About Connect

Connect Worldwide is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s largest independent technology user community, and has more than 70,000 global members.  Connect’s mission is to help your organization get the most out of your Hewlett Packard Enterprise technology investments through tech-targeted boot camps, technical journals and Special Interest Group communities. Connect provides ADVOCACY, COMMUNITY, PHILANTHROPY, and EDUCATION to HPE customers, partners and employees.

Connect supports HPE business technologies including:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Linux
  • NonStop
  • OpenVMS
  • Enterprise Security
  • Enterprise Servers
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Infrastructure Software
  • HP-UX

Our Philosophy:

  • We are HPE business technology professionals helping each other solve mission critical IT issues.
  • We are customers wanting to learn from other customers.
  • We are a strong community that can influence HPE through advocacy initiatives.
  • We help HPE customers navigate HPE, and make them aware of HPE partner products and solutions.
  • We know that an engaged and informed IT community is the catalyst for innovation, education, and change.

Member Benefits:

  • A FREE subscription to both of Connect’s premier technical journals, Connect Converge and The Connection.
  • A FREE subscription to our Monthly eNewsletter, Connect Now.  Get the latest and most relevant technology and community news directly to your inbox.
  • A cost-saving member discount to HPE’s annual event, HPE Discover
  • Access to Partner Discounts on Products and Services.
  • Numerous discounts on HPE Education Services.
  • Invitations to monthly technology webcasts, as well as archived webcasts.
  • Global peer access.
  • The ability to influence HPE through  Connect's Advocacy Interchange  
  • Access to 19 special interest groups and 39 global chapters
  • Discounts to Connect’s technical symposia, tech-targeted Boot Camps, and other special events.

"It’s easy to get lost within the massive spectrum that is Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The Connect Community brings the creativity of all the talent within the spectrum together, and provides a place for all voices to be heard."

Navid Khodayari, CA USA
Connect Worldwide President 2018



"I'm always grateful for the way Connect members are willing to help solve a problem that I may not even know I had on one of my systems. It's what community is all about." 
Steve Davidek, NV USA
Connect Worldwide Past President (2012)