA network presence within the data centre itself. Unlike DLSw solutions, when deploying EE, IP connections are terminated within each server that supports the EE protocol (HPR/IP).

For those responsible for network monitoring, standard IP monitoring tools can be used for visibility of the application, end-to-end, even though the applications themselves continue to remain as SNA applications and are unlikely to require any change to begin using uLinga.


HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25 - For many of today’s organizations, older technologies like X.25 represent an increasing obstacle, significantly restricting infrastructure flexibility and increasing complexity and administrative overhead.

Now, with HPE NonStop uLinga for X25, they can quickly, efficiently, and reliably migrate from X.25 to XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) on HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems. The beauty of this migration is that it is done without the need to change mission-critical applications or the client interface. Moving to TCP/IP will increase flexibility while ensuring application integrity and cost reduction.

For more information about the products, please download the datasheets for HPE NonStop cF uLinga for EE and HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25.

If you have a requirement to continue to run SNAX and X.25 on NonStop X or virtualized NonStop systems, please contact your HPE NonStop sales representative.

For all other enquiries relating to uLinga on other HPE NonStop platforms, please contact comforte directly as usual at ‘Contact Us’.



MEXTUG Chapter Meeting
October 3, 2019
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Contact Gabriel Alvarez for more information.


ATUG - Atlanta Tandem User Group Chapter Meeting

Save the date!
September 18, 2019
Location TBA
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